what is re-animator serum?

This tasty Halloween drink will blow your mind. It’s inspired by the cult classic film Re-Animator, which features a serum that glows, just like this one. Smooth banana rum and sweet blue curacao mix with Riboflavin, which makes it glow when you put in under a black light! 


Blue Curacao Banana Rum Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) Capsule

Step 1. Pour the Blue Curacao into a tall cylinder.  Do not rinse the measuring glass!

Step 2. Add half of the banana rum to the measuring glass.  It will pick up a little bit of the blue color.

Step 3. Open up a Riboflavin capsule and add a tiny bit to the measuring glass.  Watch it turn green!

Step 4. Slowly pour the banana rum into the graduated cylinder to create a layered effect.

Step 5. Pour the rest of the banana rum into the measuring cup.  Add more Riboflavin and watch it turn yellow.

Step 6. Very slowly pour the yellow layer into the graduated cylinder to finish the drink .

Turn on a black light and watch it glow!  This is a great trick for a Halloween party.

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