What is bearnaise sauce?

Bearnaise is a sauce that originated in France in the 1860's.  Butter, wine, and eggs are the base of this rich and creamy sauce, much like hollandaise sauce. The difference is the addition of shallots and tarragon, which give an extra boost of flavor.


White Wine Tarragon Vinegar Shallots Egg Yolk Black Pepper Garlic Salt Fresh Tarragon Unsalted Butter

Step 1. Combine wine, vinegar, and shallots in a double boiler.  Simmer until reduced by half, then cool.

Step 2. Blend the vinegar mixture, egg yolks and spices in a food processor.

Step 3. Melt butter and slowly add to the food processor with the motor running.

Step 4. The texture of the sauce should be like a thin mayonnaise. Serve immediately!

Bearnaise Sauce pairs perfectly with charred, grilled steak.  It also goes great on top of eggs or drizzled over vegetables.

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