Pretty soon I am going to be blogging a recipe for quesadillas that involve grilled pineapple (just wait, you are gonna be in hard core love). And my original plan was to buy already cut pineapple since I had never cut up a pineapple before.

And that was my plan…until I saw that ready to go pineapple was $5.69 and a whole pineapple was $1.99.  So check it out! Grilled Pineapple in under 10 minutes!

Chop off the top.

Chop off the bottom.

Slice it in half.

Divide each half, in half. Giving you 4 pineapple triangles.

Divide each of those in half again. Leaving you with 8 pineapple triangles.

Slice off the tips of the triangles. They are tough and are not great for grilling.

But don’t throw them away! No save them! And add them to smoothies. Or use them to make Pineapple infused water! *nom*nom*

Next, slice off the prickly outside.

And skewer the pineapple slices.

And then grill it!

Grilled Pineapple in under 10 minutes? Works for me!

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