Pollo Asado

what is pollo asado?

"Pollo asado" means roasted chicken. However, this recipe is much more exciting than that!  The chicken is marinated in a spiced orange-based sauce packed with smoky, earthy, peppery, spicy, and tangy flavors.  


You'll need chicken and a few other simple ingredients to make this flavorful pollo asado recipe.

Step 1. Clean the chicken thighs and place them in a large Ziplock bag or baking dish.

Step 2. Except for the chicken and lime, blend all of the ingredients to a smooth mixture.

Step 3. Reserve 1/3 cup of the marinade and pour the rest over the chicken.

Step 4. Put the chicken in the fridge to marinate. 20 minutes before you're ready to cook, set it on a wire rack at room temperature.

Step 5. Place the chicken on the grill and baste it with 1/3 cup of reserved marinade. Cook it over medium flame.

Remove the chicken from the heat and let it rest. Serve it with rice and enjoy!

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