Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes

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Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes: Light fluffy white cupcakes are filled with juicy fresh strawberries and sweet whipped cream to create a light and bright dessert!

Strawberries and cream cupcakes on a cake stand garnished with a fresh strawberry.

It’s full on strawberry season here in Florida and I am ready for everything involving one of my favorite fruits.

First up, these gorgeous Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes!

They are perfectly light, fluffy white cupcakes that are filled with juicy fresh strawberries and sweet whipped cream to create a light and bright dessert.

I doctored up a box of white cake mix for these and it makes them EXTRA easy to whip up.

Sometimes we have time to make cupcakes from scratch and sometimes you need cupcakes in 30 minutes or less. It’s all about balance.

Four strawberries and cream cupcakes on a cake stand garnished with a fresh strawberry.

I did make some homemade whip cream though.

Sure you could use the one in the can, or coolwhip, but real whip cream only takes a couple of minutes and it is so perfect.

Then you fold in fresh sliced strawberries and fill the cupcake with the strawberries and cream.

Top it with a little extra powdered sugar and BAM — perfect light dessert!

These are a great dessert to make for a party or travel with as well. You can bake the cupcakes and whip the whipped cream and fold in the strawberries well ahead of time.

Strawberries and cream cupcakes on a cake stand garnished with a fresh strawberry.

My strawberry obsession has been going on for quite a while now.

If you are as obsessed as I am, you have to check out some of my other favorite light strawberry desserts:

Easy Strawberry Shortcake Donuts, Berries & Cream In Puff Pastry and Strawberry Shortcake Sandwiches.

Or, if you are a strawberry and chocolate lover, make sure and try these three recipes before all the fresh local strawberries disappear again: No-Bake Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pie, Strawberry Nutella Poptarts and Strawberry Ice Cream Cake.

Cupcakes filled with strawberries and cream on a cake stand garnished with a fresh strawberry.

Then whenever you are ready to serve them, just slice the tops of the cupcakes and fill them with the strawberries and cream.

If you do make these ahead, make sure you refrigerate the whipped cream.

Head on over to Dixie Crystals for the full recipe I developed of them!

RECIPE: Strawberry and Cream Cupcakes

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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47 Responses
  1. Tracy

    I’m not able to find the recipe for the strawberry and cream cupcakes. I have the cupcakes made but it doesn’t say how to make the strawberry & cream for the middle of the cups cakes (measurements)

  2. Sue Rogina

    I made these yesterday. They tasted great. I put them in the refrigerator over night (as I plan on taking some to friends) but they aren’t as fresh tasting the second day. Didn’t think it was a good idea to leave whipped cream out all night. Was difficult to slice tops of cupcakes, so mine didn’t look as pretty as yours. But tasted great the day I made them. Hubby has no problem eating them. Thanks for the recipe. I will continue making these until I get them perfect.

  3. randommom

    quick question.  I love how your recipe looks small and appears to make 4 cupcakes…is that true?  I was thinking maybe you used Jiffy white cake mix?

    1. Rupert K

      Apparently you didn’t read the post. It was noted for speed and convenience that box mix will be used. Troll!

  4. 2pots2cook

    Hello Florida :-) We are still freezing out here and I have decided to keep this recipe for fresh ones coming here …… Thank you and have a nice week end !

  5. Jessica

    If I want to prepare the night before should I put them in the refrigerator so the whipped cream does not melt?

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      To prepare them ahead, I would bake the cupcakes but not slice and fill them until you are ready to serve them. So bake the cupcakes ahead and keep them in an airtight container at room temperature. Whip the cream and keep it in the fridge. Then right before serving, stir the strawberries into the whip cream and slice the cupcakes and fill them. 

      Sorry, these cupcakes are best fresh, so making them ahead still requires some work right before serving!

  6. judi

    years ago there was a recipe going around almost the same thing with chocolate cup cakes. you cut the tops off and fill with whip cream and you cut the tops in half and put on top of cupcakes backwards and looks like a butter fly.and sprinkle confec sugar

  7. Sharon @What The Fork

    I can just about taste these in my mouth right now! I’m ready for those summer fresh strawberries!

  8. Angie | Big Bear's Wife

    I can’t wait until Strawberry Season is here!! We don’t get them until June though! These look so good and I love the video!

      1. Kellyn

        Actually if you just keep scrolling down on this page the recipe is right there. I just wrote it out for myself. I am making them now. Can’t wait to try them.

    1. Kathryn

      Strawberries & Cream CupcakesConfectioners Powdered Sugar
      Prep time :0:10
      Bake/Cook time :0:15 to 0:17
      Yield :22 cupcakes


      1 (16.25 oz) box white cake mix
      1 1/4 cups water
      3 large eggs whites
      3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
      1 teaspoon almond extract
      2 teaspoons vanilla extract
      1 pint strawberries, sliced
      1 cup heavy whipping cream
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      1/4 cup, plus additional for dusting Dixie Crystals Confectioners Powdered Sugar
      Preheat oven to 350°F. Place paper baking cups into muffin pan. Set aside.
      In a large bowl, whisk together cake mix, water, egg whites, butter, almond extract and vanilla extract, until well combined.
      Spoon batter evenly into prepared muffin pan, filling each cup 3/4 way full.
      Bake for 15-17 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let cupcakes cool on a cooling rack for 10 minutes.
      While cupcakes cool, make the cream filling. In a stand mixer with whisk attachment, beat the heavy cream, vanilla extract and powdered sugar until stiff peaks form.
      Fold the sliced strawberries into whipped cream. Slice the tops off each cupcake and fill with whipped cream mixture. Place cupcake top back on and sprinkle the tops with powdered sugar. Serve immediately.

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