Can you guess where I was? No? Here are some hints:

  • My jeans don’t fit and I can’t stop saying y’all.
  • The state I was in has 4 seasons: almost summer, summer, still summer, and Christmas. It happened to be “still summer” when I was there, which meant 105 plus degrees every day. I am pretty sure even my hair was sweating.
  • Men were wearing tight Wranglers and boots.
  • I finally satisfied my craving for authentic Mexican food.
  • Fixinto was used regularly and no one had to explain that we weren’t actually going to fix anything.
  • We did our grocery shopping at HEB.
  • And when I saw a horse drawn wagon going down the side of the freeway, I didn’t even blink.
I was in my home state of Texas!


My Granny & I


Abby (my cousin) & I circa 1991  -check out those dinosaur computers behind us!


Maggie (my aunt’s dog) after a swim in Galveston.  –she is too cute not to share!


It was a wonderful, albeit short, trip. I got to visit my family, eat authentic Mexican food, and be reminded of all the things I miss about Texas. Then I flew back and spent a few extra days at my Mom’s house in Tampa.


View of the lake at my parent’s house. Photo taken on an iPhone (with no filters)! 


Jorge & I together for the first time in 3 weeks!


And finally, after 3 weeks, Jorge and I reunited. He had been in Sacramento for work and I missed him dearly. 8 days away was fabulous, but sometimes being home is even better.