Quarantini Cocktail

Prep 5 mins
Total 5 mins
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Meet the Quarantini – An easy Lemon Honey Martini with emergency vitamin C! It’s the most delicious way to boost your immunity. Quarantini and chill anyone?

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The Quarantini Drink

You can’t find toilet paper, everyone is stuck in the house from school and work and the whole family just got into a huge fight over your 100th game of monopoly. What are you going to do? How about we make a Quarantini and chill!

The alcohol kills the germs. The local honey and lemon boosts your immunity. And the optional added pack of emergency vitamin c — that can also be used to rim the glass — is just an added bonus! 

We are living in unprecedented times, so we might as well follow the rules, stay safe, wash your hands, share your toilet paper and enjoy a delicious Quarantini while you are at it. 

What is a Quarantini?

Well, first and foremost, it’s a drink you drink in lockdown. Literally any drink you are drinking, you have my permission to call it a Quarantini on principle. 

The initial thought behind a Quarantini was that it’s a martini that you drink alone in your house when under lockdown. Then my husband and I joked about adding toilet paper (which is worth more than gold in our current economy) and emergency Vitamin C packs. Next thing I know, it’s taken the internet by storm and the famous Quarantini was born and now has a huge following on the #Quarantini hashtag on instagram. 

Below you will find a killer recipe for a Honey Lemon Martini with optional powdered Vitamin C along the rim or mixed into the cocktail. However, if you aren’t into a martini, go ahead and call any drink you’re currently enjoying a Quarantini if you are busy social distancing. 

Quarantini Ingredients

Quarantini Drink Ingredients 

You luckily only need a few ingredients to make this Quarantini. This is perfect since the stores are sold out of everything and in epic chaos currently. I bet you already have everything you need.

  • Vodka (or gin)
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Optional Vitamin C

Can I use gin in my Quarantini?

You can use vodka or gin. And sure, if you want to you can even use rum. You know what, go ahead and grab whatever is left in the liquor cabinet and add it to the martini shaker. After the first couple, you won’t taste it much anyways, right? 

martini glass being rimmed with vitamin c

How do I add the emergency Vitamin C?

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about your emergency Vitamin C! You can add it in a few different ways to this Quarantini recipe:

  1. Rim your glass with Vitamin C. Place vitamin c on plate, wet the edge of the martini glass by running a lemon wedge around the edge and then press into vitamin c. You can also run water or honey around the edge of the glass.
  2. Add it to your Quarantini. Add it directly to the shaker of your martini and shake away.
  3. Take it straight. Take a straight shot of your vitamin c before taking a big drink of your quarantini. I don’t recommend this, but it’s really entertaining to watch others do this. We gotta get our kicks where we can these days, right?? ;-) 

Quarantini with honey drizzled inside.

How to make a Quarantini? 

It’s simpler than you thought! Just 3 easy steps till you are drinking your Quarantini: 

  1. HONEY SYRUP: Microwave honey and water and stir until you have a honey syrup. 
  2. SHAKE: Add vodka, lemon juice and honey syrup to a martini shaker. Whisk to combine. Then add ice and shake it.
  3. STRAIN: Strain into an iced martini glass that has been rimmed with powdered Vitamin C, if desired. Enjoy in your house all by yourself.

Immunity Boosters:

All joking aside, local honey, vitamin c and fresh lemon really are natural immunity boosters. 

However, this post is mostly in jest. This recipe for my favorite Honey Lemon martini is delicious, but it is not magic and will not protect you. You should still stay home and wash your hands. However, it will make your nights on lockdown a little more fun. 

Martini with lemon and honey inside glass

Before you comment below, I’d like to share a disclosure: I am not taking our current predicament any “less serious”. Instead, I’m following the rules! I’m just a mom stuck in the house, for weeks with my kids, trying to enjoy myself on a Friday night. 

So laugh with me as we all try to stay smart and safe at home. Oh, and please for the love of all that is holy, stop stock piling toilet paper!!!

When you try this recipe, please leave a review or comment below letting me know how it turns out. Cheers to you all, let’s stay healthy together. 

P.S. If you need some really easy family dinner recipes with just limited ingredients in the coming weeks, here are a few of my families favorites: Sloppy Joes, Chicken Souvlaki and Creamy Chicken Parmesan

Yield: 1 Martini


Quarantini with honey drizzled inside.

Meet the Quarantini - An easy Lemon Honey Martini with emergency vitamin C! It's the most delicious way to boost your immunity. Quarantini and chill anyone?

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 3 oz vodka (or gin)
  • 2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons water


  • 1 packet powdered vitamin c


  1. In a microwave safe bowl, microwave honey and water for 60 seconds and stir to combine. Allow to cool for a few minutes. Add 2 cups ice to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add vodka, lemon juice and honey mixture to a martini shaker. Whisk to combine. Then add ice to top.
  3. Shake, and then strain into a chilled martini glass.
  4. Garnish with a lemon twist if desired.
  5. ADDING VITAMIN C: If you want to add vitamin c, you can add it directly to the shaker when you add the rest of the ingredients or you can rim the chilled martini glass with vitamin c.

Nutrition Information:


1 martini

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 271Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 2mgCarbohydrates: 22gFiber: 0gSugar: 19gProtein: 0g


This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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41 Responses
  1. Ginny Monsma

    Never, ever microwave honey…it ruins it’s great nutrition qualities… slowly simmer ingredients very gently in a small sauce pan *just until melted on low, as high heat can ruin the wonderful healthy qualities of honey.

  2. Elaine Williams in Baltimore

    Thank you! This is just what I was looking for. As for the others who are complaining they are “looking” for something to be offend about and complain. In good times and in bad we will always have these types. I can’t help but wonder why the easily offended and complainers were here in the first place! Thanks again for your lightheartedness! Oh and by the way -to all those whiners – I’m 65.

  3. Louise Bonneteau

    Thank you so much for your dash of humor, your gigger of relief and your refreshing look at an unprecedented situation.
    I have an elderly parent with a compromised immune system in a care home that has been in lock-down for 3 weeks. But if there is no humor and no break from all the uncertainty and frightening news what do we have to keep us sane every day? I am going to call him tonight and read this to him and we will both feel so much better having had a HUGE laugh together

  4. QCLady

    Come on! My husband is at risk, and I am over 65. I have been helping by volunteering at the local Emergency Management Agency so up to my ears in this. People need comic relief from all this. Can’t wait to try the quarantini. You keep going girl! Let go the drama and we will get through this together. Here’s toasting your with my quarantini!

  5. Patti

    In defence of Wesley’s comment, I don’t believe he was reacting to the drink, but instead reacting to Mary’s story about having them at a neighbour party, we need to be socially responsible and keep a physical distance of 2 metres to protect all of us and especially the elderly and immune-compromised people.
    Hopefully it was a Skype party.

  6. Bruce

    Adding the honey to the shaker w/ice causes the honey to harden into a blob rather than dissolve into the drink.  Result is very sour drink.  Anyone else experiencing this?   

    1. Christi

      YES! I came on here to see if anyone had any advice. It tasted SO SOUR because none of the honey actually got into the drink. I think it would have been delicious with the honey, but I don’t understand how that could possibly happen. Honey plus ice do not mix.

      1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

        I updated the recipe to make a quick simple syrup with the honey in the microwave. Should prevent any future issues with the honey not mixing well! 

  7. Liza Collins

    Where to begin? We are all worried and all suffering in our own ways- some people are losing their businesses, some seriously cannot mentally handle the isolation from others, others have family members who are at extreme risk….Wesly’s post is based on a thinking we all unfortunately have so nothing against Welsy specifically. This is a me, me, me thinking- my problems, my worries, my pain, me, me, me. This me, me, me is at the root of panic buying. This me, me, me makes us close in on ourselves and then leads to nothing helpful for us or for others. It feeds the part of our brain that lives in fear, worry and negative emotions. But we are blessed to have other parts to us- positivity, reactivity, ability to find solutions, to be inclusive, to think about the future… This higher brain is what we are being challenged to discover right now in the face of terrible situations. Just to be clear: I am not exempt from me, me, me…despite the many real & serious pressures on me right now, my solution has been to try to stop the me, me, me process whenever I can: I sent my neighbours a note offering to help them if they needed it; I also looked for humorous posts to send to people who need it in this moment (hence Quarantini). Lashing out, fear, panic, these are the things I am resisting every day. Happy to share also some of the techniques I am using to achieve this which includes a smile and an rare glass of martinim (my health does not allow me to drink too much), but also meditation and other helpful practices to manage things. Thanks Chef for your creative post!

    1. jim

      Liza. you are so right. My Mom is 95 and we are all worried but we are not going to whine about it. We’ll have a drink instead.

  8. Amy

    Well, I don’t really drink, just don’t like it much and, I’d rather eat but, reading it made me smile. 

    I’m really sorry for Wesly, who has a sick parent in a nursing home but, for those of us who’ve been in home quarantine for exposure without any symptoms, this was a welcome relief and a reason to smile. 

    I certainly wish everyone well, and hope that they remain safe and healthy but, to shame others for trying to lighten the mood during a very tense time is just wrong.  

    Wesly, I hope everything works out for you and your loved ones and Jessica, thanks for making me smile. 

  9. Michele

    Well, I had to. I added grapefruit and orange bitters and a bit of pineapple juice to curb the fresh lemon and keep the vitamin C & zinc going. “Cheers to good health”

  10. Brian

    Too tart. I added some simple syrup to make it a little sweeter, then not bad. If I make another will probably halve the lemon juice and see how it tastes. Probably just use simple syrup in place of honey, much less messy.

  11. TAra

    I highly suggest earning your honey up or you’re gonna have a big hard chunk of bee puke at the bottom of your shaker. ;)

  12. Wesly Moore

    You should be ashamed. I’m guessing you don’t have an elderly at-risk parent in a nursing facility that has shut down family visitation. This hurts people. Shame on you.

    1. Zack Quarantini

      As a person with a grandmother showing symptoms and being tested for the virus, Idisagree with your comment. This is a good bit of light-hearted fun in a time of darkness and uncertainty. This does not “hurt people” it instead gives them a welcome distraction from the seriousness of the situation, while simultaneously providing an immunity boost.

    2. Carolyn Hancock

      How in in heavens name would this hurt my 88 year old mom in her nursing home. I can’t visit her. I’ve got a lemon tree and I already have honey and vodka. I’m confused.

    3. Evelyn

      Wesley, I am 75 and go walk the local trails alone daily, even when an umbrella is necessary. A good dose of endorphins is what you need for that sour attitude! Ever spread joy by smiling and speaking? I  have a son with another very critical disease, Wesley. But you are the pity party! You can dip your teenie in sour grapes to sweeten it.

    4. Nona Wolf

      Dear Wesly – don’t be such a bore. I’m old – at risk – and could really use a laugh (and a drink) right about now. You seem to be very delicate… toughen up. Love, Crabby Old Lady.

    5. Elaine Williams in Baltimore

      Really Wesley – did you come here and read about the lighthearted Quarantini just so you could be offended and complain. Lighten up! Or better yet don’t go to site like these just so you can complain. I can only imagine how your neighbors feel about you. BTW – I am 65.

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