Raspberry Nutella Crepes

Raspberry Nutella Crepes recipe via www.thenovicechefblog.com

Jorge took French in high school and went on a class trip to France. He insists on pronouncing crepe weird. I keep telling him this is America and how we say it is just fine. He just rolls his eyes at me and continues to say it like the French do.

No matter how you say it, I love crepes. I first fell in love with crepes about 8 years ago. I hadn’t had much experience with them before that, but once I had a warm crepe stuffed with nutella and some kind of fruit…well, there was no turning back.

Raspberry Nutella Crepes recipe via www.thenovicechefblog.com

My mom has a handy dandy crepe maker. It makes making crepes a BREEZE. I do not have one and had to use the old school method with a skillet. I burned some of mine and it’s really hard to get the batter even in a regular pan.

After the twins come in August, I think Jorge and I are going to start having Crepe Sundays. We usually like to go out to brunch on Sundays, but that won’t really be feasible once the girls are here! Either way, I plan on getting my own crepe maker to ease the process. Think people would look at me funny if I added one to my amazon baby registry?? 😉

Head on over to Dixie Crystals for the FULL RECIPE: Raspberry Nutella Crepes

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