I have decided my life goal will be to become a real pirate.

Ok, not a real modern pirate that drive around on fast boats and murder people. More like a pirate with a parrot and a cool knife…that lives on Key West and takes pictures with people for tips.

You should all seriously consider this with me…

1. You would have a nice tan like him.

2. You get to play dress up every day.

3. You get to never brush your hair and just cover it up with a bandanna instead.

4. You get to “talk like a pirate” every day, not just on the special Talk Like A Pirate Day.

5. You get to drink these all day, every day, for the rest of your pirate life.

So here is my official resignation. I am off to Key West to be a pirate. Arrgghhh.

*These photos were taken while I was in Key West in August 2010*