Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding)

What is capirotada?

This easy recipe is the perfect dessert! Topped with toasted coconut, raisins, and nuts, every bite of this Mexican bread pudding is loaded with dreamy flavors and texture.


You'll need Mexican Bolillos, evaporated milk, and a few other simple ingredients to make this easy recipe.

Step 1. Arrange bread slices vertically in baking dish, leaving room between each slice.

Step 2. Simmer the evaporated milk, piloncillo, star anise, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger.

Step 3. Add the coconut to a small pan over low heat. Stir it constantly and let it toast for 5-8 minutes.

Step 4. Mix together the toasted coconut, almonds, pecans, walnuts, peanuts, and raisins.

Step 5. Sprinkle the toppings over the bread and into the nooks between its slices.

Step 6. Use a fine mesh sieve to strain the milk over the bread and toppings.

Step 7. Gently squeeze the bread into the baking dish to help coat it with the mixture.

Step 8. Pop it into the oven for 15-20 minutes or until the cheese is nice and melty.

Remove it from the oven and serve warm. Enjoy!

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