…an explanation

I haven’t been posting at my normal pace for over a month now. A new post will pop up randomly and the rest of the time it’s dead around here. Lonely. Sad.

And while it may seem like I haven’t been in the kitchen, I have been! I have actually been in the kitchen every.single.day. I have also been taking bajillions of photos and editing like a mad woman.

…but none of them have showed up here on the blog.

Instead I have been sending them all into a wonderful guy named Ross! No, Ross isn’t a donut junkie (well maybe he is a little bit), he’s my editor over at Adams Media!

And in case I haven’t given you enough clues by now…

I am writing a cookbook!


It’s going to be 100 mini donut recipes, 90% baked and 10% fried…and 100% sugar. I have a week and a half left until my deadline…and then it will be in stores (and online) this Fall!

When Ross reached out to me, I immediately said YES! 100 Recipes (and photos) in under 2 months didn’t sound too bad…and y’all know how much I love me some mini donuts! That I think they are made with crack, and how I think they have healing powers…plus the fact that I have even had a giveaway for a mini donut maker. Obviously this was a perfect match!

…but it is a LOT more work than I realized! I had plans to keep the blog running normally with no interruptions. I figured I wouldn’t tell y’all about the book until it was on sale! Boy, did I underestimate the undertaking of a cookbook!

Instead of the donut walk cake walk that I thought it was going to be, it has been many late nights at the computer and early mornings in the kitchen. The cats have started to get in love whenever they can…even if that means literally putting themselves between me and the keyboard.

I am woken up in the middle of the night by dreams that I am literally buried under 500 pounds of donuts. And somehowΒ I gained back those 15 pounds that I had lost…and Brody is now convinced that donuts are his new kibble.

But in spite of the whirlwind this has been, it must not be too bad. Because as of yesterday I received a second contract…from a different publishing house…to write a second cookbook that I pitched to them! That’s right, I’m insane and agreed to start the process all over again as soon as I finish this cookbook next week!

But don’t worry, the next book has a much more laid back deadline…so I will see you all with recipes again very soon! πŸ™‚