Sangria and I have a very close relationship. We have loved each other until the wee hours of the morning. It has convinced me to dance on bars. And while doing it’s job as a tasty truth serum, it has shown me a side of my family that I wish to forget…including seeing a certain cousin of mine cuddling the jug, like a baby, while drinking it with a straw.

I have also hated sangria and cursed it’s name saying I would never, ever drink it again. Ever. No, seriously this time I’m done. I’m being for real. You will never ever see me drinking Sangria again for the rest of my life. Jorge, if you see it in my hand please promise you will tackle me, football camp style. I mean it. Seriously. For real.

Obviously, I am a liar. Also, in case you haven’t realized, I have no will power.

I don’t know about you, but I like my sangria to be strong and sneaky. Mainly because it means that I can entertain myself at dinner parties by getting the boring guests rat assed. Don’t know what ‘rat assed’ is? Well neither did I. Apparently in England they call getting drunk being ‘rat assed’. How glorious is that? Who wants to be drunk, tipsy, or wasted when you could be rat assed? Aren’t the British the people not the awful food great?

Anyways, enough about the new awesome term that is going to get me blocked by your kid’s parental control settings and on to the Sangria! This recipe comes from a friend of mine, Laura. Laura has made this Sangria for me more times then I should share. It is probably my favorite version of Sangria. And trust me…that is saying something! I specified the brands below and I really think they are important. The apple brandy really helps give the Sangria a depth of flavor and a good bit of alcohol content. 🙂

Laura's AppleJack Sangria


2.5 cups AppleJack Brandy
6 cups Real Sangria
2 Oranges (1 orange juiced, 1 orange sliced)
1 Lemon, juiced
1 large apple, sliced
a handful of grapes


In a large pitcher combine AppleJack Brandy and Real Sangria, juice of 1 orange, and juice of lemon.

Stir in sliced oranges, apple, and grapes. Refrigerate for 24 hours to let the flavors meld.

Serve over ice, with a slice of apple or orange on the rim.

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