The Best Mexican Candy

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Want to explore Mexican flavors? This list of the best Mexican candy has everything you need to call yourself a true connoisseur of sweet and savory treats. Tossed in dried chile or coated in sugar, these 28 candies will be excitingly sweet bites.

28 Mexican Candies You Have To Try

This round-up of the best Mexican candy is a list of all the sweet and savory treats you have to try on your next visit to Mexico or your local Mexican market. Whether you prefer “healthier” treats over decadent ones, there’s something here for everyone.

Between pillowy boozy treats like borrachitos and spicy Pulparindo Rojo if you’re feeling brave, you won’t know where to begin your hunt for excitingly sweet (and spicy) Mexican candy. Lots of them contain fruits like tamarind, guava, and hawthorne— so technically they’re all good for you, right?

Regardless of whether you’re after more commercial sweets or want to track down locals-only Mexican candy, this list is packed with 28 of the most popular and traditional ones so that you don’t miss out on anything the next time you’re looking for an excuse to fill a piñata or candy jar.


This watermelon-flavored candy is sprinkled with sweet and sour chili powder for an exciting afternoon snack. Its spaghetti-like strands are perfect for drizzling a spiced tamarind sauce on top. With or without the sauce, their fun shape and flavor are addictive for kids and adults alike.

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Swinkles with sauce: : The Best Mexican Candy


In English, the name for these lollies means “slap”— perfect for referencing their flat and extended shape. They come in different colors and flavors, ranging from cherry to apple, blueberry, and grape. There are several ways to enjoy these, all of which are fun and involve lots of sticking to your gums. Here are the three most popular ways to enjoy them:

  • Leave it whole. Peel off both wrappers and try to get through the entire lollipop without it folding and sticking to itself. Tip: Bend your head backward and lower the candy into your mouth for every bite.
  • Section it. Only peel off one wrapper and use your hand to break off chunks and eat them one by one.
  • Roll it. Peel off one wrapper and gently lift the tip of the lollipop. Carefully roll it inward the entire way. Bite it or let it melt in your mouth. It’s up to you!

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Cachetadas: The Best Mexican Candy


These super traditional “ollitas” are meant to resemble Mexican clay pots. Filled with sweet tamarind paste, they’re perfect for sticking your pinky finger right in or even licking them clean. No one’s judging!

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Ollitas: The Best Mexican Candy

Paleta Cupido

These heart-shaped cherry lollipops are perfect for Valentine’s Day but are sold year-round. They all have pick-up lines like “Kiss me!”, so don’t get too carried away by what yours says.

Paletas de corazon: The Best Mexican Candy


These are sweet, sour, and lightly spicy drum-shaped candies that you can pop into your mouth for an orchestra of flavor. They’re tiny so feel free to use it as an excuse to have a handful.

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Tamborines: The Best Mexican Candy

Chocolate Vaquita

As far as traditional chocolate bars go, Vaquita definitely takes the lead. Sold in large or mini-sizes, almost every grandma in the country has a couple in her drawer for when her grandchildren come over. It’s that kind of nostalgic sweet treat which definitely earns it a place on any list about the best Mexican candy.

Vaquita chocolate bar: The Best Mexican Candy


If you’re wondering what candies piñatas were once filled with, it’s these guys! Drangonzitos are little packets with sweet and sour powder. Rip off the corner and pour it into your mouth for an explosion of zesty tartness! They’re all the same flavor, so don’t worry about what color you get.

Dragonzitos: The Best Mexican Candy


Picafresas are another all-time favorite candy. They’re regular gumdrops (they taste just like Dots) that are wrapped inside a tamarind and strawberry-flavored paste. Rolled around in sugar, they’re great bite-sized gummies with a little bit of sweetness and heat. Keep an eye on how many you’ve had! They’re on this list of the best Mexican candy because they are compulsively munchable!

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Picafresas: The Best Mexican Candy

Tin Larín

Tin Larín chocolate bars are another childhood-favorite treat for many people in Mexico. With crunchy wafer cookies layered in smooth peanut butter and dipped in bitter-sweet chocolate, they’re a cross between buckeyes and Butterfingers.

Tin Larin chocolate bars: The Best Mexican Candy

Pulparindo Rojo

These are the *really* spicy version of yellow Pulparindos, so keep this in mind as you bite into them. Unlike their mild siblings, this red Pulparindo is made with a savory and extra spicy tamarind paste. Every bite is salty, acidic, and packed with heat.

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Pulparindo Rojo: The Best Mexican Candy


If you love coconut, you’ll love cocadas. These shredded coconut-rounds are perfectly sweet and decadent with lots of milk, sugar, egg yolks, and (sometimes) rum. They come in white and yellowish/orange colors, but their only difference is whether they have egg yolks.

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Cocadas: The Best Mexican Candy


These finger-like tamarind candies are extra-savory and spicy. While they won’t make you cry, the combination of acidity and chile will make you reach for some water by the time you’re halfway through one.

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Dedos: The Best Mexican Candy


Rielitos are like the Mexican version of Hot Tamales. They’re made with sweetened tamarind paste and are tossed in dried chile powder for a bit of heat. On their own or mixed in with potato chips and hot sauce, they’re bound to be a new favorite treat.

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Rielitos: The Best Mexican Candy


“Glorias” are bite-sized pieces of caramel heaven. Made from a thickened goat’s milk caramel and mixed with chopped pecans, every bite is rich, decadent, soft, and absolutely dreamy. They’re like a cross between toffee and nougat.

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Glorias: The Best Mexican Candy

Gomitas de Frutas

“Gomitas de frutas” are fruit gummies. While there are lots of versions of them, try to find these made with agar-agar. They’re super soft, melt-in-your-mouth, and coated in granulated sugar for a sweet bite. They’re not really sold in convenience stores, so try looking for them with local candy vendors and carts.

Gomitas de frutas: The Best Mexican Candy


Soft and pillowy marshmallow-like candies infused with tequila? Yes, please! They’re not super boozy but are definitely strong enough to help get the party started. Watch out if you’re having them on an empty stomach or you might begin to feel a little “borrachito” (drunk).

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Borrachitos: The Best Mexican Candy

Nopal Enchilado

“Nopal enchilado” is dried nopal, or Mexican cactus, that’s been coated with a sugar and ground chile mixture. It’s a sweet and savory treat that also happens to be healthy. Depending on how long it’s been aged, the texture can range from soft to leathery.

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Nopal enchilado: The Best Mexican Candy


“Rellerindos” are sweet and savory hard-candies filled with a spicy tamarind paste once you get to the center. You can let them dissolve in your mouth or bite into them for a nice crunch. It’s your choice!

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These colorful little circles are wafers made from a mixture of flour and water. Dyed in lots of different colors and super delicate, biting into these is a crumbly, crunchy, and melt-in-your-mouth experience you’ll love.

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Obleas: The Best Mexican Candy


These are like the candy version of buñuelos coated in piloncillo syrup for the ultimate sticky sweet treat. They’re made from deep-fried dough squares that are stuck together with a sugary cinnamon substance. Sticky as can be, “muéganos” is also used to refer to people or couples that are hardly ever apart from one another.

Mueganos: The Best Mexican Candy

Rollo de guayaba con cajeta

This one is a special treat made from guava “ate” candy (jelly-like) that’s spread with cajeta (Mexican caramel) and then rolled up. Once sliced, every piece looks like a yummy pinwheel filled with fruitiness and richness.

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Rollo de guayaba

Gomitas Enchiladas

“Gomitas enchiladas” means “spicy gummies,” so there are plenty to choose from. Orange, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, and mango gummies tossed in sweet and spicy chile powder are the most common.

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Gomitas enchiladas: The Best Mexican Candy


These peanut or toasted pumpkin seed treats are a healthy kind of dessert. Coated in a thin piloncillo syrup, palanquetas are shaped and left to set until crispy. Other varieties include pecans or a mixture of nuts and seeds.

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Palanquetas: The Best Mexican Candy


Literally meaning “joy,” you’re bound to smile as you bite into these amaranth bars lightly sweetened with honey. Depending on the vendor, they can also have a mix of nuts, peanuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

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Alegrias: The Best Mexican Candy

Alfajor Mexicano

“Alfajor” is like the block version of cocadas. Made from shredded coconut and sweetened with a sugar-based syrup, nibbling on every crumbly slice will bring nothing but joy to your day.

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Alfajor mexicano: The Best Mexican Candy


Chocolate soccer balls filled with rompope? Biting into these semi-sweet chocolate treats might make you rethink all the chocolates you’ve ever tried. Yes, children can have them too— just not the whole box, please.

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Chutazos: The Best Mexican Candy

Paletas de bombón con chochitos

These are super traditional and old-school treats you’ll most likely find at local fairs or specialized candy stores. Don’t underestimate their flavor, though. They’re considered one of the best Mexican candies for a reason. A simple marshmallow lollipop coated in nonpareils is way better than you think.

Paletas de bombon con chochitos


“Ate”— pronounced ah-tay — is a popular jelly-like candy made from different fruits. The most popular varieties are guava, quince, and Mexican hawthorne. Sliced and served with diced cheese, you’ll be eating ate like a local.


What Is The Most Popular Candy in Mexico?

This one’s a tough one. There is no definitive answer because there are thousands of kinds of Mexican candy, with every region preferring different flavors and ingredients. If you ask locals what is the best Mexican candy you’ll likely get many opinions.

For example, northern Mexico loves glorias, palanquetas, alegrías, and fruit-based candies. Central Mexico is known for borrachitos, muéganos, and tamarind candy. As you head south, there is a stronger tendency toward commercial and fruit-based candies.

Every single Mexican candy on this list is both popular and traditional, so pick your favorite and roll with it!

Where To Find the Best Mexican Candy in the US

You’ll be able to find some (if not all) of these candies in the Latino section at most supermarkets. If you still need to track down a couple, try your local Mexican market or grocery store.

In case you can’t find Mexican candy in either of these places, you can always order it online. I have linked all of the candies that I can find on amazon to try to help!

Want to Learn More About Mexican Food?

Try these easy and classic recipes:

Post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

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