Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday cake or a seasonal holiday dessert, these easy cake recipes are here to help you problem solve. You’ll also find the most decadent cake bars, mug cakes, and layer cakes out there. The possibilities are endless and oh so delicious!

Here’s a rule I like to live by: There is a cake for every occasion. Need a classic dessert that’s sure to be loved by all? You can’t go wrong with My Best Chocolate Cake Recipe. Ready for a dessert that’s completely over the top? This Cake Batter Oreo No Bake Cheesecake is calling your name.

Recent Cake Recipes for Every Occasion

Below, you’ll find the BEST cake recipes for practically any occasion. There’s carrot cake, chocolate cake, pumpkin cake, lemon cake… it’s truly a gold mine of desserts down there!

A slice of moist coconut poke cake being served with a cake serve out of a baking pan.
55 minutes
A slice of homemade vanilla cake being lifted with a serving spatula.
1 hour 20 minutes
Two slices of lime blueberry pound cake with cream cheese frosting on top on a plate.
1 hour 35 minutes
Vanilla cake in a cup, topped with sprinkles and a dollop of whipped cream.
5 minutes
A square of coffee cake on a plate.
1 hour 25 minutes
Side view of a Twinkie cake, showing the layers of Twinkies, pineapple, vanilla pudding and coconut.
1 hour 10 minutes
A serving of cake being lifted out of a pan.
11 hours 55 minutes
Lifting a slice of cake with a cake server.
1 hour 45 minutes
A square of strawberry icebox cake on a small white plate.
No Bake
3 hours 10 minutes
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