Meringue Christmas Trees

Meringue Christmas Trees - a light crispy "cookie"!

Christmas is FULL BLOWN in our house. I am, of course, the most excited person in the house since the girls don’t really grasp it yet. The house has been decked to the nines on the outside and inside and I am already dreading New Years when I have to take it all down.

I am so Christmas insane, that I even made my own sprinkle mix for these Meringue Christmas Trees. I mixed about 6 different sprinkles together to create the mix you see gracing the trees and I just love how it turned out. It almost looks like a sprinkle garland!

Meringue Christmas Trees - a light crispy "cookie"!

I love meringue cookies and making your own really is so easy if you have a stand mixer or hand mixer.

Beating the egg whites only takes a couple of minutes and then you’re off to piping and decorating. For these trees, I used a large closed star tip and they wound up being about 4 inches tall.

Head on over to Dixie Crystals for the FULL RECIPE: Meringue Christmas Trees


Meringue Christmas Trees - a light crispy "cookie"!

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