Apple Pie Cookies

Apple Pie Cookies! Easy classic cookies with apple pie filling folded right into the dough!

I guess it’s time to confess. I am an ugly pie maker. Don’t get me wrong, my pies taste amazing.

I even make beautiful flaky homemade pie crust, but they look like a 5th grader made them.

I can never get the crust to do that pretty ripple thing that you shape with your knuckles.

Plus they are always sloppy looking, because I ALWAYS over fill them.

I know I should stop, but then I always have to put in an extra spoonful or two of filling.

Then they overflow and make a delicious pie mess. It’s why I am better at making cobblers.

Cobblers forgive you for adding extra filling.

Apple Pie Cookies! Easy classic cookies with apple pie filling folded right into the dough!

So if you are like me, this recipe is for you: Apple Pie in cookie form.

4th of July is coming and this year you don’t have to show up with a pie that looks like it already had a firework go off in it.

Instead, you can show up with apple pie cookies. It’s genius.

Head on over to Dixie Crystals to check out this recipe I developed for Apple Pie Cookies!

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12 Responses
  1. Linda Kidwell

    I found your blog looking for a recipe for a pineapple coconut cake recipe. Been baking and cooking for over 40 years and can read a recipe and know what the results will be…it was exactly what I was looking for. So thx! Pie making turns out best when u handle the dough the least. Hand oils and so forth affect the final result. If you aren’t comfortable with the knuckle effect…dip a wide tine fork in some egg yolk and cream then sugar and shape the crust with that…multi directional is very pretty on a baked crust. And if u wanna over fill your pie…just use a deeper dish sis Happy baking all! P.S. Grab some play dough and practice the knuckle crust…no harm no foul and your kiddos can learn right along with you!!

  2. Dionna

    I love the smell of baked apple pie and cinnamon. Mmmmm! I will try your apple pie cookies recipe, sounds good 🙂 Pinned! Thanks.

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