Hot Chocolate Popcorn

Hot Chocolate Popcorn! Only takes 5 minutes and the kiddos can help shake it all up!

It’s been a while since I have really felt connected to all of you here on the blog. And it’s not you, it’s me. No really, it is.

Once Ellie & Lyla entered my life almost 9 months ago, they became the center of it. Which is exactly how it should be, but it has been really hard to keep the parts of me alive that I used to love.

From before sun up to sun down, my day is completely filled with those two little girls. Neither of them take long naps…and they never nap at the same time.

I am working on crawling back out of my cave and entering back into the world of doing things I enjoy.

As they get older, it has gotten easier and I am finding 20 minutes here and there.

And in those 20 minutes, I am trying to ignore the laundry and toys all on the floor to concentrate on things that I used to love and made me happy.

Like magazines. Painting my nails. Baking for fun. Reading other blogs. Taking long baths with a good book. And so much more little things that used be fun for me.

Hot Chocolate Popcorn! Only takes 5 minutes and the kiddos can help shake it all up!

Now, let me clarify, not that my days are not fun now. It’s just a different kind of fun. 

Just today the girls laughed so hard at me dancing that I was in tears laughing back at them.

Jorge and I were so very thankful to finally get pregnant…and then twins? Such a huge blessing.

However, becoming a mother is a real lesson in true selflessness. And a mom of twins is x2.

And now that they are growing and becoming just a little more independent, I am hoping to figure out how to balance a little me time into our days.

And hopefully that translates into a little more you and me time here on the blog.

Hot Chocolate Popcorn! Only takes 5 minutes and the kiddos can help shake it all up!

I made this popcorn this past weekend after the girls had gone to bed and ate it in the bathtub while reading one of my favorite silly book series.

It was the best hour I have spent with myself in a long time. 🙂

It helps that this awesome popcorn only takes 5 minutes to put together with the use of already popped popcorn!

I hate popping my own popcorn…it’s such a mess if you do it on the stove. And I don’t feel like microwave popcorn is always as good.

So I bought a big bag of lightly salted popcorn and tossed it in a hot chocolate mix with marshmallows and chocolate chunks. SO GOOD.

Head over to Dixie Crystals for the easy recipe: Hot Chocolate Popcorn

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