Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

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Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Bundt Cake with Praline Frosting! This rich, moist, sweet potato spiced cake is swirled with sweet cream cheese and topped with a pecan praline frosting.

Close up of a slice of sweet potato cream cheese cake on a white plate.

Looking for an impressive cake you can serve for dessert or breakfast?

Then you need this Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Bundt Cake with Pecan Praline Frosting immediately!

It starts with a homemade, super moist sweet potato spiced cake that is swirled with sweet maple scented cream cheese.

You can just stop there, or you can top it with a pecan praline frosting! It’s truly pure heaven in bundt cake form.

Sweet potato cream cheese bundt cake topped with praline frosting.

I feel like I haven’t been giving all the flavors of dessert their due diligence this year.

I have been pumpkin, pumpkin pumpkin. But can you blame me with those Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins??

So it was time for some sweet potatoes to get their fair shake. After all, they are my personal favorite!

I have been making my favorite Fully Loaded Sweet Potatoes since September, but I hadn’t baked with any sweet potatoes yet this season.

A slice of sweet potato cake with a cream cheese swirl, on a white plate with the rest of the cake on a cake stand in the background.

I had a few ideas of what I wanted to make but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head for this cake.

I modified the base of this cake from my favorite Pumpkin Dream Cake recipe that we all love.

I had to make a few small changes to accommodate the sweet potato pureé, but it turned out beyond perfect. So moist and full of sweet potato flavor!

Sweet potato cream cheese bundt cake topped with praline frosting.

Then, I filled it with a gorgeous layer of cream cheese swirled inside of the bundt cake for a fun surprise.

I have made it a few times now and, if I have it on hand, I like to add a little maple extract to the cream cheese layer.

It adds a little extra depth to the flavor to the cake, but is definitely optional and not something you need to go buy if you don’t already have it

A slice of sweet potato cake with a cream cheese swirl, on a white plate.

Lastly, I topped it with a glorious pecan praline icing that you quickly whip up on the stove top.

It’s really puts this cake over the top (in the best way) and pulls it all together.

I have served this cake for dessert and for breakfast with a cup of coffee and everyone raves about it.

It is seriously perfect for any time of the day. Heck, I may or may not have even had a big slice as a midnight snack. 😉

Head on over to Dixie Crystals for the recipe I developed for them.

RECIPE: Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

Post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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Hi!! Quick question? Is there a way to make this cake into a cookie recipe. This is my husband’s favorite cake in the world! His favorite kind of dessert though is cookies! I was wondering if there was a way to make this flavors of this cake come through into cookies!

OMGOSH ‼️I made this cake for Christmas gift between my friends they LOVED it♥️♥️

Question: I made this today for our dinner Wednesday. I was going to add the maple glaze right before. Do I refrigerate in the meantime?
Thanks so much!!

Hi… I’d love to try this for thanksgiving but am running out of time in the day before to make it. I’d have time today or tomorrow (but still 4-5 days from Thanksgiving). Has anyone tried making ahead and freezing this (without the glaze)? Does it mess with the cream cheese consistency?


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How do you make the sweet potato puree?

Can information be mailed to me?

How do you get the recipe 

Hi Jessica, this cake looks and sounds delicious! I want to take this to a xmas party and I wanted to know if it would work in a 9×13 pan? Would the bake time be less?

OMG! LOOKS DELISH! I am personally not a huge fan of bundt cakes…too much cake & not enough glaze! However, this one looks so moist & has a delicious filling along with the glaze!! Im definitely making this for Thanksgiving!

Can you add a little rum,or bourbon in both cake and the praline frosting

Sweet potato Bun cake

WI have been trying to get the recipe for Sweet Potato Cream Cheese BUNDT Cake for over an hour now.I have never seen it so hard to get a recipe in my life!!!!!.I want to get the stuff. To make it with but why is it that I can’t get it Is Dixie Sugar or what.I have been sent to Dixie Sugar and I write what recipe I’m wanting then it goes right back and ask me again What is the Problem

Hi Cindy, I’m sorry you are having difficulties! The link at the bottom of the post takes you directly to the recipe on Dixie Crystals website that I developed for them. Here it is again: http://dixiecrystals.com/recipes/desserts/cakes/Sweet-Potato-Cream-Cheese-Bundt-Cake

Sweet potatoes cream cheese bunds cake

This bundt cake looks superb

Made this for Christmas and it was absolutely fabulous.

That is one gorgeous cake! And I love that you used sweet potatoes!

What a beautiful bundt cake! Its perfect for this time of year!

What a gorgeous bundt cake! And such a perfect dessert for fall. 🙂

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