What is a po' boy?

Po’ boys are iconic New Orleans hot sandwiches, loaded with bites of fried seafood on the city's airy, crisp French bread. It’s a simple meal you can make on a weeknight, or whip up for a fun weekend lunch.


Air Fried Shrimp Remoulade Sauce Sandwich Buns Tomato Lettuce Pickles

Step 1. Bread the shrimp in flour, egg, and panko, then place in the air fryer.

Step 2. Spritz the shrimp with oil and air fry for 4 minutes per side.

Step 3. Stir the remoulade ingredients together in a small bowl and set aside.

Step 4. Slice and toast the buns, then spread with the prepared remoulade.

Step 5. Pile on the fried shrimp and toppings. Place the top bun on, and serve!

These Po' Boys are practically a meal on their own!  Serve with a simple side of chips, sweet potato fries, or salad!

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