Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start your blog?

December 2008

Did you go to culinary school?

No, I am self taught…which I can prove by all the burns on my arms!

Can you give me some advice on blogging?

I wrote a whole post about it!

What kind of camera do you use?

When I first started I used an iPhone for my photos (yup, I know). Then I graduated to a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot. And then I made the jump to a Nikon D80 which I used up until November 2012. I now have a Nikon D7000. As for lenses, I switch it up…but I mainly use: 60mm f/2.8 Micro or 35mm f/1.8  or  17-50mm f/2.8.

However I have done two (Seattle & Washington) travel posts showing off what you can now do with the newer iPhones using all kinds of fun apps.

Can you give me some photography tips?

Natural light! Natural light! NATURAL LIGHT! I cannot stress that enough. And plating goes a long way. People like pretty food, it’s just a fact.

What do you edit in?

I use Lightroom. Sure some people love Photoshop, but for me it would be a waste of money. I don’t need all the crazy things Photoshop can do.

How do you get your cupcake swirls to look like that?

Well for starters, 90% of the time I use the Closed Star Tip in the 16 inch pastry bag from Bake It Pretty. It is a huge tip and takes a while to get used to (that’s what she said—I’m sorry but I REALLY couldn’t let that one pass me by) but if you practice enough you will get the hang of it!

Do you eat everything you make?

YES! Of course! How else would I recommend it to you? Now that doesn’t mean I eat ALL of the cupcakes, cookies, or pot pies! Just means that I had one and gave the rest away! Unless it is from the Ass Friendly category…then I think that just automatically means I get to eat all of it.

What is your favorite recipe off your blog?

Eek! How can I pick just one? That’s like a total Sophie’s Choice moment! I will tell you that the Pumpkin Dream Cake is by far one of the ‘Reader’s Favorites’. It has the most “I made this and LOVED it!” comments!

What can I make with _______?

If you are looking for a specific ingredient to use, in the menu bar at the top there is a search feature as well as the Recipe Archive. If you type in what you are looking to use and hit search…it will find all the posts that have that ingredient used in them!

Can I post one of your recipes on my blog/website?

If you have adapted the recipe (meaning changed the recipe) yes! I just ask that you please make sure and rewrite the directions so they are not my exact wording and give proper credit. Otherwise, please do not copy and paste my exact recipe, but instead just link back to that blog post for the recipe.

This is not just for me, it is also for you. Google has a lot of no-nos and duplicate content is one of them.

Can I use one of your pictures?

Please contact me at concerning any use of photos.

Do you write your blog posts at 3 am all the time?

No that is just when they show up in your email. If you are subscribed to my blog via email, it sends the updates out between the hours of 3-6 am.


Now for the nosy non blog related people’s questions:

When did you get married?

October 2008

Where do you live?

Tampa, Florida but I am originally from Houston, Texas. And in between those two cities, I lived in Jacksonville for 2 years.

Do you really speak just like on your blog?

Pretty much yes…except there are a lot more y’alls thrown in. In blog format I am able to edit most of those out. Oh and in life when I say something I don’t get to put a dash through it and start again…which usually means I find myself in a lot of unfortunate situations.

Where is your family from?

Texas! And before that Louisiana (in other words…not a single Yankee among us) 🙂

Do you have kids?

Yes, twin daughters Ellie & Lyla. We also have 4 furry children — 3 cats and a dog that confuses himself for a cat.

Where is your husband from?

Jorge was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until he was 4. He then moved to Florida, where he has been ever since…well expect for a few years in Syracuse for college.

What color is your hair, because it looks different every time?

I tend to change my hair color like most people change shoes. Currently it is a blonde/brown balayage hybrid.

How many animals DO you actually have?

Yes, I know, I am a zoo keeper at this point. We currently have 3 rescued cats and 1 dog, Brody.

What kind of dog is Brody?

Brody is a cocker spaniel. Yes, I know he does not look like one, but I promise he is! He is 30 lbs, 8 years old, and enjoys playing golf — no, I am not kidding.