Ellie & Lyla’s Newborn Photos

I couldn’t be more excited to share the sweet Newborn Photos of our twins! I hope you love these pictures of Ellie and Lyla as much as we do.

Newborn Twins with Floral Headbands in a Rocker with Comfy Off-White Blankets

A Newborn Girl Wrapped Loosely in Lace and Sitting on a Fluffy Surface

A Newborn Baby Girl Sleeping on a Fluffy Blanket with a Pearl Headband

A Sleeping Baby Girl with White Lace Draped Over Her

A Newborn Baby Girl Sleeping on a Salmon-Colored Blanket

Two Newborn Baby Girls Cuddling on a Fluffy Blanket

A Newborn Baby Resting on Top of a Fluffy White Surface

A Newborn Baby Girl Curled Up on a Light Pink Blanket with a Flower in her Hair

Newborn Twin Girls Sleeping on a Gray Blanket with Tiny Crowns on their Heads

Newborn Twins Sleeping Tucked Into a Pink Blanket Wearing Blush Caps

A Close-Up Shot of the Faces of the Twins While They Sleep in a Rocker with Blankets

A Close-Up Shot of the Twins' Tiny Hands

Two Newborn Babies Posed with Eggs, Milk, a Mixer and Other Kitchen Items

Two Baby Girls Sleeping on a White Knitted Blanket with Flower Headbands on their Heads

Two Newborns Sleeping in the Barrel of an Old Wooden Time Scale

Newborn Twins Sleeping with Lilac Outfits on a Purple Blanket

Two Twin Newborns Sleeping on Top of One Another on a Light Orange Blanket

A Close-Up of Ellie and Lyla's Little Feet as they Sleep on a Fluffy Off-White Blanket

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