Soft Maple Sugar Cookies

Double up on maple flavor with these soft maple sugar cookies with maple icing! These cookies are perfectly tender and sweet, loaded with seasonal flavor for an easy Fall dessert!

Stacks of soft maple sugar cookies with two frosted cookies with sprinkles in the foreground.

Sugar cookies as big as my face. Yup, that’s exactly what the goal was when I started out making these Soft Maple Sugar Cookies. This week has been a rough week and all I wanted was a soft sweet cookie that tasted like Fall.

Ellie and Lyla take naps in separate rooms. They share a room and sleep together at night perfectly, but for nap time they have to be kept in different rooms. So Lyla sleeps in their bedroom in their crib and Ellie sleeps in the guest room in a pack and play. It’s been that way since they were about 6 months old.

Stacks of soft maple sugar cookies frosted with maple icing and topped with orange and black sprinkles.

So yesterday, I hear this thumping noise upstairs. Then giggling. Turns out Ellie figured out how to climb out of the pack and play and was in there jumping on the guest bed for the past hour. Two meltdowns later, I ended up holding her and rocking her for her nap like she was a baby again.

And yes, it was absolutely the sweetest two hours in a long time…but it also put me crazy behind on my work. I had client work due, emails to answer, pictures to take and edit and dishes to wash. None of that got done and it made the rest of the day incredibly stressful.

A stack of soft maple sugar cookies frosted with maple icing and topped with orange and black sprinkles.

So at the end of the day, I wanted something SWEET. Something comforting and something that wouldn’t take too long to make (because I had zero patience left). I would have honestly rather reached into my pantry and pulled out something to soothe my sweet tooth.

But we are really trying to eat healthy around here, and I recently went on a pantry purge, so if I wanted something sweet I had to make it myself. Enter COOKIES! They checked all the boxes!

Soft maple sugar cookies frosted with maple icing and topped with orange and black sprinkles on a wooden board.

These sweet and soft maple sugar cookies pack a double whammy with maple flavoring in the cookie as well as the icing – making them the perfect Fall dessert.

The cookie itself has crispy edges and big soft centers. Then you pour on a smooth sweet maple frosting and sprinkle on a few themed sprinkles if you’re feeling fancy. They can be stored for up to a week, but I promise they won’t make it that long!

Head on over to Dixie Crystals for the RECIPE: Soft Maple Sugar Cookies

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22 Responses
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  2. Johanna

    I have made these cookies, I don’t know how many times. 1) they are addictive! 2) they are the most requested cookie by my husband and 3) they are the biggest hit at the office every Christmas, not one cookie is left. This recipe is THE best.

  3. Rena

    My Friend makes cupcakes with maple frosting and bacon bits on top. I am thinking about making these cookies and trying  the bacon on the top. 

  4. Mrs. Turnham

    These cookies are fun and delicious ! I added a pinch of pink salt to the icing as it is really sweet   A perfect cool day treat. 

  5. Robin

    I made these for my husband and daughter( I myself am not a big fan of maple flavor baked goods) but they loved them!

    1. Robin

      I made these for my husband and daughter( I myself am not a big fan of maple flavor ba

      ked goods) but they loved them!
      ( this is for those who couldn’t find the recipe) when reading her blog the words “soft maple sugar cookies ” is highlighted in yellow, tap those words to find the recipe)

  6. Christina

    I didn´t get an answer from you so I couldn´t make the cookies for Thanksgiving. I´d still like to try them if you don´t mind telling me if they can be done using maple syrup instead… Thanks again.

    1. Jessica

      Hi Christina, I’m sorry I took the week off for Thanksgiving to spend it with my family. No, you unfortunately can not make it with regular maple syrup. To get a maple flavor from maple syrup you have to use quite a lot of it and that would ruin the texture of the cookies. I would recommend trying to purchase maple extract online or using a different extract in it’s place. These would also be delicious with just regular old vanilla extract!

  7. Christina

    This looks amazing! I cannot find maple extract here in Switzerland, and was hoping to make them for Thanksgiving this year. Could I substitute with maple syrup? If so, in what quantities? Thanks very much!

  8. Kenzie

    I started making these and realized I didn’t have any maple flavor, I used butter flavoring instead. While I still want to try your original recipe, I LOVED the butter version. I will be keeping this recipe on hand for any time I need to make cookies. They’re easy and so good!!

    1. Jessica

      So glad you had as substitute on hand and you still enjoyed them! I love anything butter flavored, I will have to try it out too!

  9. Stephanie | Worth Whisking

    Jessica, these cookies are absolutely perfect for fall – so festive with the sprinkles! I love anything maple, and these cookies have a double dose! Yum!!

  10. Shelley @ Two Healthy Kitchens

    When my twins were little, we separated them into their own rooms after the first few months, in an attempt to make sure that we maximized naptimes and bedtimes, and they weren’t waking each other up. I sooooo feel your naptime pain, trying to get the last one to sleep so that you can just get a few things done! Hang in there!! And yes … it looks like these cookies were just the thing to cheer you up! Crispy edges, soft centers, and that lovely maple frosting? How can you NOT smile, right!?!? 🙂

  11. Maryanne | the little epicurean

    These look amazing! Sorry to hear about the meltdowns. Glad you had these cookies to save the day!

  12. jessica lynn

    These sound SO good. Like…I wish I had some maple extract right now so I could make some. Do these act like traditional sugar cookies that we’d be able to use cookie cutters with?

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