I usually have thoughts that are a little too long to share in 140 characters on twitter and are a little too random or long to share on Facebook. So I figured since I already make this blog all about me, why not share them here with you? It will also give me a chance to share pointless photos of my pets that have nothing to do with this post….because yes, I totally am that person.

Bobbi the Cat and Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

1. Jorge and I are house (rental) shopping. It’s STRESSING me out more than any time before. We move back to Tampa in a little under a month and every night I go to bed freaking out. Is this because I am getting older? No seriously, hear me out. I moved from Texas to Florida with exactly 1 large moving box and 1 zebra duffel bag at 18. Since then, I have moved 6 times (all within the state of Florida). In 7 years, I have moved 6 times with no worries or stress. But this time I can’t stop thinking about dates and places and kitchens and boxes and what if the movers break my stuff and what if we can’t find a place, etc. I can only assume it’s because I am getting older…which just stresses me out more.

2. I made She & Him mugs this past weekend. I used two $1 mugs from the Dollar Tree and a oil based gold sharpie. Sure you could do Mr & Mrs, but I don’t want to be called Mrs. No I do not have a good reason why, I just don’t like it. I also hate when people address things to Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Segarra. That’s crap, I deserve my name in there too.

3. Over the past week there have been a lot of articles written about restaurants not wanting people to take photos in their restaurants of the food. It all started with this NYT article and went crazy from there. I — as a person who loves to discreetly take photos of food at restaurants and instagram it — think it’s total crap. First of all, me photographing and sharing about your restaurant HELPS you. Secondly, I am a paying customer and if I want to snap a quick shot of my food, I will.

Brody sleeping.

4. I made steaks for dinner tonight. Except my grill was out of propane and I didn’t want to take the time to heat up the oven. So I pan fried them. They were edible…if you doused them in enough steak sauce that they looked like they were swimming in it. Don’t worry, I promise there are no upcoming recipes for Steak & A1 soup.

5. I decided to try something new with my makeup this week. I pulled out my giant 15 piece anniversary Urban Decay eyeliner set (<–This link is to show you what I have, not to get you to buy it from there. That is a total rip-off. Mine came from Ulta for much less.) that I couldn’t live without and decided to try out this peacock eyeliner look I found. I looked like a kid that got to play with markers in class. It wasn’t pretty, unless you are going for kindergarden chic.

6. On Monday, I went to the store and forgot my phone at home. During this 1 hour separation, I realized I have no idea what people did before technology. I couldn’t search where the nearest liquor store was to me (I needed wine, don’t judge me). I couldn’t google to see if I could get my mascara cheaper on amazon. I was forced to stand in line and entertain myself in the checkout line. And worse, I constantly felt like the world was going to end and I would have no way of knowing about it because my iPhone was at home sitting on the kitchen counter. So to answer my own question, maybe before technology people were less neurotic…and didn’t use Amazon Prime like it’s their lifeline.

Kitty Visitor

7. ::climbing on my soap box:: Today we had a neighborhood kitty visitor. He is friendly and adorable and not neutered. If you are going to insist on letting your animals roam around outside, do the right thing and get your pet spayed or neutered.  It infuriates me to no end when people are not responsible pet owners. With a little research, you could easily find a clinic to do it for under $100…and if we all did it, there would be no need for those horrible ASPCA commercials that make me bawl every time I see them. Please, do the right thing. For a good laugh and to help with the cause, check out IHateBalls.com. ::climbing off my soap box now, I swear::

8. Above in the photo, that cherub looking angel thing is not mine. Yes, it’s in the yard, but it’s not mine. It belongs to whoever lived here before…I think they left it because it is creepy and it’s eyes follow you when you walk. I left it out there because it’s really heavy and I can’t drag it out to the garbage. Also, I find chubby naked statues kind of funny.

9. I am back to stressing about the move again (that was quick, right?). Anybody want to come over and help pack? I can pay in cookies and vodka.

10.  I recently learned that if you take Katy Perry’s face and stick it on Paula Deen’s body…it’s still Paula Deen. Well, Paula 30 years ago. I am now secretly obsessing over who my older face twin is. Please don’t tell me it’s Honey Boo Boo’s Mama.

11. That’s it for this week. Next week I am coming back with a tasty casserole that is full of broccoli, quinoa and cheesey goodness. Bonus: it has no cans of crap in it.

See ya Monday! 🙂

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