PHILADELPHIA, It's Delicious.

This year I am partnering up with PHILADELPHIA as an ambassador. I am really excited because, well, CREAM CHEESE, but also because I have always been the biggest fan of theirs. I truly believe that their product is superior in every way, but most of all in quality and taste. I have always found their cream cheese to make the best frostings and cheesecakes. I also worship their Whipped Chive Cream Cheese. It’s the holy grail of bagel toppings. 😉



PHILADELPHIA has been making cream cheese since 1872!! How crazy is that? I wonder if bagels have been around just as long too?! Seriously, PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese has been around for nearly 140 years. Whoa.

But that’s not why I use them, that’s just a crazy fun fact. What I truly love the most about PHILADELPHIA, is that they use all real fresh ingredients in their cream cheese. All of their fresh milk is from dairy farms local to their creameries in Beaver Dam, WI and Lowville, NY. They then combine it with fresh wholesome cream, all going from farm to our creamery’s fridges in just 6 days. In a world with a lot of fake ingredients, that is a true comfort to hear.

PHILADELPHIA truly sets the standard and I am thrilled to be an ambassador for them in 2014!


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