Guilt is a powerful thing. For me I face this guilt regularly when I sign into Facebook. For some reason, random people I have not spoken to in over 5 years want to be my friend on Facebook. Some are ok, some…not so much. Like the creepy guy from high school who always tried to sit behind me and would “accidentally” bump into me and touch my boob? He tried to friend request me the other day. And I don’t know why, but I actually felt bad denying him. In my head I kept thinking, maybe he has grown up and is reaching out to apologize for being so creepy. But I smartly hit deny…because more than likely he just wants to be my friend to check out my boobs some more. But I can’t help it, I was raised Catholic, and we always feel guilty for everything.

This past weekend I have been feeling guilty about all the Turkey I had left over. I made Turkey Cups and I also used the carcass for stock, but I still had a good deal of Turkey left over and no idea what to do with it. Then I remembered a sandwich I had about a year ago in Texas at a little cafe down in Galveston…and knew I had to have it! Turkey, Brie, and Apple? It sounds strange…but the combo is really delicious! It is an awesome way to use up that last bit of Turkey.


Turkey, Brie, and Apple Panini


2 slices marble rye bread
4 thin slices Green Apple
2-3 thick slices cooked Turkey
2 oz Brie, sliced
a small handful of Arugula
Cranberry or Apple Butter, to taste


Heat panini maker, or a nonstick pan over medium heat.

Layer the apple, turkey, brie, and arugula on top of one slice of rye bread. Evenly spread the cranberry sauce or apple butter on other slice of bread and place on top.

Place sandwich into your panini maker and toast until your liking.

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