Fall (Cinnamon Orange) Slow Cooker Potpourri

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
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Fall (Cinnamon Orange) Potpourri in your slow cooker! Makes your house smell like Fall!

Get ready — the official first day of Fall is this Wednesday — September 23rd! Ya’ll know I am beyond ready. I think I have been ready since July. I have needed the house to start smelling like Fall too, so I whipped up some of this Fall (Cinnamon Orange) Slow Cooker Potpourri. I am over the moon that my favorite season is finally here! Bring on pumpkin everything!

Also, all the shows are coming back this week and I am probably a lot more excited than I should be. But seriously, the girls are in bed by about 7:30 and we are locked in for the night and I need something to break up our nights. I have spent the summer working, reading and Jorge and I have even played cards…but I am ready for some good old fashioned television.

Fall (Cinnamon Orange) Potpourri in your slow cooker! Makes your house smell like Fall!

I have been making this crock pot potpourri non stop the past few weeks. It’s crazy easy and smells so much more fresh than a candle. Don’t get me wrong, I love candles…however a lot of time they smell too sweet to me. Personally, I prefer a crisper cleaner smell. Which is where this awesome potpourri comes in! It’s just three simple scents: orange, cinnamon and clove!

Fall (Cinnamon Orange) Potpourri in your slow cooker! Makes your house smell like Fall!

Usually, I like to save the rinds from oranges we eat (in a ziplock bag in the freezer) and just pop them in the crock pot when I am ready. You can do this with any citrus, but for the fall smell I like oranges the best. For a different smell – rosemary and lemon is also a favorite of mine!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we have! It gives such a warm fall citrusy scent to the whole house and it’s incredibly easy to do!


UPDATE: I buy my cinnamon sticks cheaply at Walmart (in the Spanish section – I buy the brand Badia cinnamon sticks – about 6 sticks for $2) or on Amazon* (about 24 sticks for $6).

Cinnamon Orange Potpourri in a slow cooker crock with cloves, cinnamon sticks, and oranges
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Yield: 1 batch

Fall (Cinnamon Orange) Slow Cooker Potpourri

Cinnamon Orange Slow Cooker Potpourri provides the perfect fall scent! This crockpot potpourri recipe is easy to put together and it smells heavenly.
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes


  • 2 oranges, quartered
  • 6 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 tablespoons whole cloves
  • 2 cups water, more as needed


  • In a crockpot, combine oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves and water. Turn heat to high and leave the lid off.
  • Check in on it every couple of hours and add water as needed!


*This is an affiliate link to amazon! Thanks for supporting me and my website to bring more recipes to you!

Post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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For lemon an rosemary, what ingredients and whole lemon or peel?

I am very anxious to try this recipe! In fact, when I send this note off to you I am going to go into my kitchen and put it all together!!!!
Thank you sooo much for this and I REALLY appreciate your questions and answers column….

Why should people not drink it since it’s all edible ingredients? In my opinion, it would be a very healthy…and perhaps delicious….drink if you add honey to it.

Would it still work if I don’t have cloves? Is there another recipe similar to it without cloves?


Are you allowed to consume after making it in crockpot?

Can you reuse the same ingredients for the next day? I want a natural scent to fill my home daily without needing to put in new fresh ingredients each day.

This was a really nice potpourri. I had some huge cinnamon sticks so that was the predominate smell that I got………but who doesn’t like cinnamon?! I’ve been trying several potpourri recipes to get ready for the holidays and have been freezing little baggies with the ones that I really like so that I can just grab one and dump it in the crockpot. I’ve made several packets of this one. Thanks for sharing.

Can you freeze this?

I love this idea! I have done the same basic recipe in a pot on a simmering stove. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten about it & let the water all boil away!! I’ve ruined multiple pans & defeated the purpose of making my house smell good because burned potpourri smells awful!!

Do we add the oranges with or without the fruit, meaning is it the just the rinds or not? I see the tip about freezing the rinds but the recipe says oranges. Thanks!


[…] can make homemade Potpourri with relatively few materials and a crock pot- making your living space just a little more festive […]

Thank you for this recipe! Love it!

Adorei todas as dicas!

Very good

Loved this – did it for a baby shower this weekend and everyone commented how great my house smelled!

Our this recipe reminded me of a sweet orange peel in calca with clove and cinnamon that ate a lot in my childhood.

Thank you so much for bringing these amazing recipes.

I make this each year except I use the cheapest apple cider instead of water.  It adds another layer of depth to the scent.

Hi Jessica!

I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂
I was wondering if the potpourri could be jarred or packaged as gifts after heated? Have you tried this?


Great idea! I will try this! I was going to throw my crockpot out, I have a cheap small one and I never use it. Do I leave the lid off the crockpot when it’s on for this recipe? Thanks!

I’ve never thought to make potpourri in the slow cooker, but I absolutely love that idea! We eat oranges a lot, so I love the tip about saving the rinds in the freezer. I bet this smells incredible, I may have to give this a try soon!

Haha, that’s too funny! I have seriously been waiting for real television to come back — I think I’ve found some new shows every night! I’m loving the looks of this potpourri — I can just imagine how good it would smell!

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