Red Hot Cookies

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Red Hot Cookies: these Valentine’s Day Cookies start with a soft chewy sugar cookie that is loaded with crushed Red Hot Candies to create a speckled appearance.

Red hot sugar cookies with a glass of milk.

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As y’all know, I am a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Well really, to be fair, I am just a fan of all holidays.

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense of big romantic gestures and expensive gifts.

But I am a fan in the way of adorable themed desserts, surprise boxes of candy and a little gift for our Valentines – the kiddos.

And that is exactly where these adorable Red Hot Cookies come in!

Red hot crinkle sugar cookies on a cookie sheet with red hot candies.

We have a few little Valentine’s Day traditions around our house.

The girls always help me pack up their valentines for their classmates and teachers the night before.

And Valentine’s Day morning always starts with pancakes topped with whip cream and heart sprinkles for the girls.

If Jorge is home (he travels a lot for work), we usually make a nice dinner at home that night with a good dessert.

And after we get the kids in bed, I get to pick the rom-com we watch in bed in our pajamas.

Usually I fall back on a classic, either Sweet Home Alabama or The Proposal.

Red Hot Cookie dough being rolled in powdered sugar.

The base for these Red Hot Cookies is a soft and chewy sugar cookie that is perfect filled with just about anything.

Leave it as is, load it with sprinkles or add chopped up candies – like red hots.

Then, like any good homemade crinkle cookie, we roll the dough around in powdered sugar before baking.

The finished cookie is adorably speckled with festive red hot candies creating a fun Valentine’s Day cookie.

Red Hot Cookie dough rolled in balls and coated in powdered sugar on a cookie sheet.

If you want to double down on the cinnamon flavor in these Red Hot Crinkle cookies, you can add a little cinnamon extract.

I made them both ways, exactly as shown in the recipe and with added cinnamon extract.

I preferred them best without the cinnamon extract, but they are definitely good both ways!

You can also double the amount of crushed red hots, if you really want to taste mainly red hots.

Red hot cookies with milk

One of the best parts of making these cookies? Anger management.

To crush the red hots, you place them in a ziplock bag and go to town with a rolling pin.

The girls got a massive kick out of slamming down the rolling pin on those poor little red hots.

I’m not sure which one my girls love more, getting to break things or eating cookies. 😉

Red Hot Cookies: these Valentine’s Day Cookies start with a soft chewy sugar cookie that is loaded with crushed Red Hot Candies to create a speckled appearance. #RedHotCookies #SugarCookies #ValetinesDayCookies #ValentinesDayDessert #ValentinesDay #RedHots

These Red Hot Cookies are the perfect combination of sweet chewy sugar cookie and spicy red hot bites.

They are the perfect Valentine’s Day Cookies start with their adorable red speckled appearance.

Make sure and leave a review below if you try them!

Head on over to Dixie Crystals for the full recipe I developed for them!

RECIPE: Red Hot Cookies

Post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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Just found this recipe and it sounds delicious. As I was looking over the recipe I noticed that the cookie balls were rolled in powdered sugar. That sounds good too. I may just try rolling the balls in a cinnamon and sugar mixture like I do with my favorite Snickerdoodles. Or both, probably dusting the balls with the PS. ** Thanks for sharing this recipe. **


[…] Red hot cookies are soft, chewy, and loaded with crusted red hot candies. So tasty and perfect for any parties snacks or desserts.Get the recipe here. […]

I would love the red hot cookie recipe. I can not g I t the web link to open

how do you get the recipe for red hot cookies?

Just below the video click on red hot sugar cookies. It will take you to the recipe

Can you use regular sugar and powdered sugar?

I am NOT a fan of Valentine’s Day….so much sadness for me in the month of February. My mom was a huge fan of red hots, and because of her, we always had them around. In her memory, I will make these ❤ It will be 1 year the day after Valentine’s that we lost her….thank you, Jessica, for this recipe.

Thank you for your kind words, Jessica ❤

What a creative cookie! I have to try them out!

Looks heavenly! I’m literally drooling over this goodness, really love to try this!

I would love to make these for my family. Can you suggest a gluten free substitute? Would the measurement be the same? 

These cookies are absolutely amazing! So craving these!

Oh yeah, I’m all about these red hot cookies!

My oldest loves anything that’s hot! I’ve never heard of these before and can’t wait to surprise him with them!

These look like so much fun! I cannot wait to try !!

I love red hots! These are such a great, unexpected treat! So perfect for the holiday.

The link wasn’t broken for me, perhaps they’ve fixed it? However, I wish there was a print. Everytime I print one of Jessica’s recipes, it always messes up at the top. Does it do this to you also?

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