Mini Powdered Sugar Doughnuts

Mini Powdered Doughnuts! Ready in 20 minutes!

Jorge is out of town this week and — in classic Jessica form — I have been eating like a single girl again. After I feed the girls dinner, give them their baths and send them off to bed…I find myself getting sucked into reality tv and eating things like cereal for dinner. Or cheese and salami for dinner. Or better yet, donuts for dinner…as I stand over the kitchen sink so I don’t get powdered sugar everywhere.

Mini Powdered Doughnuts! Ready in 20 minutes!

Speaking of TV, did y’all watch American Crime Story – The People vs OJ Simpson? I am OBSESSED. No, seriously. I have always been into crime shows. I love the ones telling real stories, the made up crime dramas and the ones based on true stories.

I was a kid when the OJ Simpson trial happened, so besides general common knowledge of what happened, it’s a mostly new story to me. Plus, Ross is killing it as Robert Kardashian. Also, John Travolta looks terrifying. He could almost be Arnold Schwarzenegger brother with that wig.

I may or may not have watched it while eating the leftover donuts from earlier. In bed. Please don’t tell Jorge.

Mini Powdered Doughnuts! Ready in 20 minutes!

Y’all know I love mini donuts. Heck, I even wrote a whole Mini Donuts Cookbook! This is a great quick recipe to make baked powdered sugar donuts at home. You can use a mini donut pan or a mini donut maker.

I have the mini donut maker and my one helpful tip is to use the little fork/prong tool they give you to flip the donuts about halfway through cooking. It will provide the most evenly cooked donut.

Head on over to Dixie Crystals for the FULL RECIPE: Mini Powdered Sugar Doughnuts

Mini Powdered Doughnuts! Ready in 20 minutes!

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11 Responses
  1. April

    What is the trick to getting the powdered sugar to stick like this? I used a plastic bag (maybe paper works better?). The first batch I put four donuts in at a time. The second batch I put them all (12) in, and the powdered sugar soaked into the donuts even more.

    1. Jessica

      I only shake a few donuts at a time to coat them and I do it quickly, right after they cooked! It’s the best way to get the powdered sugar to stick!

  2. Katie @The Semisweet Sisters

    Saw this recipe on Dixie Crystal, looks just like the store bought powdered sugar donuts, yum! I need to get a mini donut pan or maker! I do have a regular size donut pan but these looks so cute in mini form! I was laughing out loud reading your comment about cheese and salami for dinner, I have totally eaten that for dinner before & I can totally relate to eating these over the sink, if I’m snaking on something messy I do the same thing. 🙂

  3. Heather | All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

    So yeah, these look absolutely perfect. Apparently I need to get myself a mini doughnut pan, because just one look and I know my kids would flip if I made a batch of these!

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