Pecan Caramel Bars

Prep 15 mins
Add'l 1 hr
Total 1 hr 15 mins
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These Pecan Caramel Bars take just 15 minutes and 5 ingredients! Layers of salty crackers, chocolate, caramel and pecans combine to make homemade candy bars!

Pecan Caramel Bars stacked on top of each other on a plate.

You start with a layer of buttery club crackers — then my favorite part — a thick layer of caramel stuffed with chopped pecans.

Followed with another layer of club crackers and then a top layer of caramel, chocolate and even more pecans!

My family, in true Southern fashion, are big on pecans and we always make holiday desserts that feature them.

Of course we make the classics like pecan pie, but we also love homemade Pecan Roca and lots of fudges.

Up close image of three Pecan Caramel Bars stacked on top of each other.

I wanted to add another candy featuring pecans to our roster and had the idea to make a bar similar to all those toffee bars that have crackers in them.

However, instead of toffee, I wanted them to be caramel because I love the texture it gives them.

These Pecan Caramel Bars take just 15 minutes and 5 ingredients! Layers of salty crackers, chocolate, caramel and pecans combine to make homemade candy bars! #PecanCaramelBars #PecanBars #CaramelBars #Dessert #Candy #CandyRecipes #HomemadeCandy #Chocolate

These Pecan Caramel Bars honestly remind me a lot of my favorite candy bar, 100 Grand Bars…but with pecans instead of rice crisps for the crunch.

Pecans beat plain rice crisps every time in my opinion.

Pecan Caramel Bars ingredients.

Growing up in Texas we used to pick pecans all over the place and go home and crack them for eating.

However, since I moved to Florida you don’t see pecan trees around anymore like we used to.

While I sure love our palm trees, I miss my pecans! You can find pecan trees here occasionally, but it is definitely not like it was in Texas.

That means we buy our nuts these days and there is only one brand I will buy – Fishers Nuts. Fisher nuts are preservative free and non-GMO Project Verified.

And better yet, I love the resealable bag. Since most of my recipes do not use a full bag, it helps keep the nuts fresh for longer.

I like to make chicken salad wraps for lunch sometimes and you only need a handful of pecans or almonds in those.

It’s nice to know that they will stay fresh for months in the zipped up resealable bag.

Make sure and look out for Fisher’s new packaging on shelves this month!

Pecan Caramel Bars on a white plate.

These Pecan Caramel Bars will make the perfect addition to your Christmas baking.

And while they are not a cookie — I would be super excited to find them in my cookie exchange.

I don’t know why we limit exchanges to cookies, it should just be dessert exchanges!

You only need a handful of ingredients and about 15 minutes of work to make these bars.

They store great in an airtight container and are a wonderful make ahead treat for the holidays.

They would also be great to ship to friends/family if you like to bake treats to mail. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family did!

Yield: 22 bars

Pecan Caramel Bars Recipe

Caramel Pecan Crisp Bars! You only need 5 ingredients to make these gorgeous homemade candy bars!

These Pecan Caramel Bars take just 15 minutes of work and you only need 5 ingredients! Who doesn't love gorgeous easy homemade candy bars??

Prep Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes


  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 60 club crackers
  • 2 (11 oz) bags caramels, melted according to package directions
  • 10 oz Fisher Pecan Halves, chopped
  • 1 (11.5 oz) bag semi-sweet chocolate chips


  1. Line a 9×13 pan with foil. Butter foil.
  2. Arrange half of the crackers in the bottom of buttered pan in a flat layer.
  3. Pour one-third of the melted caramel over crackers in pan and spread caramel into an even layer. Sprinkle half of pecans on top of caramel and then top pecans with one-third more of the caramel on top.
  4. Top caramel layer with the remaining crackers. Pour remaining caramel on top of crackers and spread caramel into an even layer.
  5. In medium sized microwave safe bowl, microwave chocolate chips uncovered for 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until melted and smooth.
  6. Pour over caramel and spread evenly. Top with remaining pecans.
  7. Let cool until chocolate has hardened. This can take a while at room temperaure, but you can speed the process up by cooling them in the fridge. Allow bars to come back to room termparure before cutting and serving -- otherwise the caramel will be too hard.
  8. Cut into bars and serve! These bars can be stored in an airtight container for up to one week.

Nutrition Information:


22 bars

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 162Total Fat: 13gSaturated Fat: 2gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 10gCholesterol: 2mgSodium: 99mgCarbohydrates: 12gFiber: 2gSugar: 5gProtein: 2g


This post is sponsored by Fisher Nuts. All opinions are, as always, 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love and that keep The Novice Chef running!


This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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70 Responses
  1. Jodi

    We just made some with our Texas Pecans. This is our first year in Temple and we have 4 100 year old pecan trees that were very generous this year. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Jan Komorowski

    I just made these and had no problem with the caramel. I melted the Kraft caramels in a small fry pan with about 4 tablespoons of heavy cream. I also added heavy cream into the chocolate when I melted it. It came out great more like n icing. The only problem I had was getting some of the tin foil that got stuck to the caramel and crackers on the bottom. It was a minor thing. These taste great!

  3. Michelle McTucker

    I made these for Bible study and yes they were good but, they are so difficult to chew. We had to microwave them for 15 seconds to get them soft but the caramel still got hard and one lady with false teeth had to stop eating them. Also, the video makes it so easy pouring caramel and chocolate on and trying to spread it. I also had to use 4 bags of caramels instead of 2.

  4. Jen

    U must be in Southern FL. I live in the panhandle, about 40 miles north of PCB. (We were rt in the path of Hurricane Micheal last year) It’s a tiny town called Cottondale…there used to be pecan orchards everywhere here so we have pecan trees all over. I have 7 on my 3.8 acre property. Today…pecans are still pretty big, with a good bit of smaller buyers but cotton, & peanuts are the biggest crops. I live on Peanut rd, guess it’s called that since the commercial peanut buyer is rt around the corner & most on my road are peanut farmers.

    1. Bea

      Hi Jen! My family are all up around there, we might be related. Are you related to any of the Morris’s? Have a great day.

  5. Katherine

    Make sure you butter the foil really well. The Carmel stuck to the foil when I tried the recipe. Use s double boiler to melt the chocolate. It will be done by the time the Carmel is melted. I was not happy with the results. Will probably not make the recipe again.

  6. Natalie

    I made this but it was a failure! Why is my caramel so hard and chewy and I couldn’t smooth it out like yours in the video. Did you add something to your caramel? Novice here too! 

  7. Patti

    I have this same recipe, only mine are called 3 story bars. These are totally yummy, easy to make, and hard to screw up!! If you’re a novice baker or just not handy with making things from scratch, your friends will be impressed and you’ll be surprised how easy these are! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Noreen

    This recipe was terrible to put together. The caramel did not cooperate. It hardened as soon as it was placed on the crackers. The crackers broke…I will never make it again. I hope it tastes good for all of the work that was put into it.

  9. Marcia Mace

    What a fiasco! I melted the caramels in the microwave, and as some others have commented, as soon as they are out of the mike, the caramel hardens and won’t spread. It made a huge mess of the cracker layer. It’s only now in reading through all the comments that I see you have a link to a Kraft website on how to melt caramels on the stovetop for caramel apples. Why not incorporate that MAJOR step into the recipe?! I had hoped to offer these as a gift for friends–don’t even know if I can convince my family to eat them, they look so nasty. What a waste of expensive ingredients! :-(

  10. Nancy M

    I thought these would be a great alternative to a baked cookie. I live in AZ and try not to use the oven much in the summer. I take in a treat to my co-workers every Monday morning, so today I tried these. I followed the recipe exactly. What a disappointment. The caramel would not spread, let alone pour. Trying to move the caramel around to evenly cover the crackers just resulted in the crackers displacing. For the final layer of caramel I did add a little heavy cream to thin it out. It spread somewhat better but by then I was so aggravated with the whole mess it didn’t really matter.

    I put them in the fridge to set up, as suggested, and then allowed them to come to room temp for cutting. Another disaster. The first and second layers of crackers separated. I suspected I might have this problem as when I was assembling them I could see that it was unlikely they would set up as expected. Most of these are going in the garbage. There are maybe 10 squares that I would not be embarrassed to take to work. Very disappoint considering how expensive the ingredients are.

  11. ss82

    Hi I’m in Canada, and apparently we don’t have these club crackers :( Any recommendations for a substitute? Any advice would be appreciated!!

  12. Lucy Stille

    Made these last night with my girl scout troop full of 11 year old girls. We made three batches so they could all take some home to their families. Big hit with everyone! Thank you!

  13. Debbie

    Made these and definitely will not make again! Something that looked so easy ended up being a nightmare! Waste of time and ingredients 

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