Watercolor Easter Eggs

Aren’t these DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs just gorgeous? Well guess what, I have a secret…they are dyed with shaving cream and gel food color!

I learned this trick way too many years ago, back in girl scouts, and it has always been my favorite easy way to dye Easter eggs. Bonus – no gross smelling vinegar!

You only need a couple of things to dye these Watercolor Easter Eggs: hard boiled eggs (of course), gel food color, shaving cream (Barbasol – the fluffy cheap $1 kind!), a bowl of water and paper towels for drying.

They are seriously so gorgeous and super cheap to do if you buy everything at walmart. The whole project cost me less than $5 — including the eggs!

OH! And if you don’t want to look like an Easter egg yourself, you will also want gloves.

So quick funny little story about these Watercolor Easter Eggs…I didn’t use hard boiled eggs. I dyed regular eggs that weren’t cooked.

Why? Well, it isn’t actually Easter yet, so I won’t be making my Mama’s Deviled Eggs for a few more weeks.

So I thought, well, I can just dye regular eggs so I can share this trick with all of you….and then use them for breakfast this week. Smart, right?

WRONG. I was in the laundry room folding towels when I hear… Splat! Splat! Splat!

I came running into the kitchen and Ellie and Lyla had pulled up their little chairs and climbed up on the counter and were pulling all the eggs out of the basket and tossing them onto the ground.

The dogs were drinking up the raw eggs and the girls thought it was hysterical. Apparently busting colorful eggs all over Mom’s clean kitchen floor is hysterical to two 2 year olds. So much for breakfast! Those girls sure keep it interesting around here.

I promise these Watercolor Easter Eggs are super easy to do and the kids will love helping make them. …just make sure you hard boil them first. 😉

Watch the video below to see how I swirled the food coloring and how much I used!

Watercolor Easter Eggs


  • 18 hardboiled eggs
  • 1 can Barbasol original shaving cream
  • gel food colors (I used Wilton brand in neon colors)
  • bowl of water
  • gloves
  • paper towels


  1. Spray shaving cream into medium sized bowls or a large casserole dish. If you want to do a lot of individual colors, I recommend doing separate bowls. If you would like to do mixes of colors and tie-dye eggs, I would do one large casserole dish.
  2. Very heavily drizzle gel food coloring onto shaving cream. Swirl it with a knife or a straw leaving white showing (watch the video above to see how I did mine).
  3. Roll eggs into shaving cream. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes (you can see the difference in dyeing times in the video).
  4. Rinse eggs in a bowl of water and set on paper towels to dry.