Low Carb Keto Pancakes

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
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Low Carb Pancakes: these keto pancakes have only 4 net carbs per serving and are a delicious family approved breakfast made with almond flour and cream cheese!

Low Carb Keto Pancakes

My families love of pancakes has been well documented on this blog over the years, but never has a recipe been considered low carb or healthy.

Today that all changes with these fluffy KETO PANCAKES!

Jorge and I have been doing the low carb diet thing for a little while, but we were desperately missing our favorite Sunday breakfast — pancakes.

I was still whipping up pancakes for the girls for breakfast and the smell was slowly KILLING me.

So I started off on the hunt for a low carb pancake recipe that we would love and actually look forward to eating. 

A stack of Low Carb Keto Pancakes with butte rand syrup and a bite being taken out of them.

Coconut Flour Pancakes vs Almond Flour Pancakes

I tried some with coconut flour that were horrid. I mean, truly horrid. Coconut flour is great, just not in keto pancakes.

All the coconut flour pancakes I tried came out dry and the texture was just too far from a regular pancake.

My next foray into low carb pancakes was with almond flour. I tried some where you whip egg whites into stiff peaks and fold in they almond flour.

And they tasted like weird fluffy egg whites with syrup. Again, they just didn’t taste like a REAL pancake.

I eventually decided to try my own almond flour version based off of regular pancake measurements with added cream cheese.

Low Carb Almond Flour Pancakes Ingredients

However, I threw it in the blender to smooth out the batter since the ingredients are a little different. 

I nervously poured out enough batter for my first keto pancake and it looked pretty good.

I took it out of the pan, slathered it with butter and hit it with a dab of my personal favorite sugar-free syrup and JACKPOT.

Jorge seriously gobbled up the entire first batch before I had eaten more than a couple of bites myself!

He was so impressed that these Low Carb Pancakes didn’t taste like anything other than regular pancakes.

Keto Pancakes in a freshly cooked stack with a slice of butter on top.

So I decided to try them out on my toughest critics, Ellie and Lyla.

If two almost 3 year olds like them, then they truly pass the keto pancake test!

I topped their pancakes with butter and regular syrup and set them down without saying a word.

They gobbled them up and were quickly trying to steal bites off of our plates!

Almonds and Almond Flour

Almond Flour vs Almond Meal:

They key to good Low Carb Pancakes is to make sure you have a super fine almond flour, not almond meal.

Almond flour is made with blanched almonds that are ground into a super fine flour with a soft texture.

You can see the difference because almond meal has dark brown flakes and almond flour is a solid light beige color.

I use Kirklands Almond Flour (Costco brand) because it has a great price and is only 2 grams net carbs for 1/4 of a cup. 

Close up of the syrup drizzling down low carb keto pancakes.

These Keto Pancakes are a great healthy option compared to regular pancakes at just 4 net carbs per serving!

With the use of almond flour and cream cheese, they are also gluten free!

You can make them with regular sugar for the kids and they are still a lot healthier than regular all purpose flour pancakes would be.

You have to give these low carb pancakes a try! I promise they taste like actual pancakes — just read all the reviews!

Also, make sure and don’t miss my other favorite low carb breakfast recipe: The Best Low Carb Bagels!

Update: I have been making double/triple batches of these keto pancakes and refrigerating the leftovers in a ziplock bag and reheating them in the microwave. They still taste great reheated and make the busy weekday mornings much easier!

Low Carb Pancakes: these gluten free, low carb pancakes, made with almond flour, are a delicious family approved breakfast when topped with butter and syrup!
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Yield: 6 medium sized pancakes

Low Carb Keto Pancakes

Low Carb Keto Pancakes: these keto pancakes have only 4 net carbs per serving and are a delicious family approved breakfast made with almond flour and cream cheese!
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes


  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 2 oz cream cheese, cubed
  • cup almond flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon Sweetleaf - stevia sweetener, or 2 tablespoons regular sugar
  • butter and syrup, sugar free syrup for low carb option


  • Add all ingredients to blender. Start with eggs and water and cream cheese so you don't have anything get stuck at bottom.
  • Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides if needed. Let batter sit for 2 minutes.
  • Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat. For each pancake, pour 3 to 4 tablespoons of batter onto skillet.
  • Once you start to see little bubbles form, flip and continue to cook until pancake is browned on each side. Continue until you have used all pancake batter.
  • Serve pancakes topped with butter and syrup!



  1. I have been making double/triple batches of these keto pancakes and refrigerating the leftovers in a ziplock bag and reheating the in the microwave. They still taste great reheated and make the busy weekday mornings much easier! You can also individually wrap them in saran wrap and freeze them!
  2. The nutrition calculations for these low carb pancakes were done using the following brands: Kirklands Almond Flour and Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Different brands can produce different nutrients,


Serving: 3pancakes, Calories: 391kcal, Carbohydrates: 7.8g, Protein: 14.9g, Fat: 33g, Fiber: 3.6g, Sugar: 2.7g


Low Carb Chocolate Chip Pancakes: these gluten free pancakes made with almond flour, cocoa powder & sugar free chocolate are only 5 net carbs & family approved! #LowCarb #Breakfast #Keto #Chocolate #Pancakes

If you LOVE these Low Carb Keto Pancakes, don’t miss their chocolate twin sister, the Low Carb Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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891 Responses
  1. Kathy

    My husband and I really like these! I used my monk fruit for sweetness and we tossed in a handful of blueberries. We ate them today with just butter. A yummy change for us! Thank you

  2. Lynne

    I probably am diabetic (undiagnosed) and am looking for ways to cut carbs. Love pancakes and decided to try this recipe. I find these pancakes to be a bit more like crepes–mine were thin and don’t look much like the ones in the photo above. But a great substitute for the white flour ones and very tasty. I had to mix by hand and am wondering if that would make a difference. Thanks!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hmm, I am not 100% sure, but they should not be thin like crepes, they are definitely thicker. What kind of almond flour did you use? Was it finely ground? Also, did you triple check that your baking powder is still good?

      1. Lynne

        Thanks for your reply, Jessica! The almond flour was definitely find ground, but I am unsure about my baking powder. Perhaps I’ll try again, since pancakes are my favourite breakfast. All the best to you!

  3. Lee

    Best Keto Pancakes I’ve made—almost like real pancakes. I did not put in the cinnamon since I don’t usually in reg pancakes and used a touch of swerve instead of stevia. Great! I also make “syrup” by adding sweetener to melted butter and stirring in maple extract. It is fabulous on these pancakes. Lovely with a little bacon!

  4. Cindy

    These pancakes are off the chart as far keto recipes. Followed the recipe to the letter and loved them and glad I doubled the recipe. Thanks Jessica- this is my forever go to recipe.

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      I get 6 pancakes out of this recipe. The nutrition is calculated for 3 pancakes. So it would be 4.2 grams of carbs for 3 pancakes.

  5. Sarah

    Holy crap, these hit the spot! I was making regular homemade buttermilk pancakes for my son and got a craving for some for me. I halved the recipe and put it all in my nutribullet. The only change I made was to use a Tblsp of Lakanto monk fruit sweetener in place of the Stevia. They turned out great and totally hit the spot! Thank you!!!

      1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

        Some have frozen them and were successful! I would recommend freezing them with a piece of wax paper in-between each pancake.

  6. Pammy

    These pancakes were delicious. I added 2 teaspoons of coconut sugar instead of Stevia which I find too sickly sweet. Whizzed them up in the Vitamix and they were beautifully light and fluffy and disappeared in no time! We had them with sheep’s yogurt and blueberries. I’m experimenting with reducing gluten in my diet because I learned it can be an issue in thyroid problems.

  7. Kristine

    These pancakes are incredible! I tripled the recipe and substituted 9 TBLs of egg whites for 3 of the eggs (to cut down on calls. and fat as I’m gluten free but not on Keto) AND a 5.3 oz container of Greek yogurt for the cream cheese! I used lemon yogurt (which I always sweeten up) and topped the pancakes with blueberries. Yummy! They came out fluffy and delicious!! Thank you for this amazing recipe!

  8. John

    These pancakes were an awesome substitute for the real ones. I’ve added blueberries in mine and I’ve added both honey instead of syrup and I’ve also added both a tablespoon of peanut butter and honey to these when I’m looking for a real punch of proteins for the day. Anyway I’ve made them, from the basic version and then with the add ons I’ve mentioned (I know it adds cals and carbs), and they have been excellent!! Whoever came up with this formula batch, KUDOS to you!!

  9. Jessica

    Love this. Most of the pancake recipes are really dry. I even used 1/3 fat free cream cheese since regular one hurts my stomach. Still soft and fluffier than most. Obviously not as soft as a regular wheat pancake, but this is super close.

  10. Nikki

    4 stars
    OMG thank you!! I recently went keto (and doing IF) and I was craving pancakes this morning. These are so good!! I added lily’s chocolate chips cause why not?! No syrup but plenty of butter. YUMMMM thank you!!

  11. Chris

    5 stars
    These are the absolute BEST pancakes I’ve ever had no question. The batter doesn’t look like a lot but they are so filling and satisfying WOW

  12. Ashley

    These were really delicious pancakes. I made half the recipe. I was worried because it was such a tiny amount of batter and I did not think I would get 3 medium pancakes out….I did not. I got one medium one and one small one. it looked like such a small amount of pancakes but I added butter to it so it was very filling. I would probably make it again. They were fluffy and had some thickness to them. I also added in sugar free chocolate and that was a good decision.

  13. JIm

    These are wonderful! I love this recipe. I am on a keto diet and I never thought I would be able to eat pancakes again! But I am curious…. can yeast be added to this recipe to make crumpets? Also, I would like to make them lower calorie and I was thinking about using just egg whites instead of the whole egg. Will using just egg whites make a difference in final product?

  14. Marcia Ruggiero

    I have tried a variety of keto pancakes. These are the best I have made by far. They do not taste gritty like some of the others and the cinnamon added to them make them over the top. Be aware that they come out thin ( at least mine did) so they are almost like crepes. I added a very small bit of sugar free syrup. They were delicious!.

  15. Zuzana

    Just found your website today. Thank you for this amazing recipe!!! I’m Mom of a T1D daughter and we tried other low carb pancakes, but she did not like how they tasted. All my children liked your pancakes!!! They taste amazing!!!!! This is how me will make them from now on. Very grateful. Thanks again! :-)

  16. Bobbtg

    5 stars
    Made these as called for in recipe ended up with 9 very good 4″ pancakes. Had a little batter left over added water and remixed it remainder made a crepe like pancake that was great. On 2nd try aftrr 6 -4″ pancakes went to crepes by adding more water yielding 3 crepes . Used sugar free grape jelly as filling (chocolate chips for wifey) they are very good. Next time might go crepes all the way. My only explanation for negative reviews on these is prep errors. I suppose if ur expecting pancake house buttermilk pancakes then u might be disappointed. Haven’t seen a diet food yet the can match the real thing but these come close.

  17. Patricia

    Have you ever made these into waffles? I prefer waffles over pancakes so I was just wondering if I needed to adjust the recipe at all to make them into waffles. I may just try them out and see what happens.

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      I have not but have had others comment that they have successfully used it to make waffles! So it should work!

    1. Theresa

      Just because the recipe didn’t work for YOU doesn’t make the recipe terrible. It was more likely that you had a brand of ingredients that didn’t work or you messed up. These pancakes are delicious and easy. My picky eaters loved them and the recipe was easy to follow. That’s perfectly fine that you’ll never make the recipe again, BTW.

    2. John

      I’d have to say you’ve just made them wrong. I’ve made these multiple times and have never had this issue. I’d tell you to look at the recipe again to make sure you didn’t overlook something, perhaps you have your heat up too hot and the center isn’t getting the time on the heat it needs to set up and what you get is a top and bottom that’s cooked but not the inside. That’s my thoughts on this because I’ve never made these before this year and from the first time to the last time, these cakes have come out right each time. If you read this, don’t take it as a slam on your abilities, I’m just saying, relook at how you made these because I’ve just never ran into what you’ve described.

  18. Angela

    I made these and added a scoop of vanilla protein powder as well for an extra kick of protein and added 1 tsp of veg oil and let it set for 5 mins before making waffles with it. So good! I’m a Bariatric patient and this hit the spot!

  19. Sandy J.

    Haven’t tried these, but I just wanted to point out that THESE ARE NOT GLUTEN-FREE pancakes based on the ingredients listed above. Regular baking powder contains gluten….unless you buy the gluten-free version.

    So, you might want to be careful about making this claim. I have friends and family with gluten intolerance and/or Celiac’s and just the amount of gluten in the baking powder could make them very sick.

    1. Martha

      This may have been true at some point in history, but almost all baking powder is gluten free. Of course it could have traces of gluten unless it’s certified gluten free. But it’s one teaspoon of baking powder. Just saying.

    2. Jessica

      Thanks! Im transitioning into a low carb ketoish life style. Im convinced that low carb is the way for me to keep weight down. Infact, i feel better. These are good. I used a mini pancake griddle and eaxh one came out perfect.

  20. Deborah Scarberry

    I tried this recipe. Followed it to the letter and it was so thick it wouldn’t blend! I had to add extra liquid. Quite a bit extra just to get it to mix up! What did I do wrong? But they tasted great! Even the hubby liked them!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      It sounds like your almond flour may have been a different type of almond flour. One that is extra absorbent (like coconut flour, not all almond flours are the same). I’m glad you still enjoyed them!

        1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

          Hi Maggie! I’m not 100% sure as I always use cream cheese in this recipe, but something like cottage cheese, Neufchâtel cheese, Ricotta or Mascarpone should all work.

    2. Amanda

      I had the same issue, the batter was VERY thick. Trusting the process, I made one, and it was really dense and kinda gummy. I added a little extra water and it was perfect!

    3. Trish

      Before measuring any flour, I always stir it to loosen it up. It gets compacted and you may be adding more than you think. Europeans do it by weight which is more accurate.

  21. Art

    I’m anxious to try this recipe, as I miss pancakes sooo much! Question about the “1/2 teaspoon Sweetleaf – sweetner”. Do you mean the one that comes in individual packets, or shaker jar?

  22. NY

    This is my first pancake recipe that I try. They aren’t bad. I made them a little smaller so I got 12 instead of 6. I am not a huge fan of the almond flour taste but I covered that up with the maple syrup. I liked them. Can I substitute the almond flour?

      1. Kristi Weber

        Can you let us know why only almond flour? Like, not even other nut flours, like pecan or hazelnut? I know coconut flour is completely different, but I would think other tree nut flours would be very similar, if they are fine enough.

        1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

          Hi Kristi! You’re correct, coconut flour is very different. If you want to try pecan or hazelnut flour, I agree they should work. However, I haven’t tried them myself and can’t guarantee it. Good luck!

  23. Michelle

    Excellent recipe! Pancakes were light, fluffy, and tasted great. Using the blender to mix them was perfect. Our previous experience with almond flour resulted in a mealy product, I think better almond flour and using the blender made a world of difference. I used Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek Yogurt instead of cream cheese and it worked well. We’ll keep the recipe and try a few more. Thanks!

  24. Bethany

    HI! I plan on making these for my (Type 2 Diabetic) coworker for his birthday tomorrow. Will I be okay to prepare the batter at home, then drive (15 minutes) to work, and fry them up there? Or is that too long for the batter to rest, do you think? Any insight will be helpful, thank you so much!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Bethany! I’m honestly not 100% certain. I *think* it would be ok, but can’t guarantee it. I can say that they reheat very well! So if you cooked them and brought them right over, you could definitely reheat them easily and they would still taste great!

      1. Svea M.

        I was wondering if you could make these in a stand mixer rather than a blender- or would they be flat and less fluffy/smooth?

        1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

          Hi Svea! Yes you should be able to, but they will be less smooth. I find blending it in a blender is the only way to get them super smooth!

    2. Nikele Tiner

      HI Bethany,
      I make a double batter, eat only one at a time, and keep the wet batter in the fridge for maybe 5 days, or more. It’s still delish, but you may want to LIGHTLY stir it every couple of days.

    1. Dennis Burtick

      Hi. I had the same question and then found that the recipe yields 6 pancakes and a serving is considered 3 pancakes. I also asked about the Net carbs and realize now that the 7.8g carbs minus the 3.7g fiber equals the 4.1 net carbs per serving of 3.

  25. Dennis Burtick

    Tried your recipe today. Worked great. Pancakes had the right texture and taste.
    Only question I have is that the beginning says 4 net carbs per serving, yet the nutritional results at the bottom for a serving of 3 pancakes says 7.8g carbs. Please clarify as I am on a very low carb keto diet. Thanks again for the recipe. It is in my book now.

    1. Denise

      The net carbs are what counts as your overall carb intake. Kinda like a paycheck. If you see fiber you would subtract those numbers from the carbohydrates numbers.

  26. Myra

    Made these this evening. They were GREAT! I was pleasantly surprised. :) Not runny in the least. I added some chopped pecans. Delicious! Thanks for the awesome recipe. Will definitely be making this again.

  27. Grace

    Can I ask a dumb question? Should the pancakes be cooked in an ungreased non-stick pan, or with butter or spray?

      1. Grace

        Thank you for the tip and recipe! I finally got around to making these this morning for my boyfriend who follows a strict keto diet. He loved them!

  28. Lauren

    Anyone used something other than cream cheese? I can’t have dairy and finding my cream cheese is near impossible where I live.

  29. Kjersti

    I don’t know how many pancake/waffle recipes I’ve tried, with all sorts of weird carb and flour substitutes in them… In the end, they all tasted like omelet and had a funky texture.

    These are truly different, and I am so happy to finally have found a recipe that actually tastes delicious! I even made them for my colleagues at work, and they all loved them!
    Thank you so much!

  30. Berniece Julien

    5 stars
    Lovely easy recipe and tasted great. I now just need to find a decent sugar free syrup to go with them (I didn’t have the one mentioned in the recipe).

  31. Mary

    Unreal recipe thank you, they were delicious! Anyone who didn’t find them to be so must have gone wrong somewhere in the recipe coz these are amazing!

  32. Teri McNeel

    Thank you! We have been keto for about 4 years now and have been on a quest for a pancake dupe. And yours has been the best. Followed the directions, and I believe the magic happens with the resting of the batter, brilliant really.

    Fabulous and just the right amount of sweetness. I used Puyer for our sweetener, which if anyone does you need to half the measurement. But it was jut right ✅

    I will be checking out more of your recipes as well!!

  33. Marjeanne

    5 stars
    I often make this for my 7yo son with Type 1 diabetes. He loves the pancakes. Doesn’t have a blood sugar spike and there is usually enough left so I can sneak a few too. So tasty.

  34. May Lahuerta

    Without doubt the best keto pancakes I have tasted. I changed a little and added 2 tbsp of oat fiber and one extra tbsp of water.

  35. jodi

    I dont understand how some commenters are saying these are runny!! If you FOLLOW the recipe and directions as the recipe states they should come out fine! I doubled the recipe…through all the ingredients in a food processor…beat it up…let it sit for about 15 minutes and they were fine. Nice texture and taste. Thanks for the recipe!

  36. Stephanie

    I made these today, and the taste was wonderful! I had previously tried a coconut flour recipe, and my husband thought he was going to have to swear off his favorite breakfast item forever they were so bad. I surprised him today with these, and we both loved them. Only thing I wish I could do differently is have them fluffier as they were very flat.

  37. Make Ahead Keto Meals to Get You Started - Freezer Meals 101

    […] keto pancakes ahead and freeze them. I find that freezing them flat on a cookie sheet first before placing them […]

    1. Cindy

      I used cottage cheese instead of cream cheese (cc just doesn’t bode well for me / clogs the pipes) and made one big pancake .

      So good.

      Before keto, pancakes and waffles meant nothing but a full belly and food coma, so I always stayed away.

      This is a perfect 1st meal doing IM – filling and holds me over till dinner.

      No sleepiness afterwards and no desire to snack. Next thing I know it’s dinner time and I’m pleasantly full on 2 meals fir the day.

      My dinner consists of a protein and veg.. about a 1200 cal day and no feeling of hunger or since it curbs my sweet and savory requirements.

  38. Deborah Williams

    made these pancakes. Put blue berries in and they were great. I have a small waffle iron and would like to make these small waffles. If I just add more almond flour, would the batter be thicker for the waffle iron? Or do I need to add more of something else?

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Deborah! I’m sorry, I personally have not tried them as waffles, but others have commented the batter has worked for them as is in a waffle maker! Hope it works for you as well!

      1. Jenn

        Do they absolutely need to be put in a blender? Or can I just let the cream cheese softened and mix all the ingredients really well?

        1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

          Hi Jenn! I have found a blender to really work the best at making this pancake batter, but yes, you can mix them really well together and they should work. However, a blender (or food processor) will give you fluffier and smoother pancakes.

  39. Kim

    Omg! These are so delicious! Both my daughter and I thought they tasted like ‘regular’ pancakes! Followed recipe and it only made 2 ‘normal’ size pancakes. Which for me is perfect! They rose and cooked up fantastic. Tip, be sure pan/griddle is very hot before pour batter. Thank you so much for your recipe!!!

  40. Aweful

    This was too thick. It did not taste good. Would rather save the ingredient, eat the carbs and buy a box of no name pancake mix.

    1. Jeanette

      Really? Your comment is not at all constructive. If your batter is too thick, add a bit of liquid to thin it out. You may have let it sit too long after blending. The fact you so quickly gave up and was willing to go back to carbs shows you are not dedicated to Keto/Low Carb, are lazy, self defeatist, or all three. Seriously, if you acknowledge that there is often a taste/texture difference in keto versions of high carb foods then these are amazing. Don’t quit so easily, and try to be more constructive and less uselessly critical.

      1. Cami

        What? why is someone ‘lazy’ or ‘self defeatist’ if someone does not adhere to what is for a lot of people a non sustainable diet? please explain. And be kind, don’t bash someone else’s opinion.

    2. Andrea_P

      Just made them this morning and didn’t have that issue. Did you add the eggs and water in the blender first? This helps to keep everything from clumping at the bottom. I also scraped down the sides of the blender and blended again. to ensure it wasn’t too thick. The other thing is are you sure you added just 2 oz of cream cheese? I had to look at the markings on my cream cheese package twice, because the markings were a bit confusing. I nearly added in more than I should have.

  41. Selene Nunez

    Hey, I made these pancakes and these were amazing! The texture was great. Also is there a way to make 2 big pancakes for the whole batch as a serving instead of 6 small pancakes? Do I have to half the recipe??

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      The 6 small pancakes will equal two large pancakes. You can just pour it out to make two large pancakes in your skillet!

  42. Linda Tsirikos

    Absolutely delicious, I substituted light sour cream( same amount) for the cream cheese as I had no cream cheese .. they were light and fluffy. I’m going to use up the sour cream and make more to keep in refrig. thank you for sharing this recipe!

  43. Bobbi Jo Grieb

    These were delicious! I made one adjustment to the recipe… I used the same amount of Greek yogurt in place of the cream cheese and they were delicious. It reduces the fat and increases the fiber and protein!

  44. Karen Latham

    I cut the recipe in half..
    I used my new Dash mini-griddle.
    Made two pancakes !
    I used fine sifted blanched almond flour and they came out excellent.

  45. Perel Rosen

    Omg I’ve made these so many times!!! They are amazing! Ive switched up the stevia for Splenda and it was still delicious!!! You can add blueberries or choco chips these are super versatile and an absolute favorite ❤️Try them RIGHT NOW!!!

  46. Gail

    I made these pancakes this morning and they were really good, a lot better than McDonalds pancakes, not as good as buttermilk & flour- but really close.
    I’m from the UK, I used ground almonds from Tesco and Sukrin gold sweetener (Amazon) because I’ve run out of Truvia.
    I doubled the recipe to make extras to keep in the fridge for easy weekday breakfasts. After reading the comments, I used a bit extra cinnamon and vanilla extract. I put all the ingredients into a large plastic jug and used an electric hand whisk to mix it all together, leaving to stand for half hour or so.
    I also whisked in 1/2 teaspoon of xanthum gum (Amazon) after the first two pancakes were a bit runny.
    They looked just like American style pancakes except the darker colouring (probably the extra cinnamon and Sukrin gold).
    Served with Zero syrup in Golden syrup flavour (tastes like maple syrup, Amazon).


    5 stars
    thank you for sharing! this was super simple and easy. only tip is to make sure once the batter is on the pan that you make sure it is spread thin :)

    1. carry

      Yes, it is high fat/low carb…..which is the definition of keto. If you’re looking for a low calorie pancake…good luck.

  48. Rhona Roberts

    This is by far the best keto pancake recipe I have tried, and I have been trying a lot. Thank you so much for postimg

  49. Arielle Melum

    These were perfect! Do you think they could work as sheet pan pancakes? I’m all about throwing things in the oven vs standing over the stove lol. If yes how would you bake them? Thanks for your magic recipe!

    P.s. Used 2 T of erythritol but might even skip the sugar sub altogether next time and add more cinnamon.

  50. Julie

    This is the second time I’ve made these. Very easy to mix up. I added a little more cinnamon and vanilla. I haven’t had pancakes in years. It’s in my breakfast recipes and will use a lot. I am so happy to have found it.

  51. Dori Lonero

    Thank you for your delicious recipe. I found these very tasty but thin a difficult to flip. I added 1/4tsp xantham gum and the came out much fluffier and easy to flip.

    1. carry

      I tend to reduce the liquid and they are thicker. I’ll try your xantham gum idea! I usually 1/2 the recipe, and tend to add 1tsp+ of buttermilk. Fluffier.

  52. Julia Ogden

    5 stars
    Best low carb pancake so far. Thanks for devising it. I try not to eat much low carb baking but sometimes you need to put the fire out on a craving. The texture is good and I recommend finding a good syrup Choc Zero have good ones (Caramel and Maple) and yes Lakanto is good.

  53. Christopher

    I built a macro for this recipe if anyone needs #’s for counting macros:
    Full recipe which yielded 4 nice size pancakes divided by 2 to make a serving size of 2 pancakes. Topped with a pat of butter on each pancake. Multiply as needed.

    Total calories (2 pancakes) 340
    Total carbs: 7.2g
    Net carbs: 3.6g
    Total fat: 29.4g
    Protein: 12.3g

  54. Christopher

    These were EXCELLENT.
    Advice for the non-cooks:
    Let batter stand for at least 30 min. They will be fluffier.
    use a hot griddle and lots of butter to fry.
    They are NOT real pancakes so stop complaining about the texture.
    If they are mushy and wet, either you undercooked them or messed up the ingredients.
    Top with butter and sugar free syrup and enjoy.
    Thank you for the recipe!

  55. Dianne

    I tried this recipe for the first time tonight for dinner! It is fantastic! I modified it by omitting the sweetener, vanilla and cinnamon AND I baked it in my waffle iron! Best keto waffles I’ve made yet.

  56. Linda

    These are amazing! Definitely need to triple the recipe in our house, then have leftovers for other meals. I think I may use the food processor next time, it’s too hard to get the valuable batter out of the bottom of the blender. Thanks for this great recipe.

  57. Shawn

    I read someone say they were mushy and such also they did not look like how they depicted that is Wrong, I used a almond flour blend it was not low carb but it was almond flour and flourless. Pancakes looked better when I made them they are fluffy I’m attempting it a second time with a low carb pure almond flour. I can’t comment on taste as of now only presentation.

  58. Emma

    I was disappointed that it only made 3 pancakes (only small 6 inch pancakes too) so eating 2 of them, I’m still hungry and it was 9 carbs without toppings! Totally wasted today’s macros. This recipe must make 6 pikelets NOT pancakes.

  59. Lagoon

    By far the best Keto pancake recipe i have tried! Super fluffy, think the cream cheese addition is amazing! Added 1 tablespoon of cream which gave it a richer texture. Thanks much for this recipe!

  60. Hannah

    After many trial and error recipes for a good keto pancake I have finally found it with this one! Thank goodness too because I really missed pancake day with my daughter. Paired with a sugar free syrup and its amazing!

  61. Kelly

    5 stars
    These are so so good! I wasn’t expecting them to taste very good but they are like a Christmas dessert. The vanilla really makes them perfect!

  62. V

    I made these pancakes last weekend, mostly according to the recipe with the exception of using about a tsp of sugar rather than stevia and allowing the batter to rest in the fridge for an hour and and half while I worked out. I’ve got to say these pancakes were amazing! Smelled and tasted delicious and the texture was wonderful. I refrigerated the leftovers and used them to make egg sandwiches this week! I pan-toasted them and they worked perfectly. Thank you so much for this recipe. I struggle with my weight and am very sensitive to carbs. I’ve lost about 4 pounds in the last two weeks with a concerted effort to reduce my carb intake. I crave carbs madly and this pancake recipe has helped me to stay in control this week. I look forward to trying your keto bagel recipe this evening to use as a bun for pulled pork! Keep up the excellent work!

  63. Rich

    OK, Please disregard my previous question about carbs. My loving wife pointed out I read the nutritional values wrong.

    Thank You.

  64. Rich

    Can you help my confusion? At the top of the page on “low carb keto pancakes” it states 4 net carbs per serving but in the nutrition info. at the bottom it displays 33g CARBOHYDRATES. What am I missing.

    Thank You

    1. Mrs.R

      The 33g is fat. There are 7.8 Carb of which 3.6 are fiber so that leaves 4.1 of net carbs. Hope that helps :)

  65. Juanita

    Just made this keto pancakes simple and good I really liked them and my son who suffered a seizure and i was told keto diet helps them really liked it changing his food has been tuff so this receipe really helped and it was easy and good Thank you only thing it made 3 pancakes so ill double on ingredients next time.

  66. Fat Lizzy

    OMG!!!!! These here p-cakes are “the bomb.com!”  I’m serious! I’m new to all this “alternative” eating and I thoroughly ENJOYED THESE!!!!!A trillion thanks because other recipes were horrible lol. THANKS!!!!

  67. Elaine

    These are really friggin good. My keto fiancé and my carb-eating ass loved them. We followed the recipe faithfully and it came out fluffy and yummy. It was delicious even without syrup on top. :)

  68. unclejonboy

    Do you have this recipe in metric…what is a cup anyway, tea cup, coffee cup , a tablespoon…? i have three tablespoons in my draw, as in large spoon but not a ladle, like I serve with at table, and they range between 7 or 8 ml, to 15 or so…..

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Jon, sorry this recipe is measured in american cups. You can google the substitutes to grams. A cup is 16 tablespoons.

    2. Lorca

      Good grief John. Even in the African jungle the aboriginals know what a cup is. While every place in the world outside north america use metric measurements, they all know what a cup is. I suggest you brush up on your metric to imperial measurements. One dry cup is 128 grams. One liquid cup is 237 ml. Nobody process information and views cups in tablespoons, good grief.

  69. Jenn Many

    These are great. I am going to try this recipe with different flavored cream cheese. I bet that would turn this recipe up a knotch

  70. Dave

    My wife made Bisquick pancakes and I made your recipe. She said mine tasted better than hers. These are absolutely fantastic! I’ve been on a low carb diet for a month and have missed pancakes. Now I can have them whenever I want. Thank you so much!!

  71. Janelle Harris

    No ma’am. This is not it. I’ve never reviewed a recipe in life and this tastes so awful I had to share my thoughts. It’s a complete waste of the ingredients, especially the ~$9.00 almond flour. This combination of ingredients is awful. I’m highly dissatisfied and can’t believe so many people reviewed this with positive thoughts. I’d rather not have pancakes while on Keto than to eat this. If I hadn’t to eat this, I’d give up on my weight loss goal at every breakfast. YUCK!

  72. Misty

    These were by far the best low carb pancakes I have tried. My family thought they were great also. Thanks for the recipe!

  73. Dede

    I made these pancakes. They were horrible, and look nothing like the picture. The picture look like real pancakes. The pancakes had a mushy ,wet texture. I followed the directions, but not at all like the description. I will not make them again.

  74. Mary McAllister

    I wanted to make these, but didn’t have cream cheese, so I substituted 2 tbs of half and half for the water and the cream cheese. They were delicious.

  75. Rose Summers

    I woke up to my dad making pancakes for my kids and decided I needed some too, so I made this recipe. I don’t have cheat days exactly but do have occasional high-calorie days (like today) because sometimes you just need to fill your tummy like old times. I topped it with .25oz crumbled goat cheese (might’ve been better to use sour cream), Swerve confectioners, and .25c blueberries. I miss syrup but these were light, fluffy, and delicious without.

    Now I hear the gym calling my name LOL

  76. Laura

    I made these for my 13 year old  first time! If I hadn’t already had my bacon, egg wrap in a low carb tortilla, I would have devoured these! They are yummy! Definitely more dense than regular pancakes but once I put the low carb syrup on them and they reminded me of regular pancakes. Will definitely make again!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

  77. Jo

    Oh my gosh these were delicious, thank you! I’m a busy working mum on Keto and just some days I need something bready in texture and this evening these were quick, with a simple list of ingredients and yum! Good luck to you X 

  78. Michelle

    I’m new to the keto diet. Are all the sweeteners interchangeable? Would this recipe work with Monk fruit sweetener for the swerve sweetener?

  79. Traci

    I’ve made these at least 5x in the last month. They’re not only the best keto pancakes, but they’re actually some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. I love that they keep you full but not feeling heavy after eating. 
    I top mine with whipped cream cheese that I sweeten (taste like icing) and a mixture of melted butter with monin sugar free syrup and a few berries. Even non-Keto’ers say WOW when they taste these. 

    1. Traci

      I’ve made these at least 5x in the last month. They’re not only the best keto pancakes, but they’re actually some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. I love that they keep you full but not feeling heavy after eating. 
      I top mine with whipped cream cheese that I sweeten (taste like icing) and a mixture of melted butter with monin sugar free syrup and a few berries. Even non-Keto’ers say WOW when they taste these. 

      Also, for those asking for dairy free alts I tried one batch that replaced the cream cheese with equal measurements of coconut cream (skimmed from the top of a can). The pancakes came out beautiful and fluffy but didn’t have the same crispy crunchy texture or flavour that the cream cheese adds. Maybe next time I’ll try with a vegan cream cheese. 
      I’m really trying to cut out dairy but so far will make an exception and follow the original recipe – they’re just too perfect! 

  80. Vanessa

    Life changing! These pancakes are amazing, I tried a keto brand mix before making these and they were super dry and hard to swallow. I just made a batch of these today and they are moist and fluffy. I love them. 

  81. Deb J-C

    5 stars
    I had these with a touch of Kerry Gold butter and Lakanto Maple Syrup and they were fabulous. Will definitely double up next time to have on hand. 

  82. Madaliene Booth

    I”ve made these a couple of times now and they are great. The second time I reduced the cinnamon to just a sprinkle and added 1/4 cup chopped, toasted pecans. SO GOOD!!!

  83. Amy

    5 stars
    Thank you sooooo much. I was recently diagnosed pre diabetic and I have been searching for the best low-carb pancake. THIS IS IT. :) I omit the cinnamon, use 1/2 TBSP swerve granular for the sweetener, add 1/4 tsp sea salt, and they are perfect. I’m indebted to you. :)

  84. Jessica Chicago

    Thanks so much for this recipe! These are a staple in my house. I cook them in a waffle iron! They still come out pancake consistency, but no flipping required!

  85. Jerrica

    I loved these! Althought I would call them small not medium pancakes. I’m from Texas so a medium pancake is about half the size of a dinner plate. Recipe was super easy to follow and no crazy ingredients. Thanks for this!

  86. Sandy

    I tried this recipe this morning and WOW, they were as good as traditional pancakes. I have to cook gluten free for myself, but the batter never seems to brown nicely. My husband and I decided to go keto and I found your recipe. I left out the cinnamon and used Monkfruit sweetener, (from Costco,) instead of Stevia. It doesn’t have that strange aftertaste and should be labeled “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sugar.” Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  87. Rome

    These are a bit thick for my liking, but otherwise the best keto friendly pancakes recipe I have found. So I just add a little extra water and they are perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  88. Karen Hobson

    I’ve tried several keto pancake recipes. I have not been satisfied with any of them. So, I’m looking forward to trying your recipe. Thanks

  89. Malu

    Thank you for this recipe. Didn’t have cinnamon so that’s the only thing I left out. Blended it in the nutri bullet and yum 

  90. Vera

    These were great! Thank you for the recipe! The only thing I did different was use sour cream instead of cream cheese only because I didn’t have any cream cheese. So I used about 3 tablespoons of sour cream and only a half a tablespoon of water. I made little silver dollar size pancakes with butter in the pan and they were very yummy  

  91. Rebecca

    I LOVED this recipe after standing overnight in the fridge. Even an hour after coming out of the blender they were hard to flip, and didn’t puff up well, but by the next day they were pure magic!

  92. Stacey

    Hands down BEST REAL PANCAKE SUB EVER!!!.. I had given up on low carb pancakes this last year,.. after dozens upon dozens of recipes I just quit eating them as good as they were, they NEVER tasted or textured up like real pancakes…these are the bomb!!! Thanks for posting..only third review I’ve ever left.. lol

  93. Brenda J Anderson

    I tried these pancakes! They were excellent. They were the closest to “real” pancakes, low in carbs that I have tried and trust me, I have tried a ton of them. Thank you so much! We are having the chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow. It’s nice to look forward to breakfast again. Keep those low carb dishes coming please. I know a recipe is really good when my husband give it the thumbs up!

  94. Bunty Mercer

    5 stars
    These are awesome. I officially love you. All the  other recipes I’ve tried are eggy which is so totally yucky. I have nothing to add. Tastes like pancakes! Yay!!!! 

  95. Motti Tadmor

    So, I’m new to Keto and decided to give this a try and surprise my son, I’m really good with regular flour pancakes…
    The flavor came out pretty good but the texture isn’t, they are crunchy and crispy and I think it has something to do with the almond flour itself, you mentioned the Kirkland superfine but I was lazy to drive all the way to Costco and bought king Arthur superfine. It comes out of the package already kind of grainy and not really superfine, probably this is it right? I’ll have to try again.
    Thanks for sharing!

  96. Victoria

    I have just made these for the third time. I am loving these pancakes. I’m not on a “KETO” diet, but I am trying to stay away from certain things; some of those being white flour and excessive carbs. I don’t eat pancakes very often and I don’t like Box Mixes so, I was prepared to cut them out altogether. This was definitely a welcome find. And with some sugar free maple syrup; Absolutely Amazing. Thank you. So much.

  97. AK

    These were great. I can’t have dairy, so I just added a few extra tablespoons of water and they were perfect. Thanks!

  98. Kara

    Awesome, wonderful… just made them and I’m bloated and happy! Only could eat 2 (post RnY gastric bypass 8 years out) but I saved the rest for later. Looking forward to trying more of the low-carb recipes you have!

  99. Moonstar

    I have been reading a lot of questions from people about nutrition information. My Fitness Pal has a recipe calculator on it, and you can put in the ingredients (including the amount) and how many servings it makes, and it will calculate all the nutrient values for you, and even save it to your account so you can access it again, if you want. It doesn’t give you the instructions, so save this recipe if you want to use it again, but it does have the nutrients. Also, if you want to tweak it and find out how the nutrient values change with say, Splenda instead of Stevia for instance, it will recalculate the nutrients based on that. I use it all the time when I tweak a recipe because I am allergic or just don’t like a certain food, or I really love a food and add more of it. Try it out. It has really helped me.

  100. Moonstar

    Number of pancakes made is right on. They don’t taste just like flour pancakes, so you won’t fool anyone except little people, but they do make a nice substitute for those watching carbs. I used Lakanto pancake syrup. Is is very thin, more like real maple syrup in that respect. It is not the same, but it a decent substitute. All in all, it is a pretty good substitute for flour pancakes, and fills in nicely for those who are on a low carb diet, or for those who are diabetic and watching their carb intake. It also has a decent amount of protein, which helps keep you feeling satisfied longer, too. I may make a berry compote next time and use that to top the pancakes. This recipe is getting saved in my computer recipe box to use again!

  101. Barb

    I was out of cream cheese so I used 3 tblsp of cottage cheese instead.  It was very good and a bit airy.  Thanks!  Will be making this again and again.

  102. Jessica Brandon

    These are so freaking good…I honestly haven’t found anything on keto so close to the “real thing”. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!

  103. Michelle

    This is my favorite pancake recipe and I am trying to make it again, but I dont see the recipe above anymore. Can you repost it or am I just missing it?

  104. Jessica

    I went back to low carb to lose weight. I love pancakes!!! I had a low carb receipe but they were not fluffy. I found your recipe and tried them. Ok I see why Jorge devoured them lol!! Delicious!!! I am hooked!!! I am about to make them now. Thank you!!!!


    Can you make the batter beforehand and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator then use it in the morning?

  106. Jill Roberts @ Wellnessgeeky.com

    These low-carb pancakes look delicious, I just want to devour it off the screen! Thanks for sharing, Jessica!

  107. Michelle Nelson

    I had used the ATKINS pancake mix years ago. I hadn’t found anything for the Keto diet yet, so am anxious to try this recipe once I have the ingredients, as well as other recipes at your website. Thanks for testing these recipes out!!

  108. Valerie Nogueira

    I’ve never reviewed a recipe but this was so good I had to tell the world! I’ve tried a few low carb pancake recipes and it basically like eating eggs with syrup. This one is awesome. Added 2 tablespoons of pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spice just because I was craving it.

  109. Karen Picciotti

    I have been on a low carb diet for years and have tried a number of pancake recipes, only to be disappointed at the flavor and texture. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical about this recipe despite the reviews as those other recipes I tried had great reviews, as well, But I thought I would give this a try since I had all the ingredients on hand and figured since all I had to do was throw them in a blender and then make the pancakes, if they didn’t turn out well, all I lost was a few ingredients and time I could spare. So I took the plunge and boy, am I glad I did. These do not taste CLOSE to regular pancakes, they taste JUST LIKE regular pancakes! I brought a couple to work and gave one to a fellow co-worker who is also a low carber and as soon as he took a bite, he demanded the recipe,

    So thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite breakfast meals without having to worry about sacrificing either taste or texture.

  110. Guin

    Dairy free version recommendations? Can’t do cream cheese. Would a soft tofu work I wonder? Seems like it might mess with the texture.

    1. Kevin

      Blueberry pancakes have always been my favorite breakfast hands down and at 51 and being diagnosed with diabetes I thought I would never again be able to enjoy them. This was the first low carb pancake recipe I tried and it will be last. These are delicious. The texture is a little different but the taste is great. I have made a several batches and got to the point I no longer had to look at the recipe or at least I thought I did not then I realized that the last 2 times I made them I totally forgot to add the cream cheese. They were great without the cream cheese too. I have played with the recipe a bit since and have made the following changes. I cut the vanilla and cinnamon in half, upped the baking powder by about a 1/2 a teaspoon, and then after mixing I add milk a little at a time till I get a nice pourable batter consistency. I find that they don’t flip as well as regular pancakes so I tend to keep them to about 4 to 5 inches in diameter. I add the blueberries after I pour the batter on to the griddle. Thanks for posting the recipe breakfast became enjoy again. 

  111. Julia Stearns @ Healthirony

    These low-carb pancakes are stunning. I’m not a talented baker, but I would love to give these a try! Thanks, Jessica

  112. Joe

    I’m not into Keto but have diabetes and these pancakes are amazing!  Didn’t think I could have pancakes ever again but these are just as good no better than the wheat flour kind. 

  113. Lori Walker

    We have these every few weeks, and there are never any complaints. I doubled the recipe today, hopefully there will be a few left to freeze… they taste just like “regular” pancakes!

  114. Morla

    Oh my GOSH. I often take regular recipes and play with them using low carb ingredients to come up with foods I can eat. We often do breakfast for dinner in our house, and I’ve stayed away from making pancakes and the like, because I love them and going low carb means I die a little inside every time I make them for everyone else. :) I made these the other night and some of my pickiest foodies in my house were impressed and wanted one of mine to go with theirs. Thank you so much for doing the legwork and figuring this recipe out. I have it saved and it is now my go-to. I don’t have any sugar free syrup, but I used them to make bacon egg and cheese sandwiches like I might with a pancake, and saved a couple in the fridge to reheat. And the reheated ones were just as good. I’m amazed and grateful to have these back in my diet. Thanks!

  115. Christy

    The taste was delicious but I’m not sure what happened, they fell apart while flipping every time even though they were dark and ready to flip. Any suggestions?

  116. Lorna Hodges

    Hi just to ask about the Almond flour, I’m here in UK and I can’t find the brand you suggested Kirkland Almond Flour. Any suggestions please thanks.

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      You can use any brand, just make sure it’s all one pale yellow color, is super finely ground to resemble real flour. You do not want anything that says Almond Meal or has dark brown flecks in it. Hope this helps!

  117. Djjem64

    Supper Yummy, thank you…I’m Soooo full and they taste just like regular pancakes. Definitely will give you your fix of cakes that your craving!!

  118. Marcela

    They taste awesome, I just got 4 pieces, probably they should be smaller size. I did not add any sugar, it does not need. You could add some berries on the top, but by itself are great.

  119. Kristin

    My husband and I love these!! Do you think I could make up the batter and keep in a squeeze bottle in the cooler to take camping?? 

  120. Kathy Livermore

    5 stars
    I made these just like the recipe and they were so good.but instead of syrup I whipped Up some whipping cream til stiff and added a little stevia and I was in low carb heaven..they were so good had em for breakfast and lunch.

  121. Dave Abell

    Thank you. My wife and I both love pancakes but we are both diabetic. I will make these next month when I get home. Will also make extra for Bianca when I go back to work.  I make them, then put butter on both sides and place 3 or 4 in ziplock bags and freeze them for her

  122. Bri

    Has anybody tried these in a Belgian waffle maker? I have been CRAVING Belgian waffles with cream and a few strawberries for a week!!!!!

  123. Millicent macchione

    Hi! Anyone try a no-egg option yet? Got a vegan in the house so I’m trying to find a one size fits all recipe!

  124. Stacey

    I am new to the low carb cooking. I’ve been so hungry for pancakes. I’ve tried several different recipes. And none of them tasted good. I came across this one this morning and OMG!!! I’m soooooo happy I did. Delicious. The serving size is three I ate two and was stuffed. The flavors are fantastic the texture great. Thank you so very much for this recipe. 

  125. Momma Nicklin

    These are absolutely amazing! I cannot thank you enough for this recipe. The search for a good pancake recipe had me trying many failures.  I gave up on finding good and was ready to settle for flat eggy substitutes. This recipe gave me delicious pancakes. Woohoo! I used the suggestions to triple the recipe, added one shake of salt, and cooked them in olive oil.  They rose perfectly, had crispy edges, and no grainy texture or overly eggy flavor.

  126. Misty

    I was looking for pancakes that were diabetic friendly. They had to be sugar free and low carb. I tried a few recipes but was not happy with the texture or taste. Then I finally found this one and it worked so well, I couldn’t really tell the difference from regular pancakes! We don’t miss anything on taste and fluffiness with these even though they are only 4 net carbs for a serving of 3 pancakes! If you have kids, they will love this breakfast, and it only took about 20 mins total to make.

  127. Teri Rippeon

    Yummy!! I substituted heavy whipping cream for the tbs of water and added lily’s chocolate chips. Topped with butter, strawberries and lakanto maple syrup. Will make again and again!!’ Thanks for this recipe :)

  128. A

    Kirkland’s almond flour is 2% or 5g carbs total. Even with thinking that it’s 2g carbs per 1/4 cup, 2/3 is more than 1/2 (which is 4g carbs). So even if Kirkland’s was 2 grams, your recipe is already over that 4g. However, being that it’s actually 5g. Your recipe is over 10 grams since 2/3 is more than 1/2. That doesn’t take in account for the carb in cheese. 

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      The nutrition facts are calculated for 3 pancakes. The entire recipe makes 6 pancakes. So yes, the numbers are accurate. 

  129. Kim

    I was super excited to try these. I don’t know what happened, followed the recipe to a tee and it was very thick. Might make muffins out of them. WhT did I do wrong?

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Kim, I’m not sure as I am not in your kitchen with you. My guesses could be an incorrect ingredient or mis measurement? 

  130. Amy Hall

    I’ve made this twice and I think I’ll give up. :( They taste just fine, though I’d leave out the cinnamon, weird flavor to me when mixed with maple. But the batter was so runny and thin i tmakes incredibly flat pancakes, and by the time one side was bubbly the other side was too dark no matter what heat I had the griddle on. The taste and texture was good – just can’t get the cooking part down. Which is strange, beause each time I made them I also made a triple batch of my regular high carb pancake recipe and they came out beautiful and fluffy. :confused:

  131. Bonnie

    This was delicious!!! Thanks! Will definitely make again! We even used eggbeaters and lo fat cream cheese, because my husband has to avoid fats. Still amazing! 

  132. Melissa

    Just made these! They are delicious and squelch my carb cravings. I didn’t have stevia so I used 2 T erythritol/swerve. After sitting for 2 minutes, they did not firm up enough so I added psyllium husk powder and let it sit more time. As it sat, I realized that I added ground flax seeds by mistake… I think it was a wonderful mistake :) I used smuckers sugar free syrup and blueberries. My carb loving husband gives these 2 thumbs up.

  133. Barbie

    Hey there! I just made these because I was out of pancake mix and thought, “maybe I can actually have one too.” I tried them, thinking I’d have to throw them out….. um, wow! I had to make another batch as my Caveman and little Egg are them all up and tries to reach for mine- oh, no you don’t!
    I’m going to- with your permission- make these on my YouTube show. Barbie and the Caveman. I’ll, of course give you credit! Please let me know!

  134. Mrs. C, Irene Mrs. C

    Made these this morning and I’m using them to make sausage and egg breakfast sandwhiches (actually one sandwhich has already been consumed). Going to keep the others in the fridge to pull out for quick breakfast sandwhiches for the week! All the almond and/or coconut ‘bread’ or ‘biscuit’ recipes I’ve tried for breakfast sandwhiches just have too nutty a flavor that overwhelms but with these being pancakes it works for me! Half a tsp of no carb syrup and bam a “My Griddle” in my belly Many thanks!

  135. Ruth Dunn

    I just made these they are FANTASTIC! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    they turned out perfect I made each pancake using
    1/4 cup batter (4 Tbsp) I also only had Lakanto (Golden) monkfruit sweetener, so that’s what I used.
    These were oh so yummy! And not dense at all!
    I definitely recommend this recipe, OH YUMM-O
    And I Don’t count calories, usually just carbs !
    Im down 40 lbs woohoo!

  136. Ruth Dunn

    I just made these they are FANTASTIC! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    they turned out perfect I made each pancake using
    1/4 cup batter (4 Tbsp) I also only had Lakanto (Golden) monkfruit sweetener, so that’s what I used.
    These were oh so yummy! And not dense at all!
    I definitely recommend this recipe, OH YUMM-O

  137. Megan

    Delicious!! My husband said, “these are almost better then ‘real’ pancakes.” And my son ate them too! Thank you!

  138. Seph

    Hi there,
    I was wondering what the carb count was for using granulated sugar? Is it the same as what’s listed, or is that just for the stevia?

  139. Rosalie Marin

    5 stars
    Thank you for a great recipe, easy and delicious! Makes a low carb lifestyle easier and my kids love them! 

  140. Laura

    These are delicious!! I only had almond meal – so I blitzed it in my mini chopper to make it finer. I didn’t even add the sweetleaf. They turned out perfectly – I made 2 batches in 2 days! I’ve been gluten free for years because of my thyroid. I have tried lots of gluten free pancakes and most fall incredibly short. These are easily the best I’ve made!! Thank you for this recipe!!

  141. David

    I followed the recipe exactly but by the time they were cooked enough to manage to get a spatula under them the bottom was charred black. I tried smaller and smaller pancakes hoping they would cook through quicker but no luck. I threw away more pancakes than I ate. What I could salvage tasted good, though. Just couldn’t get them to hold together enough to flip.

  142. Jan

    These pancakes are GREAT! They don’t rise as much as traditional pancakes but the taste & texture are wonderful! My keto family loves them!

  143. Kelli Bryan

    5 stars
    I’m so thankful for the Keto craze because it’s made life with T1D much easier!  There are new recipes daily!  I’ve tried several low carb pancake recipes, but this is by far my favorite and my Saturday morning go-to recipe. Thank you for sharing the recipe…I eat these without spiking my glucose and feel like a normal person. Now…time to mix up a batch!

  144. Corey

    I’ve been on a low-carb diet for a year now and have really missed pancakes. During my research of low-carb pancake recipes, I put together a list of about 5 different recipes to try. This was first on my list…and I’m not going any further. These pancakes are AMAZING! They’re as close to the real thing as you’re going to get…quite honestly, I don’t know that I would know the difference — other than the texture. The inside texture is a bit different — it’s hard to explain..but in the best way possible. I find the texture a million times better than any pancake I’ve ever had (including restaurants that are well-known for their pancakes!). Because I decided last minute to make these pancakes, I opted for Mrs Butterworth’s Sugar Free syrup because it was the only thing I could find at my local grocer. Have to admit — the syrup was awesome, but the pancakes were just as amazing on their own! I HIGHLY recommend this recipe… oh, by the way – I did sweeten my with a couple drops of liquid stevia instead of granulated.

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      I’m sorry, I am not aware of any as I do not eat dairy free. If you figure one out, please come back and share! 

  145. Jeannine

    4 stars
    I mixed mine with a hand mixer, came out smooth, but watery. My pancakes were thinner than yours, but tasty. They seemed a bit gritty, AZ s things with almond flour can. Added some maple whipped cream to them and it was a nice treat for breakfast.

  146. AP

    These are awesome! I’ve tried a few low carb pancake recipes over the past month or two and they were just horrible. But these are super! Definitely saving the recipe! Thanks!

  147. Amy

    FIVE STARS! Because I don’t see where to actually rate the recipe!
    These are seriously amazing! Made exactly as directed, plus I thinly sliced half of a banana, then quartered the coins. I think the key is definitely using baking POWDER (I use aluminum-free) and letting them rest, as the recipes states, to activate. I only got 4 pancakes, but will gladly double the recipe next time!

  148. DONNA

    I couldn’t find my low carb pancake recipe I’ve been using so I tried this one. So delicious. Love the cream cheese and vanilla. Will use this one from now on.
    I added a few blueberries to a few of them. OMG!
    I only got 3 pancakes from the recipe so doubled it. Thanks!

  149. Ken Shenkman

    Just made these this morning and they are great. The closest I have ever had to “real pancakes” and a heck of lot better than the eggs and cream cheese things that people call low carb pancakes. Flavor and texture were excellent. I will be enjoying them often.

  150. Gwendolyn Davis

    Tried these this morning. I used my waffle maker. They were delicious and satisfied my love for waffles. Thanks

  151. Steve L in NJ

    I just made these and followed the recipe exactly but doubled the recipe. I got 16 pancakes and they taste great, and are like the real thing.  The only problem I have is the net carbs that is all over the place – depending who you read or listen to, please try to tighten up.  

  152. Debra

    They seemed a little thin. I omitted cinnamon and used only half the vanilla. They were the best Keto pancakes I’ve had. Thank you

  153. Chandra Chinnis

    Hello, I just made these pancakes and although I love the taste mine were really thin.  How can I make them not so thin?

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Chandra! The usual reasons I have found peoples pancakes to come out then are either they added a little too much water which thins out the batter or an issue with the baking powder (either expired or accidentally using baking soda instead of baking powder). Hope this helps!

  154. Catherine galvan

    I just made a batch of those pancakes!
    So yummilicious!!
    I’m happy happy 
    How many pancakes r in a serving?

  155. Cari M

    Pretty darn good! As written I ended up with about 1.25 cups of thin batter. I had trouble flipping these, but our non-stick pan has seen better days; with more oil they turned out much better. I also added just a few turns of fine ground salt to help the baking powder along, and they turned out great!

    I figure even on a low carb diet, if we’re having pancakes it’s an indulgence. So I’m going to tinker with the recipe a little, try some whole grain flours in small amounts, added to the almond flour. Maybe some buttermilk, even. I ground up some rolled oats (about 10g, so added around 1 net carb per pancake) and they seemed to even out the egginess a bit, so that seems promising.

    Thank you for this recipe! My husband loved them too. The last recipe I tried was just awful, so I’m very glad you’ve given us all a good one!

  156. Luke N.

    5 stars
    My girlfriend has been on a strict low carb/keto diet for awhile. I however love my normal pancakes. Every time we attempted a low carb or keto friendly recipe I absolutely despised them… Until we came to these. I’ve had normal pancakes that tasted worse! Definitely will be using this recipe again!

  157. Marie


    I tried this and this is SO good. I just want to make sure, this isn’t unhealthy right? I know the sugar free syrup isn’t great for me but other than that, it’s a healthy recipe, right? 

  158. Denise

    Made these with a hand mixer rather than a blender. I wish I’d seen the recipe before Christmas…….they were so good!!!


  159. Christine

    These tasted really good! I used 2.5 tbsp of erythritol and put blueberries in the batter while cooking. Only thing was that they were kind of hard to flip. *I wanted to ask if any extra batter will keep in the fridge for a day. Thanks! 

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      I haven’t successfully stored the batter, however I do keep the cooked pancakes in a ziplock bag for a few days later. They reheat great in the microwave!

  160. Steve

    I’ve been trying mix after mix. Some have turned out great but I detest egg and any egg flavour is a thumbs down for me.
    I will give yours a try. It seems the cream cheese is supposed to be the winner, so I shall buy and try. Fingers crossed

  161. Tina

    2/3 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Superfine Almond flour has 12 net carbs. I can find no other lower carb superfine almond flour. How did you get 5 net carbs for the entire recipe?

  162. Amy

    These are hands down the BEST Keto pancakes I’ve found. I’ve tried several recipes and this one is not only closest to the real thing, but also the least complicated to make. Even my non-Keto BF said they were tasty. I made the mistake os subbing almond milk or heavy cream, instead of water. Don’t. Also thought a little butter in the pan would help. Don’t do that either.  Use recipe as written and you will get fluffy perfection. 

  163. Kathy

    I’m excited to try this recipe and will be looking for more of yours. I am prone to Ketosis so low carb is my lifestyle.

  164. Monique

    delicious I added a pinch of salt and used heavy cream inplace of water topped with cream cheese cinnamon keto icing and sugar free mrs butterworth so good and easy thank you!

  165. Elfi

    I made these and ate them with only butter on top and thought they were so delicious! Didn’t miss the syrup! Thanks for the great recipe!

  166. Meghan

    5 stars
    First time ever making keto pancakes. Followed the recipe to a T and they came out phenomenal! I’m so happy and exicted!! Best Sunday breakfast!

  167. Dorey

    I’ve made these several times for my diabetic husband.  He loves them.  He is recovering from heart surgery so I make these with egg whites & they come out terrific.  I can make the mix & store it in the refrigerator & he makes them himself each morning.  We have a nonstick pan but we still have to spray it with coconut Pam.  I’ve also stored the pre made pancakes & he just warms them up. Either way no loss in texture or flavor.

  168. Dottie Lord

    5 stars
    These pancakes totally live up to their reputation! They were delicious and my kids loved stealing bites from my plate. I 

  169. Denise Alexander

    Tried them this morning, used the sugar instead of stevia (hate), next time will only use 1/2, used smuckers sugar free grape jelly as my syrup and they were delicious.  Would not have known the difference if not for the coloring, flour and cinnamon makes them darker.  Batter is more than I needed for one meal, so looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast.  Going to try freezing next babatter.  Thanks for a great recipe.

  170. Denise Alexander

    Tried them this morning, used the sugar instead of stevia (hate), next time will only use 1/2, used snickers sugar free grape jelly as my syrup and they were delicious.  Would not have known the difference if not for the coloring, flour and cinnamon makes them darker.  Batter is more than I needed for one meal, so looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast.  Going to try freezing next babatter.  Thanks for a great recipe.

  171. Mary

    Wow these are the best. I added a tablespoon of butter and it made it even butter, any way to get your day fat count, right. My husband loved them and he doesn’t eat anything he doesn’t like. Great pancakes

    1. Sandy

      Delicious ! As a Tyoe 1 diabetic always searching for good tasting recipes that dont send my bg into a crazy spike..
      This was my favorite pancake recipe.

  172. Tami

    5 stars
    This recipe is wonderful! Mine were fluffy and moist.  My husband ate 3 huge pancakes with his eggs and ham.  We could not believe these were low carb! Will make again and again!

  173. Dorene

    You nailed it!  My Diabetic husband loved these!    (I did too).  I just have to make sure I keep my heat a bit lower.  They came out just as you directed.  Kudos!

  174. Cindy Goodwin

    I absolutely love this pancake recipe! I freeze mine on a baking tray then store in a container in the freezer for a plastic free option. I use my toaster to reheat them.

  175. Dawn Lanie

    Thank you so much. Pancakes were one of the most difficult foods for me to give up. These were AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Sunday mornings rock again

  176. Torah O’Neal

    OMG!!! I just got done making these and they are the best keto pancakes I’ve ever made! I doubled the batch because I wanted to freeze some for the week, even though I didn’t know what they would taste like, but I liked the ingredients. My 12-yr old daughter walks in and asks if she can have some of course I say sure help yourself. After I was finally done cooking them all I turn and she is going on her 6th pancake!!! lol! She is gushing about how good they are! Then as I’m making myself a plate my 6-yr old comes in, “I’m hungry”, so I give him a pancake or 4!! He says they are the best pancakes he’s ever eaten. Now I’m excited to take my first bite, and it did not disappoint. I made a blackberry compote with a little swerve and it was delish!! Thank you for the great recipe, I’ll be using it a lot more and in triple batches next time so I have some to freeze since it didn’t happen this time.

  177. Molly

    I’m debating using coconut sugar as a substitute. I don’t know if you’ve ever used it, but how much would you recommend for putting in? 

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Molly! I have not tried them with coconut sugar. However, I can tell you, you only need a little sweetness. Most of the sweetness comes from the sugar free syrup you put on top. 

  178. Jeff Bryning

    I am fairly new to low carb cooking. I have tried other pancake recipes that were truly terrible. Your recipe made delicious, light and fluffy pancakes. I only slightly deviated from the recipe. I only put a pinch of cinnamon and 1 Tbs. 1/2&1/2 and about 3/4 t of water. No sugar added peanut butter and sugar free syrup to finish them off. Yum! Thank you for your creation and sharing it with us! I look forward to trying some of your other recipes!

    I read numerous shared comments. To those that kept saying the pancakes were flat and not fluffy, I suggest a tip from professional bakers, use room temperature eggs and cream cheese along with fresh baking powder. It truly makes a difference. Thanks again to you Jessica!

  179. Tamara R Lee

    I made these yesterday morning. They tasted great :), no eggy taste and they were amazing with butter and sugar-free syrup. definitely my go-to Keto breakfast from now on!

  180. Jean Celahci

    I am so upset with this recipe… I followed this recipe exactly put the eggs cream cheese and vanilla and  the 1 Tb water in my vitamix then added the dry ingredients and it was a crumbly mess and NOT liquid AT ALL !!… I added 1 more egg thinking my 2 eggs weren’t lrg enough but that did little to nothing .. I ended up having to add hwc and more water to just get it to the consistency of pourable batter ., however the batter now would not let me flip them w/o them completely falling apart.. What the heck…your recipe states 1 Tb of water how can batterbe made  with 1 Tb liquid with 2/3 cup flour … SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Jean, I agree something must have gone wrong. I think you may be using a different kind of flour that is much more absorbent than plain almond flour. This recipe (as you can read in all the comments) is full proof, so I really think it has to be an ingredient you used. 

  181. Linda

    I’m new to the low carb/low sugar diet but need to get my blood sugar in check before I am diagnosed with diabetes. I tried them this morning and mine were a bit grainy and dense too. I wouldn’t say that they tasted like regular pancakes but good in their own way. I left out the sweetener because artificial sweeteners and I do not get along. I found another recipe that includes a little avocado oil and almond milk to make them moister. So I might experiment a little when I try again. But overall they were pretty good. Thanks for the recipe Jessica. I know it’s alot of work.

  182. Glyn Alice Fuller

    I’m new to Low carb.  I bought my first almond flour (Arrowhead).  I read, reread, and read again the recipe. But it was the consistency of a dough.  So I added another egg more water and vanilla.  I’m going to try to attach my video.  I spread it in a pan and cooked.  It was tasty but somewhat grainy.  I can see that it would be very good if it came out the right consistency.  What did I do wrong??

  183. Dave Cowman

    Is there any nutritional information on these? I’m also counting carbs on would like to know how many are in each pancake.


  184. Tanaya

    Can you make the batter ahead of time, like a couple of days before? We are going camping and I’d love to have pancakes with everyone!

  185. Nessa

    I have not tried this yet, however I wanted to say that I disagree w your comment about coconut flour. I made pancakes w coconut flour and they’re delicious. Not sure which recipe you used but one I made was one of the best pancakes I have ever tasted. My son agreed too.

  186. Boatner Howell

    Walden Farms makes 0 Calorie syrups that are spectacular. By definition, 0 Calories mean 0 Carbs. I also make my own Ghee by simply cooking down salt free butter. I do it in my crock pot all day and pour the Ghee off into small mason jars (“stage” the Ghee in a pyrex dish to allow it to cool. You don’t want those mason jars to shatter).

    You are wise to not get into the net carbs thing. As a diabetic, I use my blood glucose meter to tell what they do to my BG. I know, when I make mine without almond flour, my BG does not spike. I’m looking forward to eating some of your “fluffy” pancakes! Thank you.

  187. Cornetta

    I’ve been on the keto diet now for a weeks, however pancakes and bacon are my favorite breakfast. Up until this diet would mean cutting it completely out of my diet. I have tried others before…Tried yours today and they taste amazing!!! Even my 17 enjoyed one!

  188. Tara

    Wow!!! I have gone 26 years without pancakes due to my endless blood-sugar struggles. I made these tonight and WOW!!!  Pancakes are back on the menu! My husband and I danced around as we gobbled these up with sugar-free syrup. Thank you for giving me some joy in the small things!!!

  189. Samantha Benson

    These were absolutely amazing! This was the first time I have used almond flour (we are new to Keto) but my god!! They taste just like real pancakes! I tried my best to input the ingredients into a “nutrition calculator” and this is what I came up with. I based this on 2 servings as I wound up making 6, leaving 3 for myself and my husband. Thank you for the recipe!

  190. Kelli

    Thank you so much for posting!  I just found this on Pinterest and so glad I did!  One thing I changed is I put in maple extract instead of vanilla.  That way we got maple flavor without the carbs of syrup.  Then I made them smaller and made breakfast sandwiches!  Going Keto can be overwhelming!

  191. Jessica

    Best low carb pancakes I’ve tried. Super moist, flavorful, fluffy, taste just like “regular” pancakes…especially when topped with Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup! In heaven!! 

  192. Joy Florence

    My husband loved the pancakes. They are kind of like a cross between French toast and pancakes which are two of his favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  193. Alexis

    These were soooo good!!!!! I will definitely be making these again. I’m new to keto and I’m kind a missing some things, but these hit the spot!


  194. Charlotte W

    I found this recipe the other day and made it this morning.  Instead of Stevia sweetener, I used 2 tablespoons of Splenda.  It was so good and easy and turned out as shown in the photo.  I will make these again.  Thank you for posting this recipe.

  195. Peg Cochran

    These were fantastic! I made a double batch so I could freeze some for weekday mornings, which was a good thing because my husband ate TWELVE pancakes!

  196. Vicki Sparks

    I made these today and they were super flat. I followed recipe exactly, but wondered why they were super runny and flat…???  Help!  Taste was better than most I’ve made, but need help making them fluffy like your photo. 

  197. Luisa

    Has anyone tried this recipe with coconut flour?  How much coconut flour should be used if you want use it as a substitute for almond flour 

  198. Tracy

    Ok so I made them again (for the 3rd time) and followed the recipe to a tee, but they still turned out super flat (taste good though).  Should I be letting the cream cheese soften before mixing the ingredients?  Maybe that makes them flat when its right out of the fridge?  I don’t know, I’m just desperate for fluffy pancakes like the photo and like what many of you got! Any tips would be greatly appreciated guys!

  199. Jamie

    -Also, I used swerve instead of Stevia because it tastes so much more like real sugar and these are just making my LCHF lifestyle that much better

  200. Jamie

    I made these today and am in love!! However, They were much more thin/flat than the photo. Can over mixing them cause that to happen? I think that’s what I did. Also, do you think adding powdered gelatin or xantham gum will make them even fluffier?

  201. Traci

    So yummy but I leave out the cinnamon because without it it tastes even more like original pancakes. Thank you for helping me get my pancakes back!

  202. Barb Watts

    WOW! These are the best low carb pancakes. They are so delicious, I forgot that I was eating almond flour. Thank You for posting this fabulous recipe!

  203. Tanya Jackson

    i cant eat cheese. I wonder what I could use as a substitute for these low carb pankakes. I wonder if coconut cream would be ok. I might try.

  204. Rella

    I’ve never felt compelled to leave a comment on a blog but you are certainly the exception. I literally just made these and am eating them as I type. You just made my entire year! I’ve been Keto for about 6 months and I am admittedly growing tired of eating what I call “the norm” which is protein/fat/veg. I missed pancakes so very much but tried “other” recipes and they were terrible. This is like the holy grail for me. They taste just like the real deal. I am ecstatic at how easy it was too! So THANK YOU from a big pancake lover!

  205. Kirstin

    Any suggestions on how to tweak this to make waffles?  Also, we it once with the Sweet Leaf and liked it, but subsequent times we have used Swerve and like it much better.

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Kristin! 

      I haven’t tried it myself yet, but many people make them as waffles without any changes to the recipe! Let me know if you try it! 

  206. kim

    I followed this recipe to a T and they were not what I am used to … pancakes actually tasting good …. not sure why it did not taste good …. I think next time I am going to add more cinnamon and most stevia and swap out milk for the water ….. and maybe that will do the trick!

  207. GeeAnn

    I found these to be delicious and easy to flip in the pan. DH really liked them too and he usually only likes things made “the normal way.” The cinnamon is a nice addition that is very subtle but very good! I didn’t have any sugar-free syrup as I think it all tastes awful, so I heated up some frozen blueberries/blackberries/raspberries and sprinkled with a little stevia. Then mashed them up and spooned on top. Yummo!!!! Next time I will whip up some heavy cream with sweetener too dollop on top too. This one is a keeper–thanks!!!!

  208. Connie

    We !oved these, the flavor was awesome! I tried this recipe exactly as written but mine were not as fluffy. What did I do wrong? My hubby and I both enjoyed them but I wish mine were fluffier. Any suggestions? Thank you for this great recipe.

    1. GeeAnn

      Did you let the batter sit for a few minutes before pouring into the pan? Mine were very fluffy and I didn’t make any adjustments. Did you use almond flour or almond meal? You have to use the flour. I have found Bob’s Red Mill superfine almond flour to work really well for pancakes especially.

  209. Lauren

    These are amazing! Could not even tell that they are keto! unlike the other ones I’ve tried! Thank you so much! I never thought I’d say it, but I am sick of bacon and eggs!

  210. Margaret McQuarrie Murray

    These pancakes are absolutely delicious and do easy to whip up! We are eating low carb and always looking for new and yummy recipes…this recipe is now a part of the permanent menu rotation at our house!
    Thank you so much!

  211. Sam

    These pancakes were amazing! I have been sampling many recipes and this is by far the best I have found. Light and fluffy!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      The batter is best used immediately, however many readers have commented that they make double/triple batches and freeze the leftovers with great results. 

  212. JoDeen Wolff

    These are great.
    I doubled the recipe and got 5 nice thick pancakes.
    My family lived them too.
    No syrup needed.
    Just a little butter.
    They are so filling that I could only eat 1.

  213. Jennifer

    Holy crap, I made these tonight for my VERY hard to please husband (at least where keto is concerned). He has been doing keto for a few weeks now and was craving pancakes, so I thought I’d at least try. He loved them! AND the syrup! Thank you for creating these. 

  214. Sam

    Can you add protein powder to these? Has anyone tried this?if so how’d they turn out? Would you have to change any other ingredient amounts?

  215. Corinna

    We are in between houses, renting an apartment, so my blender is packed away. Would this recipe work with a hand mixer?

  216. Tasha

    Man I have seriously been buying the wrong almond flour! Bob’s Red Mill has 4 net carbs in 2 tbs! That really changes this recipe big time. Puts the whole recipe around 21 carbs. Waaahhhhh! :-( Glad I came across this post :-)

    1. Shannon

      Tasha…I’ve noticed Bob’s red mill blanched almond flour has a lot of net carbs vs other brands. I just bought Anthony’s from Amazon and it’s 2 or 3 net carbs per 1/4 c! Don’t know why it’s less, but I’ll take it.

  217. Bianca

    Yes, finally a low carb, almond flour pancake that taste so similar to my famous regular flour family favorite pancakes. I have tried so many low carb recipes and these are seriously so good! Saving and replacing my recipe with these. Thanks so much!

  218. Crystal

    Wow!!  So good!!  I ordered the syrup you recommended and mixed these up today!!!  Sooooo yummy!  Thank you!  Tips for others- make sure your cream cheese is soft and use a smoothie type blender to mix.  Cover with butter and eat up!  My entire family ate these with moans and groans!!  Num num num!  

  219. MaryVance

    These are ah-MAZING!!! I make them every time my family has pancakes (which is nearly every other week), and they are sooooo good!! My sister and I like to melt a couple tablespoons of butter and stir in a bit of maple syrup for the topping. They are also yummy with fresh whipped cream + berries of your choice.

    Thank you Jessica!! =)

  220. Tina

    Tried these and they tasted very good. Although I followed the recipe to the point, the batter came out very hard. I added some milk, that helped but as I turned them they were falling apart. Will experiment and try to catch the right consistency 

  221. Charlene

    Just started Keto recently and really miss pancakes and breads in general. I usually make home-made wheat pancakes from freshly ground wheat. Thought I was really going to miss them. These were really good. I didn’t have the appropriate syrup for them, so that was a bummer, but that evening I even pulled one out of the fridge and ate it cold – SO good. Filled the need for a cookie or something sweet. That is, until my toddler grandsons decided they wanted it. Thanks so much.

  222. Sherry

    These were great .I have been doing variations each week and doing different flavor extract like blueberry and strawberry. Thanks for sharing 

  223. Lauren

    I don’t know what I did wrong. I followed the recipe exact but the batter is so thick that I would have to use at least a half cup of batter to get anything resembling a medium sized pancake or a pancake in general. I’m so sad. 

  224. David mudge

    Just made these delicious pancakes. For anyone wondering the calories came out to be about 750 for the recipe. It make me about 4 medium sized pancakes. You could probably get the calories down a little is you used a lower fat creme cheese. The macros were 64g of fat, 32g of protein, and 22g of carb. I used Walden’s sugar free/calorie free syrup. Its really really tasted. I honestly don’t know it taste so good for being 0 calories. Also, the macros did not count for any butter while cooking. Thanks for the recipe!!

  225. Carrie DesLauriers

    I made this today for my fiancée who was recently diagnosed with diabetes  type 1. He is so tired of only having egg and meat for breakfast and pancakes are something he has always loved. I was skeptical at first, but once I tried my first bite I was very surprised at just how good they tasted! I will continue making these for myself! Thanks for sharing. 

  226. Christine

    I followed this recipe EXACTLY!! Can someone tell me why the mix is like a dough and not a pourable pancake mix??

  227. Darla

    I love these pancakes. It usually makes 4 pancakes. I eat 2 and put 2 in the fridge for the next day. Beakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I’m usually starving when I wake up. so greatful for this recipe.

  228. Ruby

    Well using the brands that you used, including some in my pantry, I got 4 net carbs per pancake. I tried it on two different recipe calculators and 4 net carbs per pancake seems to be the average. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  229. Lylia

    These pancakes are the best i ever ate omfg thank u for the recipe now i can continue being low carb w/o craving for pancakes bcs this is even better than the original recipe esbhjkelf

  230. Bert Morse

    I was just watching the video and then reading the recipe. It showed coconut flour but not on the recipe. This may have already been asked but how much coconut flour did you use?

  231. Billie

    HOLY COW!! That’s a good pancake!! Definitely an addition to weekly food prep! I just top with ghee, no syrup. 

  232. Michael

    the batch I just did made 2 – 6 inch waffles. Based on all the ingredients, each waffle is 372.5 Calories, 28.5g Fat, 16g Protein, and 8g Carbs. This does not include any butter or syrup. This is just the pancakes/waffles in my case.

  233. Rachel

    Wow! I made these in my waffle maker and they were so good! I honestly didn’t notice a huge difference. They were not overly sweet and had a great taste. Thank you!! 

  234. Peggy

    I made half a batch this morning for myself. They were GREAT! Just be careful on the link to the Lakanto Maple Syrup. It may be no sugar but is sweetened with monk fruit. 6 carbs per tablespoon! Didn’t notice until I had already pored over my pancakes. Ate them anyway! Will just keep an eye on my CGM. :-)

  235. Diane Chapman

    The best, the best! Thank you from the bottom my heart! I will never use another paleo pancake recipe again!

  236. Tiffany

    These are amazing!! I was thinking of making a freezing them to bring for breakfast at work. Do you think they’ll still be good reheated from frozen?

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Tiffany! 

      I haven’t tried it myself, but a few commenters above have said they tried it and it worked great! 

  237. Vicky

    Thank God I found your recipe. I have been craving pancakes and it is so hard because I have 5 kids that eat pancakes. The temptation was always in my face. Now I can have delicious pancakes when they do. Thanks so much. They are super delicious and I am sharing this recipe with all my low carb friends.

    1. Shannon

      I’ve noticed the Bob’s red mill blanched almond flour I bought has significantly more net carbs then the Anthony’s I bought on Amazon. It’s amazing the difference between brands!

  238. Erica

    What brands are you using to get such low macros for the entire batch? I calculated them with the brands I have & they came out (per pancake)  to 19.5 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbs & 9 grams of protein! Help!

  239. Caryn

    A couple of comments here..tried these this morning..they are ok..but the calories are way high
    Of you are notngliten free try carbquick pancakes. Way lower calories and more of anewalnpancake texture. Although these tastednok I prefer the carquick pancakes. Low carb and way lower in calories. They also freeze well so you can make a large batch and freeze in portions. This 8S the second recipie I have tried with almond flour and I think I’m not a fan of the texture. Also in my area we have a cream. Heese product that is half Greek yougurt and half cream cheese. Its about 45 calories for 2 tbls. Tastes awesome and is also lower carbs. But thanks for the recipie anyway.

  240. Danielle

    Just made these, and they were YUM!! Topped with toasted Walnuts and Lakanto Maple Syrup! Everyone loved them! Thank You!!!

  241. Genia

    These are absolutely AMAZING!! so light and airy and DE LISH! I’m so tired of eggs this was such a treat! I’m going to make a batch and freeze for the week!

  242. Valerie

    I made these for lunch. These didnt fare well in the pan, kept sticking even though it was buttered, BUT, they were delicious!

  243. Candace Huyghebaert

    I calculated 14 carbs before adding low carb syrup. For someone trying to stay under 20 carbs a day I don’t consider this low carb

  244. Vica

    This is versatille recipe. I’m using itu for pancake, crepes and waffel, with some adjustments. But this works very well. Thanks for sharing

  245. Elizabeth

    Have you tried making them with flax instead of eggs? I’m out of eggs and on the last of my flour this morning and I want these pancakes…help! lol :)

  246. Carmen Medina

    Definitely my favorite Keto pancake. Been Keto for month and a half and love pancakes. Tried different recipes but still not completely satisfied….  these are all time favorite and sure I’ll make them again and again..
    I used creamy goat cheese instead and was worried about the difference in taste but still loved them.
    I used a little coconut oil on griddle and they cooked perfect without sticking. 

  247. Rebecca Lanier

    I’m not a cook and I never post on these sights however, these pancakes are amazing! I’m obsessed and have been making them every weekend morning. I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  248. Penny

    You have saved pancakes for me! Love the recipe! The only issue I had was that I used a Cast iron griddle & I think it got a little too hot. Lol they were really brown. But…even hubby ate them with some sugar free syrup

  249. Ebony Lofton

    These are really good!!!  Amazing!!  I have not found any other recipe that’s been good or tolerable.  Thank you so much!

  250. Amanda

    These are fantastic! I am a recovering carb-o-holic and I loved these! I am doing more of a paleo diet, sop I had them with maple syrup and, if I hadn’t been the one who made them, I would not have believed they were low carb! I did have success using a tablespoon of almond milk yogurt in place of the cream cheese. Thank you so much for a great recipe I won’t feel guilty over!

  251. Kim

    I just made these for breakfast this morning.  They were delicious!  My husband said they were the best he’s ever had.  Thank you so much for the recipe.

  252. Jamie

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! New to the low carb life and these have made my life more delicious! I’ve made them as waffles which worked wonderfully.

  253. Sara

    Oooh, just lhad these for breakfast. Left out sweet bits and added salt. Had them with butter and a sprinkle of parmesan. Yum yum yum. Wish I had made more.

  254. Karen

    Made these with maple extract and used them for Breakfast sandwich’s truly delicious. Thank you for the recipe!!

  255. Jamie

    These pancakes are delicious and easy to make on a busy morning. Also, my daughter who lives with type 1 diabetes loves them and they don’t spike her blood sugar!! Hurray!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  256. Cody

    I calculated the macros on this measuring exactly to the recipe and I got 25 carbs and 14net carbs! I use Bob’s Red Mill almond flour, I’m not sure if that made a huge difference ? Also Philadelphia cream cheese is 2 carbs/2 net carbs. Cinnamon also contains a carb.  A tap of Baking powder is also 2 carbs/2 net carbs. I already dug in when my recipe came up as 25 carbs/14 net carbs and I had a panick attack! I suggest everyone not take the carb counts based on the comments and calculate their own before eating. 

    1. Harper

      I have calculated these over and over and get 6.3 carbs a serve. Which is close to what the recipe says 6 net carbs per serve (2 serves per recipe). 

      You are saying you got 7 net carbs per serve.  Guessing the difference is in the baking power. My baking powder is 1.3 carbs per tsp but that is still in range to what the recipe says.  

  257. Leann

    We made these tonight and they  were the best recipe for low carb pancakes ever.   I’m actually pretty sure I love these more than regular pancakes.  

  258. Nicole

    This is my second week of keto and I was looking for a different breakfast other than eggs. I made them for me, but I barely got to eat any. My kids tried them and LOVED them! They say they taste like french toast. Every morning they ask me for the french pancakes.

  259. Rita

    The best low carb pancakes. It is fluffy just the way I like my pancakes and it is very filling. I used 1\3% less fat cream cheese which is less than 1g of carbs per 1oz. It is soooo good. Lol. Thank you for this recipe.

  260. Shannon

    Hands down the very best Low carb pancakes I’ve eaten!! Thankyou so much for sharing this amazing recipe!! So light n fluffy perfection

  261. Jo

    I did a half a recipe in case I didn’t like it. They were okay, but not as good to me as my made from scratch regular recipe. They did satisfy my desire for pancakes though, and were easy to make. I will probably make again.

  262. Anita

    LOVE this recipe, I used a pancake maker which cooked them perfectly and added stevia dark chocolate chips on top after pouring the batter into the pancake maker — yummy!

  263. Jan

    I made these today and as you say, I have tried and TRIED different flour pancakes.  Even a cassava flour one…oh dear!  I left out the cream cheese as I am trying to go dairy free, and they were STILL better than others, tho a little dry.  I will add the cheese next time as I think they will be more smooth and moist.  They cook like a real pancake and look like one! And I cheated with a little cherry syrup (home made) and am adding this recipe into my “keepers”.
    Thanks to those who take the time to develop these recipes.  I KNOW it is a lot of thrown away ingredients till you get it right!

  264. Vanessa

    I added 2 tablespoons of oil and made them as waffles. They turned out crispy and delicious. My husband loved them too.

  265. Nancy

    These are amazing! Thank you so much. I have tried several pancake recipes with coconut flour and they all flopped! I followed the recipe exactly, using my Vitamix and they turned out perfectly with great flavor. Thank you so much! 

  266. CEM

    Very good pancakes. Better off to just eat half a batch at a time. I made the mistake of eating nearly the entire batch (save a few bites from getting too full) this morning before I calculated the macros. I used the Wal-Mart version of Almond Flour that I found (Nature’s Eats Blanched Almond Flour), Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Egg-Lands Best large eggs. I got four good-sized pancakes with the entire batch and these are the macros I came out with: 1389 CALORIES, 9 net carbs, 8 grams fiber, 3. grams sugar, 32 grams protein, and 47.5 GRAMS FAT. Way too much for one serving, would be much better cut in half and eating 2 pancakes at a time. This also does not count the cinnamon (if any), or any calories for butter/oil and syrup used. But the recipe tastes definitely much more substantial than plain cream cheese pancakes, and comments were correct that they are much more like a “real” pancake and definitely good. I would just suggest not eating an entire batch at one sitting.

  267. Julie

    Just made these this morning. I didn’t have any almond flour so I substituted with a clone of the old Atkins baking mix. I had to add 1/3 cup of water, but they turned out OK. They tasted delicious and I was so happy to finally have pancakes again. (I’m diabetic and gluten sensitive!). I am going to get some almond flour and try these again, but even with the soy flour/soy protein isolate mix they were so much better than anything I had ever tried. Thanks so much!

  268. Rebecca

    Just made these! Not as pretty as yours, but definitely tasty!!! I have a breakfast potluck tomorrow at work and was wondering if I made the batter tonight would it keep well enough to use tomorrow morning??

  269. Shara G.

    LOVED these. I’ve been trying to find a good tasting alternative flour pancake for a few years. I’ve had many duds. Many taste way too eggy. I did sub out your sweetener recommendation and put some local honey in the batter… tasted GREAT! Thanks for the excellent recipe.

  270. Wendy

    I’m new to low carb and these pancakes were one of the first things I’ve made that were good!! I will definitely make again. I think finely milled almond flour is the biggest secret. I used my mixer instead of a blender and they were great. Definitely try these. Not eggy. Just a bit nutty (from the flour).

  271. Nicole

    I saw alot of folks ask can you freeze these pancakes, so I want to know did anyone make them and then freeze them?? I want to make them night and freeze so I can heat up in the morning before or at work because I don’t have enough time to make in the morning. Thanks for any info.

    1. Vanessa

      I didn’t freeze them just put them in the fridge overnight and reheated in the toaster in the am. Came out fine.

  272. Edith

    This recipe is the best! I just made pancakes this morning using this recipe and they were scrumptious!  I used swerve instead of sugar and added 9 blueberries. I made 7 and only ate 3. I used butter instead of syrup because I’m doing the keto diet. You can also add sugar free chocolate chips by Lily’s, they’re keto friendly. 
    Thank you so much for the recipe!

  273. Donna

    These were great. Felt like I was eating a real pancake. Recipe only makes about 3 pancakes. Looks like a real pancake too.

  274. KdonnRN

    These were very dry. Maybe I over cooked them. They looked beautiful. Would post a picture if I could. Husband said he would eat them again.

  275. Lauren

    I found this recipe by googling “low carb pancakes that don’t taste weird” lol. I’m cautiously optimistic and will try these!

  276. Andre

    These were AWESOME. My boyfriend, who hates anything “different” or “healthy” (lol) had no clue they were low carb and said this should be my new go-to recipe. He commented on how fluffy they are. My toddler scarfed them up, too. I tripled the recipe so I can freeze some. I used 2 T of swerve total (v. 2 T sugar per batch) and 2 t. of vanilla total, and that was plenty for us in a tripled batch, so I would likely cut it down a fair amount if I make one batch at a time. SO good! Thank you!

    1. Carolinagirl528

      I made a batch this morning and they were delicious! I left out the cinnamon and they tasted just like regular pancakes. I used Cary’s Sugar free syrup. Thank you so much for the recipe! Will def be making these on weekends. 

  277. Teresa

    These were amazing! Taste nutty and filling like whole wheat pancakes. I ran out of vanilla extract on my second batch, so I added a bit of almond extract I had on hand. It was like eating wedding cake flavored pancakes!!  The almond flavoring really brought out the nuttynes of the almond flour. I am addicted to these!!

  278. Jessica

    These are amazing! I think they’re better than regular pancakes! Seriously! Not a big pancake lover but I was getting tired of eggs.. and the picture looked great so I decided to try it and I’m glad I did! I deleted my other pinned pancakes on Pinterest so I wouldn’t get confused and make a different one lol Thank you for the share!

  279. Tonya

    These are tasty. My battery was quite thin and first pancake came out pretty thin so I added 1 TBS of coconut flour and it helped thicken the batter and make a little”fluffier pancake”.

  280. Jen

    Oh my goodness…..I don’t usually post on blogs recipes, but i have to make an exception for this one! These were so incredibly good!!! My daughter wanted to make fired pancakes for dinner, so I found this recipe and she fried them up. These were amazing! Not eggy, and the texture was great. After trying these I was thinking that maybe it would be a good batter for fried pickles or zucchini. I am going to experiment. This is such a great recipe! Thank you so much. Now I can have pancakes again! 

  281. Julienne

    I’ve read other readers comments and I’m wondering if the only difference in using almond meal is the texture? Also, would the measurements be different if using almond meal? When I purchase my almond meal it says almond flour on the container, I did not know there was an almond flour that looks like regular flour. Wanting to try this recipe. It looks yummy.

  282. Nora

    I have to buy syrup or I would be making these right now.  I can’t wait to try them.  Thank you so much for giving me a new morning meal.

  283. Diane

    Looking forward to making these. I am a type 2 diabetic and I watch my carb intake very carefully. This would be great to have as a Saturday or Sunday morning treat. Would definitely look into making ahead of time and then freezing them. Toaster over comes in handy. Thanks for the idea. Will let you know how I make out.

  284. Jenny J Arrington

    I used your recipe and made waffles, it makes 3 waffles and they were delicious, super glad to have found this recipe, i have try some horrible ones before.Thank you

  285. Bethany

    SO GLAD I found this recipe. I’ve been craving pancakes and these hit the spot! ^_^ thank you for the awesome recipe! I used liquid stevia and they were perfecto! I’ve gotten used to almond flour making things more of a “corn bread texture” like the keto biscuits I make but these were delicious! ❤️❤️

  286. Liz Decker

    My husband and I both loved these pancakes.  I was really missing pancakes on our low carb diet.  And wow these were over the top.  Thank you !!  I’m sending this recipe to my daughter.

  287. Key

    I just tried them…. HORRIBLE. Idk if I did something wrong but the texted was very gritty-like. I’m sensitive to the taste of artificial sweetener and used Pyure for the 1st time and that taste is a BIG NO!!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      They absolutely should not be gritty. I think you must have used an almond meal and not a true almond flour. Almond flour is as smooth as regular flour and not gritty at all. 

      As for the sweetener, I recommend you try out a few to find the one you prefer. You can also skip the artificial sweetener in the pancakes themselves and just use a sugar free jam or sugar free maple syrup that you find tasty. 

      Hope this helps!

  288. Jamie

    The consistency was similar to the Multigrain pancakes at cracker barrel. But honestly I feel it may have been too much baking powder for my taste. It had a bitter bite at the end of each bite. I was able to make 6 pancakes by using 3 tbsp per pancake. I used bobs red mill almond flour and kroger cream cheese. Placing the net carbs at 6 for 3 pancakes. The fat was good especially after adding tbsp of butter to top. But for the carbs, I am not sure it’s worth it. It just doesn’t feel like much food for 1/3 of my daily carbs :/

    1. kristy

      I also made these and the first time there was a weird “vinegary” taste, actually when I opened my mouth to take a bite. Each bite I could taste that weirdness. Was wondering what it was. Thought maybe the stevia I used, but perhaps the baking powder?? They were much thinner then your picture and I followed the recipe exactly.
      The second tine I made these using soy flour instead, as almond flour is quite grainy for me (and yes, I use the same brand from Costco). I feel they were a better texture, but they had that same weird acidic/vinegary taste. Maybe I need new baking powder and can use a bit less? I’ll also try my liquid splenda.
      thank you for the recipe.

        1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

          Ugh! Kristy – so sorry and glad you figured out what it was. I was trying to figure out what could have given you that flavor with nothing acidic in the recipe. 

          I really like Smuckers sugar free syrup. It does not taste like vinegar! 

  289. Sivebb

    Ok so these were hands down the BEST pancake recipe. I couldn’t tell they were low carb- tasted exactly like the real deal. I made the exact batch divided it by 2 ( saved 1/2 for tomorrow ) and had 3 pancakes each for a net carb of 9  per portion and that’s including 1/8 cup of Carys sugar free syrup and 15 grams of frozen organic blueberries. Just under 450 calories and a great way to break my fast. This also included 1/2 Tbsp ghee I cooked then in. I’m very precise to the gram on my macros!!! Totally worth it in my books .. thank you – thank you – thank you !!!! A definite keeper !!!

    1. Amanda

      You can’t sub coconut flour as liquid proportions are very different for it. Coconut absorbs so much liquid it isn’t interchangeable. There are avail recipes with coconut flour instead 

    2. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Tracy, this recipe is made to use almond flour – not coconut flour. As the reader before you noted, they work very differently and are not interchangeable. I would recommend sticking with almond flour. 

  290. Deanne LM

    Absolutely by far the best keto pancakes ever! Loved them! I can’t thank you enough. 
    I cooked some in advance and they reheated beautifully. Thank you!!!

  291. Lisa Schweitzer

    This recipe IS the best low carb pancake recipe that I have ever tried. I used a mixer because I didn’t feel like lugging out my blender. They were light, fluffy and delicious! Thanks for this amazing recipe.

  292. Dupe Awomolo

    I just made them and oh my god are they yummy!!! Can definitely give regular pancakes a run for their money. Can wait to try more of your recipes xx 

  293. Tracy

    Jessica,  can this batter be made ahead and frozen, do you think?  I’m wanting to make some LC pancake batter to freeze in icing bags to take camping, so that all I have to do is thaw and squeeze onto the griddle!  

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Tracy, I haven’t tried it myself. I have frozen the cooked pancakes themselves and they thaw great.

      If you do try freezing the batter, please come back and let us all know how it turns out! 

  294. Angie Scott

    I just made these and I thought they were delicious. I used Simple Truth Almond Meal/Flour and Cary’s Sugar Free Syrup. Other than the pancakes being a little drier and more crumbly than regular pancakes, the taste was delicious! I was craving pancakes and I am glad to have found a low carb version! 

  295. Jackie

    I seriously can’t believe how BEAUTIFUL these turned out. I’ve tried other low carb pancake recipes before and they’ve been thin and ugly but these were so fluffy!

  296. J

    OMG! Hands down the best pancakes! Even better than the wheat flour ones. I didnt even add any sweetener. Im just not sure why the last two turned out well. All bubbly and puffed. I made 5. Probably because I cranked up the heat because I couldnt wait any longer to eat them. Thank you so much for this recipe!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      It is a different texture than cream cheese, so I don’t know how it would work honestly. If you try it, please report back for others who may be curious. But for optimal results, I do recommend sticking with cream cheese! 

  297. Roy Sovis


    Wow! My wife and I have been looking for low carb pancakes and have as well tried some other recipes that were just horrible. Our search is now over!

    I followed the recipe exactly except for adding 1/8 tsp. psyllium fiber to slightly thicken the batter and they turned out excellent. Just for preference sake, next time we plan to add more cinnamon.

    Thanks for sharing. We look forward to exploring what other recipes you have to offer.

  298. sylivia

    Not eggy!!!!!! Not eggy!!!! i hate eggy and these are fabulous!! Made mine without any sweetener and they were perfect!!!!  How many carbs in the recipe??

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Yahoo! Glad you enjoyed them Sylivia! I recommend you calculate your own nutritional information based on the ingredients and brands you used as it varies greatly by each brand! Also, I am not a nutritionist, I just share recipes! :-) 

  299. Linda

    I made pancakes this morning using this recipe.They have a great taste But mine was a little dry for me my boyfriend loved them.Next time will use mixer instead of blender I used a 1/4 measure cup and got 6 pancakes and thank you

  300. Janie

    Will it ruin the recipe if I eliminate the cream cheese? I am lactose and gluten intolerant. Is it possible you know of something else other then cream cheese for the lactose intolerant? Thank you very much for your valuable contribution!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Hi Janie! You need to for the texture, but you could use Tofutti cream cheese! It’s vegan and works great as a swap. I use it when my dairy free grandmother visits!

      1. Bonnie Neuberger

        Could you use regular plain yogurt?   I’ve been going through comments looking.  I, too, am lactose intolerant but yogurt that has active cultures is fine.  I’ve used it to replace sour cream in recipes.   Thanks. 

  301. Alicia

    What are the protein and fat macros on this? My kids and myself loved them! My husband liked the flavor but didn’t like the texture which was probably because I didn’t have the right flour(I got almind flour/meal) and told him baking soda instead of powder but they were still delicious!

    1. A woman holding a camera standing in front of some shelves.

      Glad they still worked out for you with the ingredient swaps! I recommend you calculate your own nutritional information based on the ingredients and brands you used as it varies greatly by each brand! Also, I am not a nutritionist, I just share recipes!