LoverBean (Adoption)


Bean now lives with us full time. I didn’t have the heart to dump him at the shelter.

We now have 4 cats and 1 dog. Anyone want to donate some farm land??




UPDATE 6/21/2011

Back to square one. Since I last posted this I have taken him into the vet. He is 4 years old, neutered, and we now have him up to date on all his shots.

He found a home for a short while, but was returned because of allergies…so he is still here…looking for a good home. Anybody out there?





Meet LoverBean. I met him last night as I was taking Brody out for his last walk around 11pm. We had a crazy storm blow through last night and it didn’t stop pouring until really late.ย  As Brody and I were dodging puddles trying to make it to the grass, this little guy came running over to us. He was soaked, scared, and wanted me to pick him up. So, being me and not being able to ever ignore an animal in need, I immediately scooped him up.

He has been with us for 12 hours so far and this is what I can tell you. I am 98% sure he is a boy. He is the most loving cat I have ever met, thus his current nickname of LoverBean. He didn’t hiss or even try to run from Brody (our dog) and when I carried him out to the porch (where he is staying) he didn’t even hiss at my 3 cats despite them hissing at him. He is an inside cat and has hated being on the porch. He walks to the glass crying to get in about every 10 minutes. He is well behaved and uses the litter box like a pro.

I can also tell you, that someone at sometime loved him before they abandoned him. He wants to be loved, sit in your lap, lay at your feet, or be close to you in any way he can. He is also pretty skinny and you can feel his ribcage too easily, so I am currently trying to fatten him up on all the food and treats he wants. He has been on his own for a while and must not have been very good at fending for himself.

He is solid black, adorable, and sweet as can be. And he needs a home, a forever home. Someone who will love him and never do this to him again. He would be a perfect fit for a family with other animals or kids…or I am sure he would love to be the only one getting attention if you are single and looking for a buddy.

Why am I not keeping him for myself? I already have 1 dog and 3 cats…which is 2 animals over my lease’s limit. Otherwise I would keep him in a heartbeat…Jorge is already worried I might not want to give him away. ๐Ÿ™‚ All of mine are rescues and let me just say, rescues make the best pets.


I am willing to drive to Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, and of course Jacksonville area (where I live) to bring him to you. I want to find him a forever home, I do not want to have to take him to a shelter. So please, send this link of this blog post to anyone you know in the area who would consider adopting a kitty who really needs a good home.


FYI: I am not sure if he neutered or not. (Just like I am not positive if he is a boy lol). It is very hard to tell on cats and I have never been the greatest at it. But I want to tell you, please do not let the cost of neutering/spaying deter you from adopting. There are places all over that do it for very cheap. In Tampa the Animal Coalition of Tampa will spay/neuter your cat for only $40.ย  Here in Jacksonville, the Clay Humane Society ($67/$57) and First Coast No More Homeless Pets ($40) will both also spay/neuter for cheap as well.ย  If you do not live in either of these areas, I would be happy to help find a place near you that does these services for reasonable prices as well.