Last weekend I was invited by the lovely Suzanne of KoKo Cooks to take on the Disney Cupcake Crawl Challenge. She also brought along her adorable son Tyler and husband Joey…and two other wonderful bloggers, Jaclyn of Food Plus Words and Julie of The Little Kitchen. Before we get to the actual cupcakes, I really want to thank Suzanne for inviting us and getting us all into Disney! It was such a fun day and I would never get to do something like this normally. A day filled with cupcakes…it was awesome. 😀

Our first stop was the BoardWalk Bakery. The BoardWalk is an area with lots of shops, restaurants, and hotels. It is a really fun area to stay in if you ever get the chance to go. You can catch a bus or a boat to go to the parks.

The BoardWalk Bakery had 3 cupcakes. Oreo Bonbon Cupcake (the cupcake with the two Oreos to look like Mickey), Smores’ Cupcake, and an Orange Cream Cupcake. We were all very surprised by how moist the Oreo Bonbon Cupcake was and the filling was delicious. The Smores’ Cupcake had a chocolate cake as it’s base and was a little on the dry side, but the topping was fabulous. And lastly, the Orange Cream Cupcake was delicious. It reminded me of a Creamsicle in cupcake form. Even Julie who doesn’t like any orange flavored desserts was a fan!

Next up we headed over to the Starring Rolls Cafe in the Hollywood Studios Park where we ordered 4 more cupcakes! We had a Marble Cupcake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake, Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake, and a Butterfinger Cupcake. We will start with the bad. The Marble Cupcake. I LOVE Marble cake, as y’all know, and I was pretty disappointed in Disney’s marble cake. It was dry and not what I was hoping for. However, the other 3 cupcakes were awesome. The Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake was probably my favorite cupcake of the whole day. It was perfect. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake was stuffed with an amazingly rich, fudge-like peanut butter filling that was pure heaven. I wish they just sold the filling! And The Butterfinger Cupcake was delicious and exactly what you would imagine. And I can not wait to try making my own Butterfinger Cupcakes at home since Jenny at Picky Palate has made a copycat cupcake already!

Next on the Cupcake Crawl was the Kusafiri Bakery in Animal Kingdom. This stop had 3 more cupcakes. The Zebra Cupcake, White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake, and the Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake. The Zebra Cupcake had yellow cake with buttercream frosting and was topped with the fun chocolate shavings. The cake on this one was cooked perfectly and the chocolate shavings on top made it really fun. The White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake had rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and topped with a light buttercream and toasted coconut. The toasted coconut on top really was delicious and added a lot to the cupcake. With out the coconut, I think it would have been a little bland. And lastly, we had the Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake which had chocolate cake with buttercream and dark chocolate. Honestly, besides the ornate lion chocolate on top…it was a pretty dull cupcake.

Annnddd now I should be telling you about 2 more cupcakes from 2 other places. But did you see the size of those cupcakes? They were baked in the giant muffin tins and where honestly huge. I am a cupcake-aholic…but I think if we went on and did the last two cupcakes I would have gone into a Cupcake Blackout.

So we missed the Carrot Cake Cupcake at the Roaring Fork (in the Wilderness Lodge) and the Vanilla Caramel Cupcake at the Karamell Küche bakery (in Epcot). But while we may have technically failed, I still think we won the Cupcake Crawl Challenge. Mainly because I don’t think there are any losers when Cupcakes are involved. 😀