Are you the person who buys 2 oz of Vanilla Extract for $8? No more! You are now the person who keeps a jug of alcohol in a dark secret cabinet waiting for magic to happen.

I hate paying the exorbitant prices for crappy vanilla extract at the grocery store. Instead I like to do it like those country folks that still make their own moonshine. Sure I can buy beer at the store…but I can make triple, of a higher quality product at home, all for an 8th of the cost.

How I save on Vanilla Extract:

5 Vanilla Beans: $8.25
— 1 large jar: Free -steal your Dad’s bourbon jar! πŸ˜‰
— 1 liter bottle vodka (4 times distilled or more): $18
— Time: Free

1 liter of Vanilla Extract will cost only $26.25! Which equals $1.64 per 2 ounces…and when it is compared to $8 per 2 oz at the store, it’s a freakin’ steal!

How to make the magic happen:

1. Split Vanilla Beans down side with a sharp knife.
2. Add beans to vodka.
3. Seal lid and place in dark, cool place away from light.
4. Give it a shake once a week or so.
5. In 2 months, use your amazing homemade Vanilla Extract!

Your homemade Vanilla Extract will stay good for years. You can keep adding more vodka and vanilla beans to the bottle as it gets low to keep your supply going.

It makes excellent gifts to friends who are bakers…and is especially cute when given in these jars!