Mini Donuts! A giveaway of my first cookbook!

Mini Donuts: 100 Bite-Sized Donut Recipes to Sweeten Your "Hole" Day

It’s here! It is really, really here! I have been working on this book and talking about this book for months. It has consumed my life for the last 6 months and my entire kitchen is still covered in sprinkles and powdered sugar. I swear if you breathe too much in there you get a sugar high.

As of last week, the book started shipping early from Amazon! Which means anyone who has pre-ordered the book or went on to buy it this week is now holding a copy in their hands. It still won’t be in stores for about 3 more weeks (the official release date is November 18th, 2012), but you can have it in hand by tomorrow from Amazon!

I am so excited I can’t barely contain myself! If you do get buy a copy, I have a giant favor to ask. Please take a moment and review it on Amazon. I wanna hear if you loved it, hated it, or are mad at me because you ate 37 mini donuts. I just want to hear what you think!

I sent out a tweet and a few emails and asked anyone who already has a copy of the book to send me a photo of them with it. I expected to get a few back from family, but I was shocked at how many people sent in photos! It’s so fun to see other people holding the book…it makes it so real! And if these photos prove anything, it’s that everyone loves Mini Donuts!

It’s great for pajama baking parties, late night reading, and pretty blue haired girls.

It’s perfect for bedtime stories, crazy husbands and awesome reviewers! (Seriously, check out this review from Kim! She made so many donuts and even shared a recipe from the book!)

It’s also enjoyed by hot blondes, garden readers and men who like sweets!

And it’s even perfect for best friends from middle school, after workout reading and SQL Geeks!

A ginormous thank you for all your wonderful photos to Haley, The Bukowskis, Gay (Aunt Gay!), Suzanne of KoKo Cooks, Jorge, Mike, Kim from A Well-Seasoned Life, Ellen and Joey (Mom & Dad!), Linda and Mike, Jessica, Abby and Brent Ozar!
















Giveaway is now CLOSED!

Congratulations to Emma (comment #57), Julie (comment #75) and Shannon (comment #152)! Hope you enjoy your signed copies! 😉

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339 Responses
  1. Barbara

    Definitely with coffee, probably 5 at a time and I don’t want to share ever. LOL I liked you on facebook long ago and have followed your blog and made many a recipe. And if I don’t win I’ll be forced to buy it anyway!!!!! Thanks for such great recipes and Congrats on you first Cookbook. I am sure there will be more in your future

  2. Stephanie

    Just stumbled upon ur blog n I luv it! I am a huge baker and ur recipes look absolutely delicious:) in fact, I am going to make your pumpkin dream cake tonight! I am now a fan!

  3. Devi McDonald @ Diddles and Dumplings

    I eat them in a box… I eat them with a fox… I eat them here and there… I eat them everywhere!! 🙂 <3

  4. Megan {Country Cleaver}

    I eat my mini donuts over the sink and any crumbs that fall on the floor are enjoyed by huck. Ben gets all judgey about my obsession with carbs, so I devour them all before he notices what I’ve done (eaten, devoured, inhaled).

    Huck and I would totes love your doughnuts.

    PS- I am so proud of you (meant in the least condescending of ways). You’re just a freakin’ rock star Jess and I luvaya more than you know! XO!!

  5. Christine Moore- Pfeffer via Facebook

    Already a fan, have been for quite sometime now! would love to win your cookbook! donuts are amazing!

  6. Kelsey

    Jessica, I love the idea of this book and I know it will be filled with so many fun, creative, and tasty recipes. I can’t wait to make some mini donuts and enjoy them with my family. I WANT to share so I don’t eat them all myself!

  7. Michelle Pierce

    I will eat a mini donut anyway I can get it 🙂 Once in hand I try to at least look like I am savoring it!! I am a fan on Facebook and just sent out the tweet you have listed! I would love to have your cookbook to try out all the different varieties, YUM!!

  8. Veronica

    Exciting! I’ve never been to your blog before and found it through your pumpkin dream cake that was pinned on Pinterest. Congrats on your cookbook-you are so young to be so successful! OK, so I usually have my coffee sweetened but with doughnuts (mini doughnuts, big doughnuts, giant doughnuts–all doughnuts) I have straight black coffee b/c I love the bitter contrast along with the sweetness. Thanks for the opportunity to win a signed copy-that would be the sauce!

  9. Emily

    I love to eat donuts with milk or hot chocolate. I liked your page as well! I love your recipes and congrats on your new book! PLEASE ENTER ME 🙂

  10. Nina

    Congratulations on your lovely cookbook! Mini-donuts are to be served & enjoyed in every occasion – especially in the afternoon with a cup of tea 🙂 I’m your fan at FB.

  11. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    9 times out of 10 it’s in the car on the way to Target. It’s one of those ‘I skipped breakfast and need a quick bite before I buy way too much’ things.

  12. Tammy Harrington

    Not going to lie.. I hide them and eat them when my kids are busy elsewhere. Or in the car before I get home.. or both 🙂

  13. Julianne

    I have your book – it’s beautiful! Fantastic that so many of the recipes are for baked donuts and there isn’t a single one that I don’t fancy making!

    I’d be grateful for your advice on the glazes, though, because when I made one today (the espresso one) it was a really thick paste and no way could I dunk the donuts in it. I added a little more milk and also heated it up to try and get it thinner, but the top was setting so quickly it still pulled half the donut away with it, so I gave up.

    Also, I don’t eat eggs, so I used 3 tsp egg replacer powder (a UK brand) and 1/4 cup water instead and the donuts baked up perfectly.

  14. Melissa

    I prefer my mini donuts with a side of bacon and a glass of milk, but I’ve been known to eat them at anytime, for any reason!

  15. Caroline

    Liked you on Facebook! My 5 yr old daughter REALLY loves the yummy looking pics on your site and can’t wait to try the recipes in your new cookbook!

  16. alexandra @ sweet betweens [blog]

    I usually get donuts through the drive-thru. And I usually finish eating them by the time I pull out into the street to head out on my way. In fact, I’ll probably be doing that this afternoon after I drop The Husband off at the airport as there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts just around the corner from BNA. 🙂

  17. Taneith Lanyon

    i’m already a facebook fan..
    i ADORE mini donuts at anytime – you can eat several without the guilt..they are the perfect sweet treat.
    P.S. your book looks wonderful congratulations.

  18. Danielle

    I so want your book!!!! The only time I have had mini donuts are when they have been on the top of cupcakes (think coffee cupcake with a glazed donut). SO GOOD!

  19. Caroline

    Waiting for my copy!! Already have my mini donut pan, dying to try out your recipes. Donuts, glaze, sprinkle donuts with coffee for me!!

  20. Cassie | Bake Your Day

    I am SO, so happy for you! You are amazing and I can’t wait to see a copy! I eat my donuts with coffee and as many as I can fit in my mouth at one time.

  21. Suzanne

    Thanks for including Tyler’s picture in your roundup! He kept saying, “Mama they’re so pretty!” I usually eat my donuts at night – perfect late night snack.

  22. Courtney

    Looks great!! I love to eat mini donuts with hot tea, yum. One as a taste test, one as they cool, one with icing, etc….the list goes on and I’ve eaten the whole batch 🙂

  23. Krystal R {Mrs. Regueiro's Plate}

    How exciting Jessica!!!!!! I’d eat my donuts shamelessly right out of the box, or mouthfuls at the time. Mmmmmmmmm, so many donuts in the mouth where you can barely hear me say dooooo–nuuuttttttt!

  24. sheila anderson

    I liked your blog on facebook a few months ago, I shared your link to win the cookbook on my facebook page with my friends, and I really prefer to eat ‘many’ mini donuts with milk or coffee, while everyone else is at school or work, so my only witness is my Boxer pup 😉 and she won’t tell !! I can’t gain weight and calories don’t count if no one is watching me consume said calories 😉 Plus, I would love to win a copy of your cookbook, so I don’t have to eat Entenmann’s donut minis instead. I even bought 2-Wilton donut pans just this week from Amazon online 🙂 So I am ready 🙂

  25. Kim McCallie

    Hi Jessica! Thanks for including the link to the cookbook review. I know everyone is going to love this cookbook! It’s great!

  26. Shannon @ A Fork In Each Hand

    My favorite way to eat donuts is shoved into my mouth whole! So not one person can understand me when I speak 🙂

  27. Melanie

    I eat my mini (or regular) donuts alone so i don’t have to share – so usually at work where my children can’t ask for a bite

  28. amy @ uTryIt

    Congratulations! This is such a cute and beautiful book. Can’t wait to try the recipes here. My favorite way to eat mini donuts is in the afternoon with a cup of coffee….okay, I will share with my kids. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  29. Orange Girl

    Actually I’ve never had a mini-donut so I’d love the book so I can see them all and make my own 🙂 I do love coffee and a sweet treat so I’m sure I would LOVE mine, just one though, with coffee!

  30. Emma

    I eat my mini donuts in many sugar dusted ways. I eat two after a hard workout along with a glass of warm milk. I eat festive ones at a holiday party. and most of all while it rains and their hot out of the oven. YUM!

  31. Julie Fievet

    I eat mini donuts in private. I’m pregnant and have a 3.5 year old…if he saw me eating them, I’d have to share. 🙂 I’m also a facebook fan!

  32. Katie @ from icecream to marathon

    I would eat mine in the car, so I don’t have to share! And then I’d go run a few miles, to burn them off!

  33. Nikita

    5 at a time in the car by myself so I dont have to share 🙂 JK.. With coffee.

    I also follow you on FB, I tweeted but not sure how to send a link.

  34. Caron S.

    Already a long-time fan on FB. As for my minis, I don’t eat donuts too often but it would be more often if I had this fabulous cookbook in my paws. I do enjoy them with milk (or soy) and a warm cup of coffee. As for how many, that’s between me and my (multiple) minis!

  35. Casey Freeman

    I love donuts best when my whole family is together! My nieces are so cute when they have a handful of sugar! I drive to town with then and we buy a whole dozen of mixed donuts and try not to dive into them before we get back home! We usually eat on them for days! I love when I discover my mom in the kitchen by the light of the oven eating one at midnight! <3

  36. Talia

    I eat my mini donuts first in the morning, with a GIANT mug of coffee 🙂 ….and then again after lunch, and probably again after dinner. They’re versatile, what can I say?!

  37. Theresa

    I eat them in the early morning before anyone gets out of bed with a cup of coffee. if no one sees you eat them, they have no calories!

  38. Amy's Cooking Adventures

    I make donuts and feel like super mom. Then my children (who I swear must’ve been abducted by aliens or something because seriously who doesn’t like donuts?!?) scream and yell that they don’t like donuts and they’ll never eat them. Then my husband forgets that there are donuts in the house (I mean really, who forgets about donuts?) And then I eat them all by myself because, come on, we can’t be letting donuts go to waste!

  39. Rebecca Lovell

    SO FUN!!! I can’t wait to get this book – thank you so much for the chance to win it! I usually eat my mini donuts in the car, so no one sees me… 🙂

  40. Dianna @ The Kitchen Prep

    Eeek! I have goosebumps of excitement! What a great accomplishment and a a beautiful product! 🙂 My favorite way to eat mini donuts is while in my pj’s in front of my computer reading my favorite blogs… and a mug of hot chocolate on the side wouldn’t be a bad addition, either. 😉

  41. Madeline (@ Thursday Night Baking)

    You’ve got to eat multiple of them at a time…with the car BOOM!

    But really, is it even possible to just eat ONE mini donut? Power to anyone who has that kind of self control.

  42. Heather of Kitchen Concoctions

    EEKK! I’m so happy for you! Congrats again! I enjoy my mini donuts, all of those ways, shoveling as many as I can in my mouth, washing it all down with coffee (and maybe some milk), while in the privacy of my car! ; )

  43. C21

    I eat them 5 at a time! Haha… I’m sure your recipes are UBER delicous. Congrats on your new book, thats a bug accomplishment!! Good luck to everyone else!

  44. Monica

    Depending on the time of day, I eat my mini donuts with anything – hot tea in the morning, a cold glass of milk in the afternoon, or a nice glass of red wine at night 🙂

  45. Intisar

    Before I gave up milk, it was definitely with a tall glass of milk. Now it’s scarf them down in the car, so the wee ones don’t ask for any, lol.

  46. amy @ fearless homemaker

    Yay, Jessica – congratulations! How do I eat my mini donuts? Like i eat most indulgent sweets – usually around midnight when my tummy gets a grumblin’ + the husband + the pup are fast asleep. I sneak to the kitchen + devour a few + no one is ever the wiser!

  47. Ashley Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine)

    SO happy for you! I have a mini donut maker, I would LOVE to have more recipes! I just eat my mini donuts with a big glass of milk 🙂

  48. raquel from Florida

    Oh Jessica Congratulations and Felicidades!!!!! Good for you!!!! And now what about the book about savory food??? I’m not pushing you heheheh. And I like my mini-d’s anywhere anytime!!!

  49. Meagan @ A Zesty Bite

    Congrats to you on this awesome cookbook! Loved that you asked people to send in photos — too cute. I love mini donuts and coffee.

  50. Angie @ Coffee and Cannolis

    Definitely not just one way to enjoy mini donuts, but since I’m drinking a yummy hazelnut coffee right now, I’d have to say with coffee to start my day off right!

  51. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    P.S. Is your cookbook also good for purple haired girls? Ya know cause my bangs are rocking some purple 24/7. Anywho, I also like you on Facebook

  52. Allegra

    I eat my mini donuts while some of them are still baking and the others are being frosted! Just can’t wait for them all to be finished before having a taste… or 20.

  53. Andrea

    Mmmm mini donuts…in a car, on a train, on a plane, on a bridge, with coffee, with tea….under my desk at work with hot cocoa 😉

  54. Mandy Blank

    I love eating them as an evening snack. I also take at least three to four bites of each to prolong how long I get to eat them!

  55. Olivia @ Liv Lives Life

    I’ve never had a mini doughnut, actually! Just regular size and doughnut holes – both of which I’m fine eating five at a time! 🙂

    Congratulations on the book!

  56. Kim

    I love mini doughnuts because they are the perfect sweet treat without all the guilt! Will you autograph copies for the winner? That would be awesome!

  57. Ericka G.

    Mini donuts with coffee on a lazy Sunday while hanging out with my family – sweet times 🙂

    Happy for you, the book looks wonderful!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  58. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    How do you eat your mini donuts? = with lots of napkins b/c I like them dipped in so much cinn-sugar that it flakes off everywhere!

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