Best Chimichurri Sauce

What is chimichurri?

It's an Argentinian oil-based sauce made with fresh herbs, as well as a combination of garlic and shallots, with a bit of red wine vinegar and lemon juice to round of the flavor.


Fresh Cilantro Fresh Parsley Fresh Oregano Garlic Shallots Olive Oil Lemon Juice Red Wine Vinegar Crushed Red- Pepper Salt

By Hand. Finely chop the parsley, cilantro, oregano, shallot, and garlic. Add to a bowl with the rest of the ingredients, and stir well.

In the Food Processor. Add all of the ingredients to the food processor and pulse, scraping the sides and bottom halfway through.

Chimichurri Sauce goes well with empanadas, steak, pizza, toasted baguettes, or garlic bread to name a few!

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