Land O’Lakes



Land O’Lakes is a farmer-owned cooperative that produces pure, sweet cream that’s churned into Land O’Lakes Butter. For nearly a century, the iconic brand continues to set the standard for quality, creating products that represent simple goodness, while making cooking and baking easier and more enjoyable.

Land O’Lakes Butter Facts:

  • Only nationally distributed butter brand
  • Only butter brand to offer a convenient, individually wrapped half stick (1/4 cup) size
  • Only Land O’Lakes Butter has the FlavorProtect® Wrapper to keep other flavors out and the fresh taste you love in
  • Land O’Lakes farm families are real, hardworking families, like yours, who are passionate about producing the freshest, pure sweet cream

Land O'Lakes halfsticks_isolated

Why I Cook with Land O’Lakes Butter: Have you tasted it?!?

If you have, there’s no need to read any further. If you haven’t, you are sorely missing out.

Land O’Lakes Butter tastes so fresh, I honestly can’t tell the difference between Land O’Lakes Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter and home-churned butter… You know, in all the blind-folded butter tasting I’ve been doing.

Land O’Lakes Butter has a sweet clean flavor that enhances every dish it graces. If there was ever a way to elevate warm homemade bread, it would be a creamy shmear of Land O’Lakes whipped butter.

Not only do I think it’s special, it was rated in the top two butter choices by renowned Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. You can’t argue with Christopher Kimball.

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